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  1. What a great idea - you will love it and the sense of achievement when you look back and once the endorphins kick in.All the best !!!
  2. I love Ocado too. I use my supermarket to compare prices and invariably Ocado wins. Always on time, often early, but with excellent communications. Excellent quality and money off vouchers regularly by email. I seem to remember that when Jamie Oliver did his chickens programme earlier this year, Waitrose came out as having the best policy re chicken welfare etc. Only sell free range eggs - not that you all need those anyway - but we are still waiting!
  3. RIP Olivia - a quiet way to go I hope.
  4. I have only been on here as a chicken owner and posting since Monday and I have already found another Omletteer a couple of roads away!!! We are going to try to meet up next week. Wow, perhaps chickens is the much-needed replacement for the school gate when that goes! Many of my good friends I met when the boys were quite small.
  5. Thanks you to all of you who replied to me , I really appreciate your comments/advice. Unfortunately, we have inspected the dog poo this morning(gross but ...) and found bits of feather in that of both dogs. So we are now pretty sure it has been an awful accident. Thanks for the water idea Helen and Lee (we were using the hose pipe but are going to try a supersoaker for a better jet). I have decided to see if I can get a replacement for Bonnie and to be extremely vigilent. I am on school holiday, which is why I thought now was a good time to learn how to 'get it right'. My boys are 20 and 16. My 16 year old is the one it happened to and really was very upset. However we have put it to rest as a learning experience. I have been quite surprised at how keen he is on the chickens, lets them out before he goes on his paper round and telling his friends about them. He always has loved animals so it is good to see him taking an interest - and I thought it would only be me. This is a very good forum - the first I have ever belonged to. I am going to have to make sure I stay in touch once I am back at work in September. Chicken Nurse aka Pam - let's try to meet up next week towards the end perhaps Thursday or Friday.
  6. Sure of anything -NO. It happened very quickly. The hens were in the run. The dog must have run at the door so hard that it got through. I do not think a fox would come into the garden with the dogs there. I have read my Omlet info, which suggest that dogs are ok. My two clearly have taken too much interest and we will have to have a rethink. I am not going to give up. It will work,but it is a horrible lesson. The most significant lessons in life usually are. I am embarrased too for our lack of competence. I have been very positive with my son but he is very down and thinks it's his fault. OH is now home and having surveyed what is left he thinks definitely eaten by dog(s). Bonnie was the most forward of the four - the one that would come over to the side of the pen to you and would 'rob' things off the others. That's why we called her Bonnie after Bonnie and Clyde.
  7. I feel totally inept. We have only been chicken keepers for 4 days and already we have managed to lose one. Please hear me out as it gets worse. We have two 8 month old lab cross pups - lovely boys but a bit boisterous. They have been very fascinated by the chickens and we have been watching them non-stop as on the first day they tried to 'ramraid' the Eglu. Today whilst I was out, my younger son went to fix his bike in the shed and took the dogs with him. The next thing he knew, there was some commotion and he went to look. One dog was actually in the run, the girls were penned into the Eglu. He got the dogs out and put them inside the house. Then he realised that Bonnie was missing. The others appear to be ok. There are some feathers in the garden and a small bit of chipped bone, but nothing else. Have they eaten her? We have now hunted high and low through all the garden but there is no sign whatsoever, no feet, no blood. I am sure some of you will think badly of us,but I need to get it off my chest as we are both feeling devastated and very cruel. Can he have eaten her completely? There do not seem to be enough feathers.
  8. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I am also very new to this but am watching mine avidly at the moment so that I get a feel for what they are like - in the hope that I will notice any unusual changes.
  9. Sadly I can only claim to belong to one of these and wish I belonged to the other! I have to agree. I have been around this forum without joining for almost a year, but I have read and read about them. In fact I was given a book on chicken-keeping when I left my previous job a year ago. I too belong to category 2 with one close to 'flying the nest'.
  10. I am very new to all of this and spending too much time already reading around the site. However, thanks fo the reminder about this programme as I was thinking about him yesterday when we went to a lovely farm to collect our hens. This farm rears rare-breed pigs, called Middle Whites - quite ugly which actually make them really cute! Had a good look around. really nice place, kind and very friendly and full of advice. The farm is called Heathylee. http://www.heathylee.co.uk/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/ms_marple01 By the way can anyone point me in the right direction to upload a picture to my signature?. Rona, your cats look awfully like my two, have a look.

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