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  1. Kate ...... we do live in an ikea stocked house, but you can't honestly enjoy going there can you??? my friend suggested setting up a firm of solicitors specialising in mediation and divorce work in the carpark of our one at Warrington, recknoned he'd could do a roaring trade .....
  2. Hi all ok I expect by the time this gets posted the thread will have, moved on, but it takes me so long to reply to anything .......anyway re photos not sure if have any, always tried to avoid such things, but even if I have my technological knowhow isn't up to putting one on here at all, you don't know how long it takes me to post a mail even, the times i accidentally press the wrong key and wipe everything so have to start again or give up in frustration, I'm OK at work (almost) just on this poxy laptop at home things never go right! Bet you don't ever hanker after the cold wet North do you Kate (A) twice yearly trips to the Reebok are probably enough! I used to work right opposite the stadium but finished there on wednesday last week ....hurray....now to Manchester City Centre and shops and things ..... but won't be able to nip home at lunchtime to see chicken, who are now peering through barricade at patio door wanting some attention! barricade went up yesterday as needed door open for heat but chickens think house nice than eglu and finding one relaxing on sofa was just a tad too far...... going to give them a bit of corn now so they still love me ...
  3. Only just got into this thread .... but just to boost Dan's theory, I also used to be a nurse, ...... and I also lost my hospital badge by forgetting to take it off my uniform when sent to laundry...so annoying! back on the hat thing .....at UCH where I trained the main thing was to see how small you cold make your cap, they were suppose to cover half the head but if we could make them about 3 inches diameter that was the best and they had to be worn right on the front of your head .....quite bizzarre really, but at the time was so uncool if you didn't........
  4. hello all Its sooo nice to know that I am not the only one out talking to chickens all hours etc, only problem is we are surrounded by neighbours who must have a really good view of me as there's not too much privacy round here ..... luckinly they all seem quite understanding so far, and all seem to like the chickens which is handy ....... several comments about how relaxing they are to watch ...... don't i just know it! I'm supposed to be getting a million and one jobs done around the house this week before holiday and new job, so far only done a lot of chicken watching and long dog walking (the walks not the dog) all the things I can't really do when working ....... AND WHAT AM I DOING on the forum!! even worse ..... must go and motivate myself!

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