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  1. Monday 5th Back to work today so only exercise has been dog walking. Hope others are doing better. Ax
  2. My gals are wondering when the next ferry is They will have lovely full tummies tonight, for sure ! Ax
  3. Sad to hear this. What a fab life she had with you tho' Great that your rehoming went well. Twas last Feb that we got our newest ex batts. Fabulous, characterful ladies who always want to be with you. You do a great job, gavcloak Ax
  4. Sorry your cold isn't clearing up Are you trying anything I like lemsip or supermarkets own cold cures. Well done for running tho' I had a walk jog with the yorkies and another longish walk later. Had planned on the gym too but did Mums shopping instead. Legs like lead now Ax
  5. Yay, just posted. 3 mile walk jog, 5k bike, 10 lengths pool and some weights to tone up arms. Buzzin'. Loving it.
  6. Sorry to hear this redsunset, I hope the antibiotics do their job soon. Love Ax
  7. slightly better today, longish dog walk, then half hour on bike followed by 2k on rowing machine, then a lovely swim to cool down. Yes snow was shocking! Do you know how we are meant to log our exercise? I have just been puting a wee note on their page, but I think you are meant to "log" as well. Think I am going to enjoy this! Ax
  8. Hello! Vile weather, lack of gym, sick yorkie and no husband (he's down South visiting my lovely MIL) saw my Janathon off to the merest whimper of a start! Still I guess it could have been worse. I've no blog either also just posting a note on their F/book page. Quite excited to get into it if weather improves, sick dog gets better and hubby returns from his reli fest! Happy New Year!
  9. Oh thank you They all live happily together in a cube or if temperatures drop further we will bring them down to the WIR which only has an eglu. Very cosy!! Porridge is just that! Oats + warm milky water. They have it most days in the winter. No real secret to their longevity, I think I am just lucky and have long lived breeds. They do all get along just great but I always make intros real slow. Seperate housing and f/r area for MONTHS. The breeder who I bought the sablepoots and araucana from also has bantam faverolles. Totally gorgeous and I believe slightly bigger than usual bantam size eggs.
  10. Mars, I am sorry that you had this experience with your hens. Best wishes. Ax
  11. Aw thanks, bottom pic was taken at the end of autumn so grass still intact
  12. Very lovely and lots of light Its dark at 4.pm here
  13. My ladies were enjoying an hour or two of late afternoon sun yesterday. Here they are Hard to believe they are all nearly 6yrs old, well not my batts, of course. My faverolle and little poot One of the dumpies Fav, pom and the batts Porridge time Hope you enjoy. Ax
  14. I am sorry but this is a quite ridiculous sweeping statement to make. Like everyone else who keeps/has kept warren type ex batts I have found that they are kind, caring hardy hens who look after each other with a gentleness I never expected to come across in poultry. Yes they are feisty too but only in seeing off crows or other unwanted birds in the garden. As to pure breeds you have an enormous choice. Orps, RIR, Sussex, cochin, araucana, marans, faverolles, and welsommer to name but a few. In addition to my lovely, gentle ex batt warrens, I have a faverolle, an araucana and two scots dumpies. I love my faverolle to bits. She is the calmest and kindest of all hens. Like all my pure breeds she is almost 6yrs old and still spreads her wings for the others to sleep under at night. My araucana is also nearly 6yrs old and lays the most beautiful blue eggs most days during a short season, typically, March to October. Feisty lady, quite pecky around my sablepoot. Scots Dumpies. Perfect hens. Lay probably alternate days throughout the season. The dumpies are hardy, quiet and gentle. If I was to restock I would probably get bantam faverolles but lots of them Truly lovely hens. But also keep ex batts too. Have just taken some photos of my ladies so will try to post a couple later on. Hope this helps. Ax
  15. Quite some damage ! Are chookies homeless Do you have /need spare hen house (s)
  16. Hey, thats glad to have the company. Was my first ever Facebook post! Just dont do social media. Think my tendonitis might be on the mend so hoping I will be running most days too
  17. Hi folks, just wondering if anyone is doing Janathon http://www.janathon.com/ You just commit to some form of exercise everyday then blogging about it via facebook or some other means. I am quite excited about it and looking forward to kick starting the new year with exercise. Anyone care to join me?
  18. to your Mum, ANH !! Wishing you a happy day Ax
  19. It was delicious No soggy bottom, not even a hint of one Would def make again.
  20. All so sad, ANH. It seems to make tragedy even worse when you have a personal connection with one of the bereaved. Thinking of you. Ax
  21. Thank you, going to give it a go Will report back. Amazing how quickly the forum can answer most things Ax
  22. Wow, he certainly is gorgeous. Good job done Mr H

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