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  1. YIKES!! It does seem all very 'big brother'. I would like to add my thanks to Lesley who has taught me how to felt - virtually!! I loved doing it and I understand that my swappee was pleased with the gift. Perhaps we all have to head over to Fb and share ideas there instead..... I have really enjoyed gaining inspiration from this thread and the Crafty Fingers section in general. All a bit unnecessary and childish really and also a heavy-handed response.
  2. I cook brown and white in a way sort of similar to Chicken cam. It always works for me but then I have practised for years! I wash the rice first in several changes of cold water leaving it to soak on the last one. Then put it in a heavy-based pan and cover it with about 1.5cm depth of water (above the rice). I bring it to the boil and then turn of the heat and leave it to steam/absorb the water. Needs good fitting lid on pan (sometimes helps if you cover pan with tinfoil before putting the lid on). If on the very rare occasion I do not add enough water it is easy to add a little more, return to boil then leave to absorb again. Whereas too much water to start with is a catastrophe. It always works and we get rice that fluffs up really well. No good if you want/ like sticky rice. I always use basmati rice too- brown/white. I learnt this watching a Madhur Jaffrey cooking series when I was a student back in the eighties.
  3. I have a mixture of hybrids and "posh' girls in my flock of 19. 8 'posh' freeloaders - Cream Legbars, Aracaunas, Orpingtons. 6 exbatts- 4 from last Christmas and 2 from two years ago. Three hybrids from my very first girls who I guess are now 4.5 yrs old. The last two are probably my most prolific layers- two bantams - a Sabelpoot and a Poland! All still lay, but with the hybrids I am no longer sure who lays what! The bantam and Posh girls are easier to spot due to colour and size (and seasonal nature) of their egg laying. I think I have just been lucky with my hybrids I guess. I am lucky to have enough room to accommodate the variety of ages and hence almost always have had some eggs thus far... watch this change now!! Current stats mind you are approx 3 eggs per day from 19!! Much moulting taking place and several about to regrow feathers but shut up shop until next spring.
  4. I'll read a bit more about it and get back to anyone interested at the weekend. I suppose we can make our own rules up to suit how many want to join in. So we all get a scarf with the same wools/patterns/crochet etc but put together in different orders? The size of our pieces should be determined by a) how long we think the scarf should be and b) how many of us decide to have a go. We don't need to rush it necessarily.
  5. It's here !!!!! Dear Swappee it is BEAUTIFUL!! Not sure whether you have resent or it is the original as I can't see the postmark date clearly. Mods will have to resize for me as I seem to have forgotten how on photo bucket. What am I missing? WHere is the resize button? OK sorted thanks Lesley. Anyway , here it is in all its glory
  6. Just fell across this http://teenagegranny.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/the-twit-knit-scarf-swap.html what do you all think?? Could it be a 'goer' on Omlet if w draw up our rules??
  7. I'll join again. It's the thought and surprise that matter to me.
  8. Please accept some (((hugs))) from me too. Some people in life are simply destined to be 'takers' whilst others end up being eternal 'givers'. Focus on your OH and your needs. You will come through this and out the other side. The 'true' friends will realise this but sometimes it takes time. You and your OH for better for worse, in sickness and in health.... this applies whether or not you are married ( I say that just in case you are not) as at the end of the day it is a piece of paper, whereas the words mean so much more. Be strong for each other and continue to be kind to others. Enough said. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  9. It just sounds like the sort of house I lived in as a student back in the early 80s but I thought we had moved on considerably since then! You have to check the tenancy rules etc. My son at uni in Birmingham lives in a let via an agency and so I encourage him and his flatmates to view that and then query. At the end of the day they are more than happy to hang on to the sizeable deposits that are required unless the students meet their side of the agreement. I believe in the 21st century that it should meet all standards and be fit for purpose. Hence our children should have right of appeal. SO in a nutshell, check tenancy and challenge.
  10. I agree with Lesley- it looks lovely but I would like a close up. In fact please can we have pics of all the swaps??
  11. I do love John Lewis!! Latest ad......well I love it!! http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=993&s_emcid=20121109_JLE1072_TV_ad_Newsletter&s_emuid=1430560
  12. Thank you but that is the outside! What lies behind the door. How do I delete a post? I need to remove the first photo. Did I manage to resize my photos after all or do someone do it for me? I had tried but I thought there were still big yet now they are small?
  13. I have dyed before with mixed results. If I dye anything these days I tend to use Dylon machine dyes. The last one I used was purple on a cream coloured cafe-type curtain on the door to a 'rest room' (been in the USA !!). The walls of the room are painted purple- you may hate it but we tend to do strong colours - I like to think of it as my regal 'throne' room Anyway I will try to post a pic to show but it is not great as the light is not great just there. The was purple, onto cream and came out a good shade that blends well with the paintwork........... running off as you are bound to laugh at our colour choice- looks better in the flesh! I will try and remember how to photobucket and post colour next.
  14. WANT PLUM!!!! It's beautiful
  15. Posting tomorrow on way home from work. Please be gentle with me dear swoppee I'm a 'felting virgin' but hopefully not alone in this description. It was fun and a bit of a learning curve and I stabbed myself too many times too
  16. I'm the problem as usual but I aim to be posting 'around' Monday. Still in Jamaica as I write this but home on Friday and then fingers crossed that it works

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