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  1. On friday my favourite chicken, Rosie, was, we think, taken by a fox while free ranging. We are all so upset by it. My children keep crying (they are only small, we didn't tell them it was a fox, we told them that she was poorly and we had to take her to the vets). It was one of the most awful moments ever. I don't know how to get over this, it is so awful. The other two girls were not even touched and seem ok. Rosie was the best chicken ever, so friendly, always the first to come over to us, she liked being around people, the children used to spend so much time with her, stroking her and chatting as she was so friendly. The other two girls are more independent. Luckily the walk in run my husband made (which is fox proof) is 4m x 2m so they do have a good amount of space but they love their free ranging time and hang about the door and cluck at me whenever I am in the garden and I feel so sad I can't let them out again (even if I am in the garden I am too scared too, I couldn't lose another one of my beautiful girls) Sorry for after not posting for ages I come back with such sad news but I just knew the lovely people here would understand why I am so upset about a chicken. As with all our pets (and our chickens are pets) they are part of our family and I feel we have let her down, well I know we have. I can't believe I won't see her digging her massive dust bath up again or sun bathing in the garden again.
  2. Last year I only had one moulter (and it seemed to only be a mini moult) this year I appear to have 2, my is looking very unkempt, if anyone who didn't know anything about chooks saw her they would think that we werent' looking after her properly. Rosie has never moulted. One thing about it is a pain, just a week ago they were all laying like troopers, so much so we had a glut of eggs and I gave 12 away thinking we will soon re-fill the egg box, however since then we have been lucky to get one a day and have been considering buying eggs
  3. Interesting article, thanks. We didn't have any central heating till we moved here in 2001, we didn't have any double glazing either. It was very cold in the winter, we would sleep in jumpers etc. I now don't take my heating for granted and only put it on if necessary and for only short times every day. Ours hasn't been on yet and I doubt it will be on till at least Nov and then very low just to keep the chill off. We have loads of blankets around the house so there is no reason to be sat cold. My inlaws are the complete opposite of me, their heating is on nearly all year round and it is sooo hot there. I cannot stand it, I spend lots of time in the garden with the kids when we are there lol
  4. I need to clear out my auboise again and we do blast the slabs with the power washer, however I think it might be a good idea to swoosh them over with some chicken disinfectant once in a while and I was wondering if you use anything to wash your slabs and if so what you use? Thanks
  5. It isn't recommended for rabs and guins to live together. Rabbits, even small ones, have powerful back legs and they can kick guins (not purposely but as they bounce about) and it can kill a piggie. Also pigs need lots of extra vit c, more than rabs.
  6. Don't pure breeds go broody more often? I have a hybrid who goes broody and it can take her weeks to get out of it, even when isolated, she is a swine! She has gone 4 times this year so far, if I had all pure breeds who were going broody all the time I would be going nutty. I am half wondering if I should see if my broody hybrid can find a new home, she is a lovely chook but she blocks the nest and also stinks because of her broody poos.
  7. I think you would need to keep it up high as other wise it will take up quite a bit of the chickens floor space. Otherwise I don't see why not. How big are the holes in your mesh? If they are 1inch x 1inch rats/mice can still get in so you would have to make sure the container is rat proof.
  8. I have never heard of girl piggies acting this way. I am wondering if you have had her checked by the vet lately incase there is anything wrong which maybe upsetting her.
  9. If you want more than 2 then you will need to get girls as boys tend to only be able to live in pairs (and sometimes they don't even want to do that lol) but you can have 3 girls. I haven't heard of anyone with three girls guineas who have one left out. I would try a rescue centre, you could find three already bonded girlies. I would avoid that pet shop.
  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/15/AR2009071503672.html?g=0
  11. Claret could I ask what sort of plants are good for inside a quail run, they would have to be in some sort of pot though as it would have a slab base because of rats/foxes. Thanks
  12. For a designer bag it is actually cheap. I have been looking round lots of sites over the weekend and most of the designer bags seem to be nearer the grand mark
  13. TheHerd, I don't get buying a handbag and not using it. If I get this one I shall use it every single day till it is falling apart. Infact I prefer leather bags when they have a more 'used' look. I also wouldn't give up my holiday for a handbag either.

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