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  1. First off, I'm really sorry to hear about this, and can only think that the catalogue was used as an excuse. Secondly, I may not be an employment lawyer, but I'm in-house corporate solicitor and we've recently gone through a few redundancy and disciplinary matters, so I've got a bit of background as the legal advisor on those. An unfair dismissal claim is a right of an employee who has been employed for more than 12 months. However wrongful dismissal can be sought by employees who have been with the company for less time. A dismissal is generally wrongful in two ways: 1. correct notice is not given (in YD's case this would be one week, so one month passes this); 2. dismissal was not in accordance with the contractual procedures. This is a difficult one if YD did not have an employment contract. However, you are entitled to written terms of employment within 2 months of starting a job. Soooo, it's possible that a wrongful dismissal claim could be made against the company - they may state that YD saw some general T&Cs when she signed up, but they've got to be issued specifically. And as a very minimum there should be a consultation and warning process in palce (usual minimum to avoid unfair dismissal is verbal warning; formal written warning; final warning - and in the absence of an employment contract I'd say that should apply). CAB should definitely be able to help. There is a claim there, but for what is an issue, because the formal process could take place over a couple of weeks, which would be added onto the minimum notice period (one week) and still be less than the one month notice she received...
  2. Self-indulgent, but they always pose so nicely (or should that be comically?)... (not me)
  3. The daft pair we have were moulting in December. Both just about 7-8 months old. And they've just been in the run while off the lay, I've had a rake around in the hemcore and there's definitely nothing there. I guess we'll just keep a close eye on them and hopefully get them out to free range at the weekend (saying all of this, I'll bet there's an egg there tonight!).
  4. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about here really, but... Our two have been completely off the lay for a week. No softies, nothing. They both seem in fine fettle, they're not moulting and don't appear ill. They've been moved into their new run recently and seem pretty happy with it - there's not quite the same urgency to get out and free range, which is just as well because the past couple of weeks we've not managed it (we definitely need to be there with the foxes in the area, and getting a little bolder turning up at 11am recently). Could this be the issue? Lack of grit or whatever in the diet with them scrabbling in the hemcore only? We've got a big trug in the run with earth for them to dustbath, and they peck away at that. They're eating and drinking normally. So the only thing different is the new run...
  5. They were a little wary this morning when they got moved in, but the extra space and height and added dustbath and perches should win them round! Looking at some of the others here I think I've over-engineered a bit....
  6. Finally got round to finishing the walk-in run for our girls on a bit of land that was just going to waste. The shed was already blue... No plans, no kit, just an idea, some wood and a saw (with some other stuff obviously). Had to build round a curve of a path (that I've now got to reinstate) and there's a snagging list to get through (Eglu up on a table, railway sleepers screening off the base, couple more perches etc.). Save for some help laying the concrete base (hah, get through THAT Mr Fox!) all by my own fair hand... I'm knackered.
  7. I was born in Wallsend, about 5 minutes on the Metro from the centre of Newcastle, so black and white is in the blood. Been with them through thick and thin, even thinner than it is at the moment.
  8. Yep, I'd have to say that there's nothing really worse than the other movies (especially Empire Strikes Back which was pretty dark, or Return of the Jedi when Vader's helmet is lifted). The only real problem is... They're awful compared to the originals!
  9. As far as books go I started with 'SAMS: Teach yourself HTML in 24 hours" Basically 24 lessons, each roughly an hour long, and gives you a grounding in HTML. I now use Dreamweaver for my sites, but having the background knowledge helps to sort little hiccups, or work out how to do things by looking at the source code of other sites.
  10. The water did feel a little less like the Carribean I have to say. But after the walk in the feet really appreciated it! The Bla Bheinn walk was something like 2-3 hours up. The car park is almost directly opposite your cottage (about 2 miles or a little more round the end of the loch to get there - or row over!) and the walk starts really gently but with loads of plant and wildlife. It gets steep up to a corrie, with a MASSIVE lump of rock which must have fallen off the hill hundreds of years ago that you can shelter under if it's raining. That's probably about half way, maybe a little more. The summit is sort of split in two, and it pays to have a good map. Going the route on the left involves a big scramble up some scree, then clambering over rock (though it's the odd 'gabbro' stuff that the Cuillin is made of, grippy in the extreme, though hell on the soles of your shoes). The route on the right is less distinct, and we seemed to be the only people going that way, but I think it's a nicer way. Still a lot of scrambling and rock clambering involved. That takes you to the 'true' summit on the right. The lump on the left is just a 'peak' so you have to cross between the two on a little ridge to get to the right. God I can't half ramble on about Skye, I should be on commission from the tourist board...
  11. These might whet the appetite even more... Top of Bla Bheinn The Cuillin from Elgol The Storr and its Old Man Near Loch Coruisk Just some sheep
  12. My Pure Evoke is over 6 years old now and still going strong. Interestingly the digital signal in this country is not as high quality as in other countries and technically a perfect FM signal or a CD will be better sound quality. Not that I've ever noticed to be honest. Where they do come in really handy is for the AM stations, or stations that you just would never pick up. Crackle free Radio 5 would be brilliant, but for the shambles that Newcastle are just now. The live rewind function sounds brilliant!
  13. The amount of time we've stayed there it's a view that has got ingrained... We managed to walk over the ford no problem, but that was probably low tide and it was in the middle of a warm summer spell. I think the people who were staying there just had normal cars which were parked round the back of the outdoor centre building where you turn off for the cottage rather than going across the ford. Definitely need an off-roader for it! The cottage was about 200 yards further on or so - very nicely secluded from the rest of Torrin and opening out straight onto the loch. Keep an eye out for sea eagles as well - only seen one, but they are HUGE. The mountains are massive, but the walk/scramble up Bla Bheinn is really worth it, some of the best views on the island, especially over to the Cuillin. Other things, other things... Edinbane pottery is great (and the owner really friendly). The walk round the coast to MacLeod's Maidens (from Orbost?) is really nice and relaxing and the sea cliffs at the end are pretty dramatic. There's a really good gallery near Orbost as well, but there are galleries everywhere so you'll always find something impressive! If there's anything you particularly like doing or aren't sure about just drop me a PM and I'll see what else I can remember!
  14. Ah, Torrin is superb. We generally go to Skye once or twice a year, and the last three times have stayed in 'Half of Two' which is as you drop down into Torrin. We walked down to the loch and this cottage the last time one evening. Plus, Torrin actually has a coffee shop! If you haven't been before, by eck, LOADS of recommendations. Bla Bheinn is obviously right on the doorstep for a walk, and Elgol has the most fantastic view of the Cuillin (and the walk in to Loch Coruisk from Elgol, taking the boat back - booked in the hut at Elgol - is a great day out with lots of seals and the possibility of seeing basking sharks). Coruisk House, on the hill before dropping to Elgol does good, simple, fresh food (if you're lucky they have live lobster, I felt just a smidge guilty selecting one for the pot last time) and the two owners will come and have a drink with you, and you might even get the offer of a lift to and from the restaurant with a member of staff so you can both drink). Neist Point, the Old Man of Storr, Fairy Glen (near Uig and where one particular scene of Stardust was filmed), the Quiraing. Ah, want to go back! Don't, however, by fish and chips from the chipper at the harbour in Portree, that way only disappointment lies (given the seafood available to the isles).

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