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  1. Thank you, it is good to be back, though I'll mostly just lurk until I get my new eglu and girls.
  2. Thank you...I'm thinking I might have better luck with a laptop with the forum changes. Looking forward to a whole new setup. Watch this space.
  3. Yes....still in Florida. Was suprised to see Omlet has expanded and Eglu and Cubes are now shipped from Chicago...YAY and yes I'm still a stylist. As you can see I'm not used to the forum changes or I would have attached the 3 messages in my first message...nice to see you all...looking forward to catching up.
  4. Good morning all...yes angels4 is alive and doing well. It has been a super long time but I'm looking to get myself a new coop and some girls. The forum has seen some changes (or maybe it is because I'm on my mobile, but I am looking forward to catching up. Merry Christmas. xx Mark
  5. Anybody still here who remembers angels4?
  6. Good eye! For those of you that haven't noticed, one of the changes I have made is to relocate myself from New England to sunny and warm Southwest Florida, just south of Sarasota. Although I really enjoyed the time I spent back in Massachusetts on the island the thought of spending another winter in the bitter cold got me to thinking about why I had moved away so many years ago.
  7. LOL....American terms for hairstyles have gotten me into trouble in the past. Please keep me updated on the poultry show, I might be ready for a trip over the pond.
  8. Thanks Tasha. I've been missing you all something fierce, Wishing I was able to travel and enjoy the company of friends.
  9. Hi everybody. I have sorted through some MAJOR personal issues and am finally feeling part of the world again. Much has changed in my life since I was last on and I'm excited to share with you all at another time but today I just wanted to say hello and let you all know I've thought of all my friends here often and look forward to catching up. XOXO Mark aka.Angels4
  10. Hi everybody, I am alive and doing better....I have been struggling with "The big black-dog" as I've heard spoken about here on the forum. Without going into too much detail, it was touch and go for a while and I am now feeling close to my old self. I have been lurking here as well on the US forum, but not posting much. This next month or two will be hard, but I'm getting stronger every day.
  11. Angels4


    I just watched a fantastic video of Sue Sylvester covering Madonna's VOUGE video..
  12. Found this cute handbag some of you might enjoy.... http://www.amazon.com/Rubber-Chicken-Tote-Handbag-Purse/dp/B001G8N95I
  13. Last year at this time when I first moved into the cottage I asked all of you Omleteers to put on your creative thinking caps and help me to come up with a name for the cottage. Clootie was one of the first to respond with the name "Cearc Innis" meaning "Chicken Island" although not grammatically correct I like the way it sounded rather than the more gramatically correct "Innis Cearc". I ran a poll and "Cearc Innis" was the favorite amongst many fantastic choices....This winter I spent many days searching for an artist who could make a custom sign that incorporated the beach, and my favorite chicken breed the Buff Orpington and luckily I found such an artist here in the US who I believe does fantastic work, so with a name and an idea this is what the artist has just finished. It will be the highlight of my garden. http://i1023.photobucket.com/albums/af356/msbear33/008-1.jpg
  14. And of course what you describe is EXACTLY what I did....I added the "twist" whilst bending at the knee and very likely tore the ACL....I will know more tomorrow as I have my Orhto consult and likely an MRI. The pian is not as severe as when it first happened (vicodin has done it's job to numb the pain) but occasionally my knew does feel as thjough it wants to bend backwards (opposite of conventional wisdom) and I nearly fall over. I was talking with an occupational therapist just yesterday and they told me that alot more injury is done to the knee whilst gardening...Who would have thought?!?! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to wish me a speedy recovery, I must admit I was hoping to have the summer off work but of course not laid up with a knee injury......Be careful what you hope for, it just may come true in ways you don't expect.
  15. OUCH.....I think I might already have a touch of that.

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