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  1. Thank you very much for the advice . It's a shame, I don't think mrs flibble will go the full mummy term. She calls them for food, protects them, then will have what appears to be quite a nasty poke.A couple of them slightly warey of her when she comes up behind them, then tend to make a hasty diversion! Will look at getting heat for night.
  2. Thank you for replying If mrs flibble continues the pecking and feather pulling I would assume that she will need to be parted from the babies. Or would I be able to pop a bumper bit on her without it causing issues with her hopefully staying to brood the chicks for another couple of weeks? The eglu cube ( to which I will put the chicks into)is currently unoccupied as mrs flibble is the last of our original flock.she lost her companion a week before we decided to let her take on a clutch of eggs. I was wondering at what age to let the chicks take on tackling the ladder to the entrance or the coop? Thank you
  3. Hi, I have a hybrid ( Mrs Flibble) which has successfully hatch 6 Orpington chicks. They are three weeks old now and in an extended classic eglu ( bars removed and aubiose packed down).They have access to a penned of area for supervised rummaging with mum and all enjoy dust bathing and being given the odd mealworm ( great to watch them scramble all over us for the treat). They all have feathered wings and some tail development, some have feathers forming over backs and legs.I have noticed mum pecking occasionally at them, usually when they are playing up, but today I noticed her pecking at them and them letting out a squeal. Then I noticed her peck at the more feathered Buff and eat the feathers!! Is this normal? or the sign of a growing problem? I have in then past put a bumper bit on her when she habitually started pulling feathers from our last remaining hen, prior to this one other hen she had never plucked others before. Also at what age could I transfer the chicks to my eglu cube?
  4. Thank you, Will they not go for each other at night? Already have violet spray as one older has had some feathers removed! It all looks soooo vicious when Isobel takes a flying leap for them!!
  5. Isobel is becoming a very mean hen!! She is definately top of flock.....she struts about the garden and walks around the house as if she owns it (has made it upstairs to daughters bedroom before now!), goes for the poor dog but is fine with me ( no I'm top ckicken!!). SO......we have newbie girls a blubelle and two colombines who have their own eglu so that we can do intros slowly....oldies have cube with extended run...all will happily roam the garden and feed on scattered treats together. BUT when letting the new girls into the run of the cube (oldies house) Isobel will not let them alone if I remove her then it settles a little.The newbies will go in willingly if she isn't about (stuffed firmly under my arm!!) but she intends to draw blood!.......I can't seem to get past the "I'M NOT SHARINIG MY HOUSE stage"...this is week 4! Any help appreciated as I'm loathed to put newbies in for a night for fear of bloodbath!!
  6. Hi, I currently use Aubiose in my cube run. It looks lovely when first put in and becomes dirty looking quite quickly as the girls are traipsing in and out during free ranging.We do have a tarpaulin that covers the run when really wet....it does get wet... it is changed completely every three months or so and I do a 25% change in between. The problem is getting rid if it when it is all cleaned out.....you can only compost so much....so it's off to the dump for the rest.....it does have an odour after a couple months but more like an earthy smell not iky animal smell. However we may consider the rubber chips at some future point so that we don't have to keep changing as the Auboise does compact to become and have to be removed in large lumps.....but we use 2 bags a year.....less than £20..so is inexpensive...apparently it won't harbour redmite where as wood chip can....so I was informed.... Good luck
  7. We have the exact same problem and she's a gingernut ranger POL August 08. Beefier than the others and not layed for three months, regular worming etc sometimes goes to sit in nestbox but nothing going on?!?!?! must be an alien invasion ,they know how popular they are to earthlings and are slowly taking over!
  8. OH dear what have I done!! Last years cube has gone so well and the three girls are fantastic. Ok so OH knows that OTHERS are coming, it's not a complete suprise,they have been on order for a while (three colombines and a blue). We just don't know WHEN they are coming in...... (LAST WEEK IN MAY) OH has been very helpful in thinking about a way to turn rabbit hutch into temp coop while intros are going on....he wants to make it safe and put it in the cube run at night so that it will free from foxes.....then they free range together during dat etc...etc. I've told him, it's ok we have time, they haven't called yet.....blah blah (HAVE YOU WORKED IT OUT?!?) We are on holiday over half term and my loverly sisiter is doing hen sittting(THEY ARE HALF HERS).......... THERE IS A LILAC EGLU IN HER SHED THAT WILL MIRACULOUSLY 'APPEAR' WHEN WE ARE AWAY) My goodness where did that come from??
  9. At least others have experienced this. We're heading for the "purple stainy stuff" over the weekend, out come the overalls and rubber gloves!!!!!! Thank you.
  10. Poor Rosie's bottom is looking very 'rosie'. She started loosing her feathers weeks ago, couldn't find any feathers or see any plucking going on by anyone!! She has lost them on her rump, sides (under wings) and belly.Her skin is increasingly red and can look very angry. We have tried pecking spray and she gained a few on the top of her rump just above the tail but still looks plucked.After all these weeks of watching I still have seem no sign if pulling by herself or others?!?!? They've all been wormed and have been disuted for mites and lice frequently so sign of creepies on inspection. Any suggestions?
  11. Gosh I've just has a lucky escape!!!!!!! The dog is owed a large bone! Girls freeranging from 11am, I pop in and out and Lottie the dog sits and watches the garden from our conservatory. At 12.30 lunch time today Lottie suddenly bolted and instinctually I ran for the back door let her out and at that point the chickens go bezerk, lottie and I charge down the steps not knowing what the noise is about and the dogs bombs for the hedge. All I can see are feathers and the chickens running towards me and then poor Bridget comes out from the hedge looking shocked. She headed for a corner and crouched behind some wood so I scooped her up,she seems unharmed but put all girls back in their cube and checked the rest of the garden. Hope she's not too shocked but I think the dog saved her as her feathers are half way up the fence, so Lottie must have scared the fox into dropping Bridget....Lets hope she'll recover from her ordeal...will watch her over the next few hours
  12. THANKYOU to everyone, The update is that Bridget is a carrier of Campylobacter and very possibly the other three chickens.They are all now on antiboitics and the eggs are being discarded until 4 weeks after the last treatment. Now the eggs that they laid before treatment (with the exception of Bridget who was diagnosed and not yet laying) have been eaten by us through out her initial illness(we knew of no risk!) and we have not been ill, I will not let any friends or my expectant sister and toddler touch them and I will only add them to cakes etc.....just in case.The children have been banned from going near the chooks and hand and shoe disinfecton underway.....sounds extreme! like a spread of MRSA!!!!!!!! It's the nurse in me....alcohol pump to the ready!!! So all being well we should be back to normal in 5 weeks!!! Apparently this can be passed by any animal crossing through their area ie rat,mouse,FOX!!! I will now go and stock up on rubber gloves!!
  13. Yes thanks Eglutine wasn't sure where to put this for best coverage!!!!!!!! I'm desperate!!!!!
  14. bokbokbok wrote: We got them end of July and within a few weeks Bridget was sneezing.After 2 weeks took her to vets who gave antibiotics as she had a 'bubbly' sound on breathing.He told me that it could be a secondary bacterial infection after a virus and gave her antibiotics.She also has very loose stools .Another week and no improvement but she was acting and eating normally so we went back and he teasted her poo, results came back in three days.It appears the symptoms she shows are because of her weakened immune systems picking up an infection,I don't think the sneezing/chesty are due to campylobacter but the runny stools I think are.The other chickens will probably be infected but show no symptoms as yet.I collect antibiotics tomorrow and see over the next week,this medication is specific to this problem. I would take your girl to get a poo sample, it may be nothing but best to get checked.....my lab test cost me £15.00............hope all goes well.Take care
  15. OHH NOOO! I've had Bridget and her 3 friends for 2 months and over the last month Bridget had had the sneezes which turned into a rattly chest.Vet put her on Antibiotics but nor helped then took a poo sample and rang me with a diagnosis of Campylobacter!!! All chooks have to be treated with antibiotics and possible cross infection to us so hand washing VVV important (as always with us). Does anyone else have experience or info on this? what about all my eggs on my skelter (Bridget isn't laying yet and the other are not showing signs of being ill) should I discard them. Any advice much appreciated please!!!!

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