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  1. sparkysmum

    Any omleteers in Sheffield

    Hi! Haven't posted for a long time! My oldest son Jonathan will be moving to Sheffield in a month or so to study at the University. He is so careful about the eggs he eats and almost never eats shop bought eggs! So we were wondering if any forum members live close to the uni and might sell him a few eggs from time to time! I hope you, your families and your hens are all well!
  2. sparkysmum

    D&V and exclusion from school

    Totally agree that you shouldnt send your child to school until 48 hrs after symptoms sem to have cleared up. At the school I work in children are dropping like flies due in part I am sure to parents sending their kids back to school too early. If someone's immune system is a wee bit vulnerable this virus could floor them. Horrible. Ax
  3. sparkysmum

    Present help needed

    Thank you for all your suggestions. In the end he was so disorganised that he almost didnt get anything done. However he managed to chose a gorgeous frame and printed a picture of them from his camera. Well received Hope everyone on forum is well, not around so much these days! Ax
  4. sparkysmum

    Present help needed

    Really like that idea! Will pass that on to him Thanks! All other suggestions welcome! Ax
  5. sparkysmum

    Present help needed

    Help! My sons friend, 20s & beautiful is leaving to stay in London for employment purposes. He wants to give her a leaving present but not a clue what. It hasnt to be a birthday type present, ie perfume, jewellery, bag etc or too practical. Simply something to remember him by. Ideas very appreciated! Ax
  6. sparkysmum

    Our new home

    Hi Cinnamon! Wow this is fantastic! Congratulations on realising your dream! What a project! Wishing you a cool head, warm sunshine, heaps of enthusiasm oh and the patience of Job! Cant wait to hear how you get on. Many of us dream but few have the courage or determination to make it a reality. Well done! Axx
  7. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Well, great excitement! Have spoken to the lovely Anthony of Cotswold Chickens and yes he has some araucanas, either lavander or black and as D/M says a lovely hybrid called Blue Angel which also lays blue eggs. Maybe a weekend in the Cotswolds in the next few weeks? He is going to look at courier prices for me as well. Thank you for your help in this D/M soooo appreciated Ax Plz excuse if this reads like an advert for Cotswold Chickens, totally unintentional. Ax
  8. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Hi !and thanks again for your replies mullethunter, hatching eggs would be lovely but I absolutely couldnt cope with cockerels. Its really hard to sex araucanas until they are a bit older than others and I would become far too attached to them........... Thank you D/M I'll phone him this morning Ah gavcloak, too right. If I I'm unsuccsessful in my araucana quest, I will be first in line for the next Scottish rehoming. Best wishes. Ax
  9. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Well, rather disappointed to have received no replies from either the Araucana breed club or Anthony at Cotswold Chickens. Thinking there must be a world araucana shortage Atm out of 5 hens only one is laying , 3 are persistently broody and my little poot is way beyond laying. Only 1 Scots dumpy lays anything like regularly. What should I do.................def got room for 2 banties .............. or maybe 2 more ex batts.......what would you choose? Ax
  10. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Hi Lewis! Thanks for your reply! Yes purchased all my hens from Dorinda except for the ex batts of course! Fabulous set up and hens so well looked after. Will be a great miss in Peebles I'm sure. Have contacted the araucana club but no replies so far Ah well, I'll see what tomorrow brings. Ax
  11. sparkysmum

    Don't leave me this waaay!!!!

    Very naughty ANH, Wear it with pride! Might just have to find some myself
  12. sparkysmum

    Don't leave me this waaay!!!!

    In fact , just for a laugh have a look at this http://qz.com/716915/donald-trumps-visit-to-scotland-inspired-some-very-creative-british-profanity/ Apologies for material not directly relevant to thread and for offending anyone who likes this odious man.
  13. sparkysmum

    Don't leave me this waaay!!!!

    Hey, can we leave this and just slag off Donald Trump instead, much more fun and less likely to offend anyone, if mods allow
  14. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Very nearly did this for some rescue yorkies, but in the end, didnt need to. I have emailed Anthony and I I am excitedly awaiting his reply! Will keep you posted. Funny how the loss of some hens is harder than others. Ax
  15. sparkysmum

    Looking for araucanas. Banties or L/F

    Hi D/M thanks for your reply Sadly no araucana breeders up here that I can find. I contacted Dorinda who sold me my original pure breeds including my araucana but she is now living in France but hopefully she might still have some contacts in Scotland. I love the sound of your Blue Angels!!! I will certainly email Anthony for info. I was wondering if there might be a wee space in a courier van already coming up here Thanks for this info Ax