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  1. That seems a good idea. We are away in London for the rugby so I will try on Monday and see what they say. He/ she certainly has a good appetite!
  2. I have just been told that it is a Chukar partridge and that it is illegal to release it into the wild in the uk
  3. Hello Chuckymama. Yes I could put it back, but it was in a part of the school between two buildings and totally closed off form the rest. No vegetation just a few sets and some waste bins, not out around on the fields. We are pretty inner city on our location too so I am really not sure. It seems ok at the moment but I am keeping it separate and obviously would rather I did the right thing. At home we back onto a canal and are quite rural so I could release it there during daylight.
  4. I have just come home from school this evening with a partridge that has been in the school grounds for two days and our boys were getting very concerned and came to me because I keep chickens! It is clearly quite tame and currently in a box in my kitchen having munched some layers pellets. What do I do next? I think that they are largely ground birds like chickens. I don't know if it is male or female. I teach in an independent grammar school but in an inner city environment (Manchester). I am unaware of any local children's petting farms or similar nearby to us Would it be ok with my chickens? I am concerned about transferring 'something' to my flock. I have bantams as well as large girls so potentially it could be mixed in with the bantams at some point. Or I could rehome it to a partridge keeper. How do I start to find one? Any advice or bright ideas will be gratefully accepted.
  5. THANK YOU LUCY!!! For organising and picture posting and being very encouraging from out in the Irish Sea!!
  6. Sorry to be sooooo slow but photo bucket and I are having issues. Hopefully Goosey Lucy will post my pic for me. It is a lovely piece of glass with autumnal leaves and toadstools inside. Gorgeous- just need to work out how to display it to best advantage, so I am going to talk to my friendly framer! Many thanks whoever you are you are VERY clever! xx
  7. My parcel has arrived- excited !
  8. Both cricket and hockey have their injury problems too. I ended up at A&E twice through hockey(as an adult!) and ES has had 5 knee ops as a result of cricket.( He is a fast bowler which does not help). As mums we can't wrap them in cotton wool, except in our heads. We can be supportive and positive about what they do and make an effort to learn the rules which will make it easier to talk with them about the games they play. It is not that I disagree with the rest of the comments on this thread, but I guess that as my sons are older, I have been through the feelings of fear and learnt to come to terms with them. it is always hard watching them grow up whatever they play or do.
  9. I can understand your worries and I do hope that the young man in question is ok. All schools and clubs, for that matter take head and neck injuries very seriously and it is now the normal procedure to automatically get the injured person to specialist care as soon as possible. Both of my boys have played since they were 7. They are now 25 and 21. They both wear scrum caps as a matter of course. Both are backs but nevertheless they wear one. It is not the solution, good refereeing or not playing are better but they offer some protection.
  10. Hi Goosey, Can you put back the dates a little please? I am on inspection week this week and then it is only 3 weeks to half term when I am away for two weeks. So not enough time for me and with posting being Nov 1st too. If it's not possible then I will have to opt out. Sorry to be a nuisance. Terri Not supposed to be here now- should be prepping for my meeting with one of them
  11. .............. ............. ..................................................... Slides around the door "sheepishly" (keeping with a theme of sorts!). We have a new head and have just found out we have an inspection next week I am away for two weeks at October half term............ but I love a challenge!!!!!! GO on....twist my arm........GENTLY!
  12. At this stage I would say "BE POSITIVE" to your son. We should not dishearten our young men and women so easily. It is important to dream and have ambition and a determination to succeed. He will need good grades in Chemistry and Biology at GCSE and A level. Note that the A level courses have changed away from modular courses back to a two year course (more like when we were all at school). Look at UCAS online be all means to see what the expectations are, but for now I would say gaining work experience, whenever and wherever possible together with essential hard work for his exams, are the most important jobs for Year 11. I am not a University admissions officer, but I do teach Chemistry in an independent grammar school. If you would like more help or info please do feel free to PM me.
  13. Hi Vicki, Good to see a tiny bit of progress here. Thinking of you. (((hugs)))
  14. Hi all, any comments greatly received here. Two weeks ago tomorrow(Wed) I took one of my exbats to the Vet as she had been unable to walk or stand since the previous Friday evening. Her claws would curl up but could also be uncurled.The vet was unsure herself but seemed to agree with me that it was not Mareks as she showed no other symptoms and was quite perky and eating a little. She thought she felt some fluid in her abdomen and so gave me some Baytril and Metacam the thinking being that it would sort any infection and also reduce inflammation. She still can't walk but can now stand for short periods. When she tries to walk she ends up going down on one wing and then gently goes to ground. She eats, but not huge amounts, but is happy to scoff porridge and layers pellets out of my hand. She preens and chatters when I stroke her plumage. I have had her separated form the rest of my girls since I first spotted her. I am unsure as to whether to go back to the vet. She doesn't appear to be in any pain and is alert and as I said previously eating small amounts. I had thought originally that she would gradually fade away, she obviously has different ideas! I am not sure whether in time she will get stronger or not? I think she is a little stronger. Does this mean she may get enough strength to walk? It is easy for me at the moment as I am not back to school until September. I have had her for 20 months so I am guessing that this makes her about 3.5 years old? This is quite a ramble but I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?
  15. OMG Again Vicki!! Everyone above me is right, just adding my support.xx
  16. Swaps!!!!!!!! I've been lurking for too long again ........must go the back of the class. I like a theme. I loved being 'made' to learn a new thing like when we made felt!!! I discovered new websites like Gilliangladrag etc
  17. All I can add is that we are looking at options for a Canadian holiday too! I really posted to say that we have used Audley a few times in the past and have found them to be an excellent company to travel with. Excellent knowledge and very good at tailor-making to suit your needs/budget etc. Did Cambodia with them not too long ago.
  18. Welcome to the next phase of your life. I love it when mine come home. ES now works in London and YS is still at uni in Birmingham. I hate it when they go and am rubbish at goodbyes, I still cry so I try not to do the station run etc. However, in between all that I love my space, even if the house is far too big! I miss them but they are good at phoning and I feel so proud. Every so often I would love to go back in time.....but not for too long! Enjoy yourself.xxx
  19. Like the ideas going here! I am slow but like trying to learn new stuff. Felting was tricky but fun but I think my swappee liked her felt.
  20. Yes I agree. The little girl had a terrific voice, but the song.... The shadow dancers- amazing, never seen it before. My Funny Valentine- unusual voice loved it and a difficult song to sing.
  21. Actually, my chickens don't eat it. The leaves are quite tough with being evergreen. Quite different to typical deciduous. However, they don't get to spend all day by it either!! But when I let them roam and free range outside chickenville there are other far more tasty morsels! You would need to protect the roots to start with bearing in mind how 'they' like to garden I put largish stones/medium 'rocks' over the roots as they are ace are gravel shifting.
  22. I guess all the above is probably true. I am not as far north as you that's for sure. Ours is very exposed and we do get high winds,being right on the edge of the Peak District. It took a while to settle and I protected it to start off with. Definitely more slow growing than in my previous house where it was very sheltered. They are not the cheapest climbers to grow, but it might be worth an experiment?
  23. What about an evergreen Clematis such as Armandii? Flowers in early Spring around about now. Not as special as usual Clematis flowers by any means but good foliage all year round. I have one along the entrance to Chickenville I could take a pic at the weekend if you like. You could then grow some more attractive flowering climbers in front of it. Clematis Only taken loads of attempts.....but finally a linky thingy!

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