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  1. Sounds good. I felted a bag that I knitted once. In fact it was a secret Santa swop n Omlet!! Is that the same type of thing? It can't be surely. That involved knitting and then machine washing it until it'felted' !
  2. Ok and thank you on both counts. I go back to work tomorrow so could do with a list of what I need to get. Are we doing inchie type things but a little bigger?
  3. I have absolutely no idea how to start, but if you are teaching as we go then I would like to try. I need lifting as I lost my best friend today.
  4. Lovely cake Scubababe! Lesley- remember our Joanna Lumley hats? Your egg cosies have terrific potential for something similar if you scale them up!!
  5. All iPhone users in our house - love them
  6. Thank you Anne. I won't hijack this thread other than to say that she was rushed in three months ago for an emergency appendectomy which has turned out to be aggressive bowel cancer. She was told at the beginning to the week that it is terminal which has devastated us all. I take heart from your positive news.
  7. Hear,hear!! I have enjoyed reading most of this. It is the one and only forum that I have joined and sometimes posted on for the very reasons so many have given earlier on in the thread. Thank you Egluntyne for always being my oracle of chicken keeping knowledge I remember your first postings Plum.......you were sad and glum and posted but I can't remember why? Was it because you couldn't upload a picture ?? Christian please stay?
  8. Great news Anne. :D Yours is good too Plum. If only my best friend Ann had received similar good news my week would be complete.
  9. Thanks Cooks. Yes it was Palmer but I had forgotten the name change. Plum !!! You always make me laugh!!
  10. Is it me or has Mr Rhode Island Red actually managed to engineer a virtual Omleteer reunion here??? THere seems to be lots of posters I remember seeing when I first joined such as Janty and Cookie(monster) that I haven't 'seen' for a long while. In fact Cooks what happened to that friend of yours from the same area whose name I can't remember. All I know is that she joined after me and suddenly got lots of chickens and a walk- in run quite quickly- or so it seemed to me.
  11. Sending (((hugs))) and positive vibes Annex
  12. I know I have not been around very much recently it is simply being busy and far more confident about my chooks. I joined 4 years ago. I 'talk' to a few Omleteers on Facebook too. I tend to have a quick read and then move on not often posting unless I really feel that I have something to say. I tis a great forum though!!!!
  13. Hello. My YS had a brain tumour when he was 9, so 11 year years ago now and he is still alive and kicking aged 20. No two are the same, that is certainly true. I am surprised that she was allowed home so soon, but then medicine advances so fast and it is 11 years since I was in a similar situation. My memories are that it really does take a significant amount of time to get over any type of surgical trauma and that brain surgery can be particularly invasive- does depend too on where the tumour is/was sited. Don't expect miracles, just very small steps, a day at a time. I feel that it must have been a successful surgery for them to allow her home so fast. We were in for three weeks with YS. Also if there are questions, don't sit around wondering and waiting. I think what I took away from the whole experience was ask questions, keep clarifying when you don't understand and if something seems to not be right get on the phone right away. Perhaps we were lucky because he was so young? I will never really know, but I do believe that those who are not themselves need their loved ones to be their advocates in times of need such as this. We were and are blessed in that the tumour was benign and so no did not require chemo etc. I think you need to talk to her OH and keep a watchful eye and also be positive and strong especially when she is not. I do hope that the biopsy results are good unlike my own best friend who has just been diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 bowel cancer that has spread to her liver and is having a real battle to get answers but that is another story.
  14. My favourite (as the boys at school know only too well), is by Edward Young. 'Procrastination is the thief of time.' Closely followed by 'Carpe Diem! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.' From the movie Dead Poets' Society. The first quote I now have on a garden wall put there as a moss sculpture by my YS, with a chicken. I have a picture of it that I will upload later when I remember how!
  15. Hi. I have these http://www.hunter-boot.com/balmoral-lady-neoprene/dark-olive. They were expensive but I shopped around the net until I found a good price. I have had them about a year and so far they have proved well worth it. Cleaning out the chickens, dog walking, gardening ( which in ours tends to be of a construction nature). They are early warm and very comfortable. It was money well spent. prior to these I had gone through three pairs of Joules very quickly
  16. OSH- weight gain? With or without HRT?
  17. Mine always go into the chicken run for a dustbath-only when cold though
  18. Wow!! A memory for a lifetime
  19. On photobucket save an 80 x80 image then copy the info it gives you it is the second one down in the list
  20. I'm now 'avatared up'!! Only taken me years- can't remember when I posted the old one- a Christmas/winter sometime.......
  21. Beautiful Plum- I love it and have no idea about patchworking- but it is vibrant and I would hang it on my walls!!

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