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  1. I've done pinwheels and other baby bits the posts are all on the what have you been making thread pages 1,4,6,10,11 & 22 plus I have loads of knit and crochet patterns so if there's something in particular you want let me know I may have it hope this helps
  2. I haven't got even half as much made recently as I normally do, but having my newest little monster & 3 bigger monsters to look after & housework to do, it doesn't leave me much crafting time but i've managed to finish one crochet project and slowly work on a baby blanket for dd2s teacher who is expecting her 1st baby. blanket; Pattern available free on ravelry "Free SmoothFox's Spiral Baby Blanket Nbr 1" very simple pattern and no ends to sew in as you don't keep finishing off on each round crochet breast one made to keep, & making a few more for the breastfeeding support workers as they use them to show women feeding positions Free Pattern here
  3. I bought the lion kit and the giraffe kit earlier in the week and they came yesterday, I'm looking forward to making them not sure when i'll get the time though I'm desperate to get 2 of the ragdoll kits for my girls to make with me so think that'll be my next purchase
  4. oooo all these socks, i really must try again to make some I made some of Attic24's Christmas decorations yesterday,as they are so simple to do and look very festive This weekend I have to finish the crochet bag i'm making my mum for Christmas as she's up next weekend
  5. I can sympathise with you learning left handed, it's not easy and I still find now that patterns can be a pain because i have to work the other way round, I learnt to crochet in Jan 2010 and was a bit ambitious with my first project But it only took me a month and I was very pleased with how it came out, I've lost count of how many project i've done now, but the suggestion to look at Attic24's blog is a good idea as her patterns have loads of pictures and explain everything in fantastic detail, As for a next project I've found with crochet once you've mastered the stitches there is not much you can't do, if you are not already a member Ravelry Is a fantastic free site with forums and hundreds of free patterns & you will most certainly find something on there that you will want to make
  6. Here's ours, DD2 has decorated it herself as she's off school with chicken pox I think she's quite pleased with it
  7. ooo sounds great don't forget pics i'm off to trawl ebay for some more fleece don't tell LSH
  8. The video i watched said to tie them together like you would a balloon so that's what i did i'm using some s"Ooops, word censored!"s now to see if i can make a mini one to use as a kind of comfort toy ETA well it did work but making the knots hurt my hands a bit
  9. I made mine this morning it's not amazingly neat or straight lol but i sat on the floor to do it which probably wasn't the best idea I'm going to get some more fleece and do a few more
  10. of course the pink trees are from a free pattern Here pdf download near the bottom the bobbly trees are from a fantastic pattern Here but it is $5 Steff x
  11. ooo I have some fleece may have to try one of these
  12. I've finally finished my attic 24 heaxagons on my baby blanket just have to decide if i want to put an edging on it now or not I've made some cute noodle hats pattern HERE I've made a granny stripe shrug, but unfortunately it's turned out too big for me, excuse the pics will see if i can get LSH to take a better one when he's home pattern HERE and a quick granny stripe scarf to use up some s"Ooops, word censored!"s of yarn plus i've nearly finished my swap gifts
  13. Aww thank you all yes think nesting must've started to kick in it either gets cleaned or crocheted in this house at the moment, the cardy i added an extra row of squares on at the bottom as i wanted it longer and went down a hook size as the pattern can come up quite large it seems as it's one size newborn-12mths granny cardy you have to sign up to lionbrand for patterns but it's free. baby hat and for the flowers on the hat flowers Couperwife yes the pumpkins are crocheted with fabric stuck on for the features. ooo i'm envious i just can't get the hang of socks, 4 needles baffles me and when i use the magic loop method i always end up with a ladder running up the sides
  14. I've made lots of little bits and bobs over the last month granny square cardy Attic 24 style scarf 3 crochet baby toys taggy toy rainbow round rippple (colours not great on this due to camera) granny baby hat changing mat pads crochet baby mitts 2 knitted sleepsacks wristwarmers for dd2 pumpkin bunting finished off green cardy phew that's it for now, still loads on the go though including making some fitted crib sheets and lots more crochet bits to do too.

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