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    HELP - Prolapse?

    UPDATE Maddie has not prolapsed again, but is still bulging a little after pooping - it looks a bit like she has hemeroids but it does go back on it's own after a few mins. Is this just temporary until her vent has time to recover or is there anything else I could be doing to help speed things along? On a positive note I am pleased to say she is very perky and is having a blast being seperated from the others. Talk about making yourself at home - she walks in and out of the house like she owns the place LOL and the veg patch had a right going over yesterday, the raspberries are completly bug free Kath x
  2. Earthchild

    HELP - Prolapse?

    Yes that has to be worth a try, I will pop out and buy some now. I was also thinking I may have some hemeriod cream somewhere, I might try and rub some of that on too - bless her
  3. Earthchild

    HELP - Prolapse?

    Hi Redwig, Yes I was wondering the same thing myself. Funnily, just after I posted I thought I would go out and check on her and found her in the raspberry bushes and she has laid an egg, it's a bit blood stained as you would expect! Anyhow I have been watching her and she is still no pooping as she should be so you could be right. The vets are shut now so I will have to have another look myself. I will let you know how I get on. Kath x
  4. Earthchild

    HELP - Prolapse?

    Hi Everyone, Maddie my favourite chicken has prolapsed a couple of days ago. I managed to grab her before the others had caused her too much pecking damage and cleaned her up and carefully pushed it back in. I have kept her seperated from the others, free ranging in the day and in the house at night. She is very perky but still very clingly and her vent is still bulging when she tries to poo - which she is doing with varying sucess, usually pecking and pulling it out herself. I have stopped her access to layers and have her on corn to try and stop her laying. What I need to know is what caused this? Are there eggs stuck inside her - she seems to flush up and panic like she wants to lay but nothing else happens? Is there anything else I could be doing? Thanks everyone, Kath x
  5. I have the exact same problem. I contacted Omlet as soon as I realised there was a problem and they asked me to send them photos, which I did. This was 5 weeks ago and I am still awaiting a reply - infact now you have reminded me, I will give them another call on Monday. The chickens have got used to them falling off the ledge now, but that's not the point considering the price
  6. It was two weeks ago for me, and I remember the sleepless night and the window gazing, but I bet they are there with you right now, so hopefully the big wait is over and the fun can begin Looking forward to seeing your pictures
  7. Earthchild

    Making Buns.

    I'm sure they will be lovely
  8. Wow, too cute for words
  9. Earthchild

    Making Buns.

    It will be fine. Seriously, my Dad uses things that are years out of date and so far he is fine. I watched a program last month where a journalist decided to eat nothing but out of date items for 30 days. Each day he would eat items a day more out of date than the previous day, so on day 7 he ate food 7 days out of date, day 10 = 10 days out of date and so on. By day 30, although the food look a bit squiffy, and he had to cook it really well, he didnt suffer an ill effects at all I am not suggesting that you do this, but just to highlight that things can be used well after their use by date, so long as you us a little common sense - if it moves - don't eat it LOL
  10. Earthchild

    Today I Picked.........

    Runner beans (our first of the season) Cucumber Tomato's Spring onion's We have marrow's ready, but I'm not sure what to do with them
  11. Earthchild

    Bacon and Egg pie

    From my old school cookbook, so probably very basic, but here goes: 100gm of shortcrust pastry or (reday made 7" pastry case) 2 Eggs 125ml Milk 75 gms Grated cheese 1 onion choped 2 - 3 rashees of bacon Saute bacon and onion, cool and put in case with cheese. Beat eggs and milk - season Pour over and bake 30 - 35 mins 190oc, Gas 5
  12. Earthchild

    layers with not layers yet

    Yes, Milly does this too when Morag goes into the nestbox - cute isn't it
  13. Earthchild

    I have decided that today will be egg day.

    I hope it was an egg, coz I don't think I can stand the suspense anymore
  14. Earthchild

    What is chicken crouching?

    Electricbarbarella's description is spot on Both our Pepperpots layed the following day after crouching.
  15. Earthchild

    getting impatient!