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  1. That's love for you then xx I'd be happy with that description of me!
  2. Hello, I had only just noted that you'd vanished!! Hence my Fb comment!! Welcome back, I too find the break good for the soul. How you manage to mod I will never know!
  3. Sorry to my Easter Bunny, I forgot until now to try to do the photo thing. Firstly my lovely chicken in my favourite shade of purple/lilac - I love it very quirky and very me Secondly, a lovely handmade card - this is something I really need to learn to do. I feel so untalented compared to so many on this forum.... the skill-level from all the photos is remarkably HIGH!! Thank you so much Lucy for organising. Thank you Easter Bunny for your time and effort
  4. My best gig buddy has just turned 20 last week! We went to our first gig together when he was nine.
  5. Too difficult to answer in a single song!! I have such diverse tastes. I agree mood and moment dependent. Four that always stop me in my tracks thought are Pachabel's Canon; Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd; The Theme from Schindler's List and Street Spirit -Radiohead
  6. Thank you sooo much Easter Bunny- mine has arrived safely!!
  7. Hi Bev! Some lovely ideas there. I have a few personalised boxes that go to certain regular buyers who always buy eggs from me at school. They tend to keep the same boxes and so I rarely have one at home as it gets refilled. I went with a pic of some of my girls and the logo Derby House Eggs (house name).
  8. Very interesting article- thank you for the link. Has anyone been watching the series of programmes on CH5 about the marines in Afghanistan? I am finding it a real eye- opener as I know so little about the military.
  9. Here hopefully are the pictures of my pretties!! Thank you very much my lovely crafty friends
  10. Oh woweeeee- I am so put to shame by these pictures. Note to self try harder next time
  11. All just makes me want to scream at times. It was my experience that really become a turning point for me in terms of my self-confidence and determination to be heard. Sometimes now when parents apologise to me about perhaps being a bit over zealous about their son and his education and tell them not to worry as it is a natural instinct and they are understandably their children's best advocate and that I would expect nothing less from caring parents. By that I don't mean we should go around shouting, but that when things do not seem right we should challenge and be heard.
  12. I am south of you by quite some distance. I have had about 2 most days from my hybrids/exbats. We are now up to 6 /7 which means the Orpies are coming back into lay. The two bantams have produced nothing since November!!! The 3 Cream Legbars??????Well so far we have had 3 beautiful blue eggs- about 6 days ago, one a day. So is it the same hen? Have they each laid one? Who knows- all I am sure of is that the stress of a first egg/ or three? has clear sent them into some kind of hibernation. Eating well though and looking gorgeous.
  13. It would seem that here are always a few who manage to pass the exams having missed all the lectures about communication/patients have brains etc etc. I saw one like the one you mention, 11 years ago with YS. He was a locum as our own GP was on a sort of sabbatical. To cut to the point, several appointments with very poorly son over the course of 2 months ended up with a self-diagnosis via internet on my part. I made a final appointment insisting that he refer us to the hospital immediately. He asks why, I list my reasons, i.e. symptoms that YS matched. He then says LOUDLY in front of YS(8 at the time) ' so YOU think he has a brain tumour. I glare back, trying to cover YS's ears at the same time and state YES I am going to complain and go to another practice if I have to etc etc - really very angry at this point. Anyway, he concedes and as I am sure you can guess I was right. YS underwent emergency surgery less than 5 days later. Is fine now btw Apologies to any doctors out there - I know a lot of brilliant ones! My own GP, was very apologetic and came to see us in hospital saying that the two things he tries so hard to teach his younger colleagues are a) listen and choose your questions carefully and b) trust/credit a mother's intuition they tend to know their children better than anyone. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, respect and be respected.
  14. I have both of mine - found the postbox key today I will try to post tomorrow. They are quite different to each other but both lovely. There are two decoupage? ones and two that are like a hardened plastic/ceramic type thingy - also lovely! Gosh I am such a crafty ignoramus
  15. Emma they are lovely and a really good matching set!!! Feeling better as the anxiety levels rise on here I am NOT alone You are NOT alone Can't find the key to our postbox at the moment so I don't know if I have any yet....
  16. NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo It needs to be anonymous as I am too embarrassed to own up to mine other than to say forgot to post today so will post tomorrow
  17. An even bigger word of caution!!!! I am soooo out of my depth here I can knit , sew a bit, make jam and cook but have always avoided crafty stuff like the plague. I though it was because I am an only child and then that my children and OH were rough, tough outdoor and rugby types. How wrong could I be?? I am just not that careful or tidy or crafty (well not in this sense of the word) I now publically apologise to the two unfortunates who may receive my truly sad offerings. I was inspired when I went looking on the web.....I even went for a look in Hobbycraft There is a first time for everything. Anyway, I will send my pathetic attempts (be gentle dear reader). I am now off to look for some local classes as I hate not be able to do something.
  18. I think it is due to the extra bank holiday. At my school we site mainly IGCSEs and some of the timetabling for their exams has left many of our GCSE boys with 9.5 hours of exams in 1.5 days. I know that doesn't sound so bad said like that but in fact they have two am clashes adding up to 3.5 hours, followed by two pm clashes adding up to 4 hours followed by 2 hours of Maths the next morning. A logistical nightmare for the exams officer and not ideal in any way, shape or form for the boys. It seems that most of our exams are before halfterm. Usually we do not expect the yr 12s back until mid June after study leave.
  19. I have to agree with you Mum!!! That ends to be my growing philosophy - it will or it won't nothing really lost
  20. I have a Dyson Animal which is actually pretty good. However I bought Miele yesterday - my house has several floors and I get fed up of lugging the Dyson up and down three floors so thought it was time to treat myself to a second. It was on the basis of this thread and Egluntyne!! It is brilliant!! Not cheap- but I feel over the years I have learned that you get what you pay for. My washing machine is Miele and has been going about 10 years (tempts fate)
  21. Toooooooo much time on someone's hands
  22. I guess I am studying then as I am working towards my BSAC Dive leader, which I think is similar to Divemaster. I sometimes feel like I do my GCSEs and A levels every year as I teach and as a Head of Year I regularly study behaviour- usually bad!
  23. I have always wanted to ask are you a scubabe??? Sorry I meant scuba diver??

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