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  1. Thank you, I will have to make sure my son wraps i properly in future! Binned this time, but will use the fish pie option next time.
  2. Can I feed my chickens some left over smoked salmon that didn't get wrapped properly in the fridge and has gone a it curly at the edges? It smells fine, I just don;t fancy it myself and it seems a shame to throw it in the bin. The eggs wouldn't taste fishy would they?
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, I had thought about mixing it in with a new bag of pellets. It just looked so different from pellets. I do make them porridge, with probiotic yoghurt, so will use some crumb for this, I just didn't want to be taking the wrong step! I feed them ex bat pellets anyway, as one or the other is often suffering feather loss, due to big bully Amber star, who can get a bumper bit off in less than 30 seconds! Thank you
  4. I just filled the feeder, they don't look very impressed!
  5. I have bought a bag of ex bat crumb instead of my usual pellets. Can I feed this to my chickens, who are not ex bat, and have never had crumb since they arrived last July? if not, anyone want a large bag of crumb, free for collection!
  6. I seem to have the redmite under control in the cube, BUT, when I went to put the droppings from the nesting box into one of my black plastic bins, that I store it in ( until a lovely freeecycler collects it!) it was moving, heaving with tiny grey mites! I had lifted the lid with realising and my hand was covered in seconds! I have doused it in poultry shield and when dry, will Diatom it. I am amazed, they must have flown to it, as the bin is at least 4 feet away, no free ranging for a while, as a precaution I think!
  7. I have Indorex, I use it when the cats get fleas. I did treat the walk in run with poultry shield and diatom, you can't see for dust and it is not easy to do it one handed ( just had Carpal Tunnel release surgery!)
  8. I was reassured when I saw poo in the nesting box this morning, I thought they felt it safe enough to sleep in again, but alas, when I put my hand in to get the eggs, I appear to have collected at least 6 little critters crawling on my hand! The nesting box is thick with diatom, thee cube is covered, in avery crook and crevice with diatom. They are grey coloured, I can't see any trace of any red ones, so where am I in the cycle of eradication? Thank you P.S There is one on my foot now!
  9. I have just bought a 5kg drum of Diatom for £28, much cheaper than a 500gm tube for £6.50! The shop said they have sold huge amounts of red mite powder, diatom and poultry shield this week. Lots of people have red imte and have never had it before.
  10. Thanks Claret, I will. I am having an operation on my hand next week though, with 10 stitches! Did I go OTT using a whole tub - 550gm of Diatom?? Off to Titmuss for a 5kg tub of it now. They also sell ex bat pellets really cheaply, £10.29 a bag! Redwing, yes, I sprayed poultry shield in them couldn't believe the 'green river' that flowed out Thank you to everyone for all the tips on here.
  11. No, they were under the poo trays too. I'd pulled them out to empty and though what's that, is it liquid poo that has escaped somehow? It looked like a smear of something black. On further investigation, my heart dropped when I realised some of it was red dots, the more I looked, the more I found. I can't believe they spread so fast from a very clean cube! I do hope that have got it under control. Even after cleaning, leaving to dry and then spraying with poultry shield, neat, I am nervous!
  12. It must be the season, I have discovered an infestation in my cube this morning. That is despite a major jet wash clean only 10 days ago, including jet washing the pen and all the slabs and complete new Aubiose. I wondered why my birds were sleeping on their roosting bars and the nesting box was so clean! I thought I'd got them trained nicely not to use the nesting box to sleep!! I have spent an hour jet washing every crevice and to my dismay, when I sprayed with poultry shield. it was turning green so there were millions I couldn't see. I have dusted with diatom, everywhere, I feel as though I am crawling with them myself now! They must have been hiding, as I have had a drop in egg production over the last 2 weeks, only 3 or 4 a day from 7 hens, but 7 yesterday!
  13. I have one of these, and I am afraid to say that I am not impressed with it. I bought because I could leave my chooks with my neighbour who didn't want to go in the pen. It either leaks like mad or doesn't flow at all. The dish gets dirty and yucky and the inside of the water container has also turned green while I have been away. ( Got back from bali today) Apparently, it is all to do with the screw top, the seal must be tight. I will be going back to superglugs, ( having sold them on here!)
  14. I thought I had the pecking under control, but this morning one of my Pepperpots is very bald. I know I can send off somewhere for them, but I need to get them on asap as I am off on holiday on Friday and my neighbour is caring for my chooks. I will cover expenses and postage, unless anyone knows where I can get them sent out on Monday please?

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