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  1. thanks i will i'm sure it looks like what bluebell had it's upsetting as they are treated like little queens they lay like troupers aswell
  2. as i posted this morning we've brought chloe in cleaned her up she has a prutruding breast bone with a feathers missing under her it also looks sore we had another one die in october with similar symtons but were from a omlet breader the other one looked like she had a cold apart from this one being sat and skinny her comb and eyes are normal
  3. were bringing her now and we'll have a look
  4. our little chole won't get up. gerry shot out eglu this morning her wings seem splayed and she is on her bottom.i've put the food near her as she is trying to eat,her comb is red and bright. is there any one who can help or advise
  5. is that like smash mash if you get my drift
  6. there really not fussed about pellets do you think we should cut down corn and grees till they lay again
  7. not sure happened the girls were laying nice and steady until we went on hols our neighboors looked after them which was great but when we got home the girls looked deformed as it turned out they were so fat it was unreal they had been feeding them corn for 3 wks the grub bowl was full to the brim so we slimmed them down but two got poorley with there eyes so was bathing there eyes so after all this we have not had eggs since we got back any advice would be great
  8. we got the girls on the 16 th so it's took week and a bit for first egg none today though i suppose the have to have a break no rest for the wicked
  9. thank you one is creamer than the other i'm chuckling as it so intresting my other friends won't understand
  10. how do you know which one has laid the egg??? i know this is a silly question but do certain breeds have differant coloured eggs me and my other half are having big debaits on this can anyone help
  11. we have 3 girlies jerry is very cheeky nosey and really not bothered by anything chole is really nervous and then there is bluebell who seems to grown up for all this lol not sur how long you can keep eggs?
  12. we have our first egg hurrah!!!! not sure which girlie it was but a hefty weight of 57g just wanted to share it with youall my little girl took it to school ha ha
  13. thanks they've not been out run yet or no greens yet i've gave them rice and potatoe but only at tea time it's only one so i'll see how they go thank~you
  14. i absuloutley love hugh but there is some things so wrong with the way were told to eat healthy look after ourselves then ther supplying us with second rate produce at premiun price we holiday in italy every year and OMG everything on your door step ie organic and free range if you want a goat,chicken etc.. you order at night and they kill fresh in morning not everyone will appriciate this but animals have a graet free range life how we all lived long time ago oh the tomatoes are all funny shapes & colours but taste amazing
  15. as new to my little girlies i'm learning but one seems to have runny poo started off loose but,tonight it's definatley runny any answers help
  16. the children were up sooooo early last night we had to nudge the girls in eglu last night as they just sat in run was this the right thing to do? 5~30 !!!!!! it's usually 6 ish but 5~30 my god early night tonight they look like they've settled in not going to let them out till sunday what do you think?
  17. i'm struging to add pics log on to gallery but was havin problem with pass word also still can't add little image for profile as i said before not pc brilliant super kate bits are good just need time
  18. there finally here our lovely girlies i think the whole family are in love they are soooo cute picked them up tonight and they've settled in straight away they havn't stopped eating we clipped wings as they were jumping about the children couldn't go to sleep with excitment no doubt the will be up early
  19. we decided on blue my little girl wanted pink surprise my son wanted red so after names out of a hat we ended up with blue looks nice near water feature sort of wishing we got the cube but space limited
  20. i've been waiting for my eglu 2 wks but finally here. me and my partner are trying to sort out the area but cannot agree he wants to put slabs on the bottom of it then chippings i think it will be a lot of work for nothing.So any advice would be great it's going onto soil.

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