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  1. Woke up this morning and my mama was gone Ooh-We, Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep...
  2. A pop group called 'Middle of the Road'... Song included the words... Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep! Anybody remembering any of this will know now how which generation I'm from! Chirpy
  3. Thanks Plum. . Newbies in their own setting at the moment. Hopefully all of them will become great friends.
  4. Hello all Just wanted to tell everyone that I picked up three lovely chickens this morning (photos later) from hen house poultry. two ginger ranger types, Rita and Elsie. The lad who helped us said the black one was a Noir? named Betty. I have two little eggs from them already! Now have to remember how to add them to my little list. Chirpy (very proud mummy)
  5. After the song by 'Middle of the Road'. You will have to grown up in the 70's to remember this group!
  6. Hello Tara I would like to get some more chickens. As I'm from the Medway towns too, I'm interested in any answers you may receive. Hope you don't mind me joining this post. Chirpy x
  7. I agree with sjp. Try the lone chicken with one chicken. They may become friends and free range together, while the other two free range together. Chirpy
  8. Over here. . . I want tomatoes planted right here! Chirpy x
  9. Came across this article. . . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254021/Knit-cluck-Somerset-craft-club-keeps-bald-rescue-hens-warm-knitting-woolly-jumpers.html Comes with a knitting pattern too! I hope the link works. Chirpy x
  10. I got 22! And. . . Hello Clootie Chirpy x
  11. What about. . . Long black dress, long black or red gloves, red boa, perhaps red band round top head with flouncy feather sticking out (Charleston sort of style) table by the side with candleabra or very tall candelabra (can't make up my mind which way to spell it). . . Not sure if it that romantic, but just a thought. Chirpy x
  12. Sorry Chickendoodle I meant you but for some reason put chickennoodle (thinking of a lunch perhaps!?) Chirpy x
  13. I would suggest the same as chickennoodle. A baby bond or something like that. When the child is eighteen they can cash it in. Chirpy x
  14. Hello everyone Very cold and blizzard like here. OH and I have had to create a make shift wind barrier for the chooks. The wind is blowing through their run and building up inside. Starting to think I should bring Ronnie and Roxie in this evening. They are in there. . . Honest. . .

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