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  1. I lost my first hen Pepper yesterday - I think she had become egg-bound and she deteriorated very quickly and died within 24 hours. I was devastated as she was my first girl along with Ginger. Today, Ginger was breathing through her beak and had a runny nose so we took her to the vet to be checked over. She didn't come back and has joined her friend in henny heaven. Both chickens had totally different symptoms but died so close together that I am baffled about whether there was a link between their respective illnesses. It will be so quiet in the garden now. I think we'll have a bit of time off from hens. I have always tried to take good care of them. They were wormed, well-fed with Omlet feed and always lived in clean and warm surroundings. I just don't know whether I was doing something wrong or what. I will always have my good memories of the girls and may have some more in time. RIP Pepper and Ginger, my lovely girls. Suzanne xxxxx
  2. Thanks for your messages. I am thinking about a new hen but I just want to make sure that Ginger is okay first before I introduce someone new. No point in having another poorly hen if I can avoid it. Ginger doesn't seem too lonely at the moment - I wonder whether we put human emotions onto animals ( if you see what I mean) sometimes - she just seems to be running around quite happily as usual. Not aware that anything is wrong although she did keep checking on Pepper yesterday when she felt ill. Thanks again guys. As usual the forum is brilliant at making us feel that we're not alone in our chicken world..
  3. How long does Baytril last? The vet gave us some in March - will it still be okay to use?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm such a softy - it seems really harsh to get rid of her bosy like that but my husband has just taken her, double-bagged away to dispose of her. Poor little Ginger is now roaming around on her own. My little lone ranger. I'll watch her for a few days to make sure she dosn't get ill too. I don't know what else to do. Thanks again. Suzanne
  5. I've just been out to the run and little Miss Pepper has died. Poor little love. She was still alive when I peeped in last thing last night but she must have been poorly and I didn'r know. I don't know whether I could have done anything different - she was showing all the signs of being broody- I feel really bad and so sad for Ginger who is all alone now. I also don't really know what to do with her little body. I don't want to put her in the bin - I know it sounds sentimental but it doesn't seem right. I also am conscious of disease spreading because I don't what she died of. Is it worth taking her to the vets to be cremated or to find out what she died of? Please can you advise me. I'm upset and confused. Suzanne x
  6. I'm confused and a little worried about my Miss Pepperpot. She hasn't laid properly for quite a while but she's been healthy and spritely in herself so I haven't been too worried. She laid all through the bad winter so she's allowed a rest. However, today, she stayed in the nesting box all day until about 1pm when I took her off the nest. She was doing a really soft clucking sound and when I closed the eglu door she tried to get back in. Eventually she made a little bnest of her own round the back of the eglu in some ivy. So, now its 5.35pm, she's gone very quiet - I've shifted her from her new nest and she's gone and had a massive drink of water but isn't remotely interested in eating. She's got her tail down and doesn't make any fuss at all when I try to lift her. She has done a couple of runny watery poos but she and Ginny gorged themselves on worms in my neighbours garden (unbeknownst to me!) yesterday when he was digging a big hole so she might have a runny bum because of that. I'm at a loss to know what to do with her next. she's had plenty to drink but no food - what shall I do? Any suggestions from you, my learned friends, would be very gratefully received. Thanks guys. Suzanne
  7. Whilst I'm glad that I'm not the only one with an odd egg situation going on, I feel sorry for us all, especially the girls who we expect to pop out these eggs on demand! I have two Omlet girls, a Gingernut Ranger and a Miss Pepperpot. Pepper was laying softies quite a bit in the early part of the year and has then moulted. Not many eggs at all from her this year - both girls are about 2and a bit years old. Ginger was laying more or less regularly but now both of them have stopped with the very occasional one from Ginger. They both go and sit on the nesting box for ages and get a bit annoyed if you try to look at them but they are really just going through the motions. They are both bright and lively and eat Omlet feed although not an enormous amount of it. They free-range in my garden and next doors most of the day and so are probably picking allsorts up to eat. I don't know what to do with them. My husband says they are just a pair of freeloaders! Poor girls! He loves them really. I had to buy eggs last week which was a bit weird after so long with the girls. So, any ideas? Or do we just have to accept them as pets just like a cat - cute and cuddly and not much earthly use!!! Yours, Eggless of Northwich
  8. Just an update - Miss Ginny Ginger has just laid a lovely egg and her limp seems to have improved a little at the same time. Its not perfect but better! Perhaps it was a case of pressure on the nerves in her pelvis or leg - I hope so. She seems fine in herself and is gobbling mealworms up like there's no tomorrow. Keep up the good work, Ginny Ginger! love Suzanne x
  9. Thanks for your replies so far. I do leave them freeranging but they are secure apart from the cats who can get in - I do sometimes put them in their run which is one we've built for them and big enough for them to be in there for a length of time. I've just been to the farm shop and bought some mineral powder for them. It has a high level of limestone. I read in other posts on the Chicken Clinic that a limestone deficiency can cause a limp and both hens have laid a few odd eggs recently with the Miss Pepperpot laying regular softies. I thought that at the very least it wouldn't do them any harm anyway. Still, I'd be grateful for any further ideas anyone has! Thanks again, Suzanne x
  10. Hi everyone, Yesterday our two girls were roaming around the garden as usual - they are usually perfectly safe and only occasionally bothered by a neighbourhood cat. We went out for a few hours and when we came back our Ginger (Gingernut Ranger Omlet girl) was limping quite badly. We have had a good look over her as best we can and tested out her joints and feet and they seem okay. She was happy for us to do this and didn't show any obvious signs of discomfort or distress. She can still make a fist (so to speak!) but doesn't seem to want to put too much weight on one of the feet. Otherwise she seems okay and is eating and drinking but just limping around. Both of the girls have been a bit quieter than usual but not scared or jumpy. So, I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas what we can do for her or what might be the cause of the limp. She is an Omlet girl ( so fully vaccinated) and is generally in good health and has been laying reasonably well of late. She's about 2 and a half years old. I'd be really grateful for any help you can provide. Thanks everyone. Suzanne x
  11. Thanks for your reply. I've been to the vets now and he can't find anything wrong with Ginny so that's good. However, she does still seem a bit subdued. She has eaten a bit of tuna and sweetcorn but ideally I want to get her eating her mash. The vet has given her a course of Baytril so hopefully that will buck her up. Thanks again. Suzanne x
  12. Hi everyone, My Gingernut Ranger is sick- she is lethargic, squishy crop, not eating or even interested in food and not drinking - she has been like this for a couple of days. I have tried tipping her upside down to try to empty her crop but nothing came out and she wasn't very co-operative. I have syringed some olive oil down her throat -nothing different yet. Her poops are very wet and she laid a softy a couple of days ago. Any suggestions? I have made an appointment to see the vet later today but would appreciate any advice you can give until then. Thanks everyone. Suzanne x
  13. Hi everyone, My Miss Pepperpot has been a bit of a concern over the last few months. She is laying occasional softies which makes her feel a bit quiet and fed up for a few hours but then she bucks up and seems back to her normal noisy, boisterous self. She hasn't laid anything much in the way of normal eggs for a while Just the odd one - very odd sometimes! Also she has a bald patch on her belly, just below her breast but before her vent. I haven't noticed her pecking at this area or any other and she definitely isn't being pecked by the peaceful Gingernut Ranger. I have tried to have a bit of a feel underneath but to be honest, I'm not exactly certan what I'm feeling for. Both hens eat the same food - Omlet layers mash, bit of porridge eveyone now and then, greens, mealworms and whatever they scratch up in the garden. The Gingernut is fine and laying a little less in the winter but still every other day or so. Its just that pesky Pepperpot who is puzzling me. She seems mainly fine in herself except for the softie incidents. Any ideas anyone? Thanks for your help. love Suzanne x
  14. Sorry to sound a bit dim - how/where do I feel for the egg - I don't want to hurt er or make matters worse!
  15. Hi everyone, This morning my normally loud and boisterous Miss Pepperpot is very subdued and not charging around with the Gingernut Ranger. She has done a couple of poos wich are a bit watery and yellowish in colour and is standing in the kitchen looking as though she is straining to either poo or lay an egg. Neither is happening at the moment. She just seems a bit fed up. A few months ago she laid a softie and was like this although I didn't particularly notice the straining. Also I found the softie then but this time there isn't any obvious evidence of it. Last time she bucked up over the course of a day and was fine but I am a bit of a worrier and would really appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks guys Suzanne xx

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