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  1. Thanks Sandychick and Eggluntine, going to track down mealworms today. Thanks also for link to FAQ Allison & Co
  2. Hi folks. We're into week 3 and all's going well Happy girls and lots of eggs. The kids love them as do all the neighbours children and I was wondering if anyone had any taming suggestions as this might stop the children and hens running around the garden We've tried offering tasty treats but clearly not tasty enough. Is there anything they just can't refuse Love to hear from you. PS both girls are ex batts - if that makes any difference. Thanks Allison & Co
  3. Can't help but I am very sad that people can behave in such a way. Sending you positive thoughts. Hope everything works out for you. Allisonx
  4. Likeminded Mum here My boys are a bit older than yours but I've hardly seen my 13yr old since the start of the hols. Out all day with his friends on his bike. We're lucky though we've got a skatepark which no 2 son LOVES. Safe and fun, just how the school hols should be. No 1 son now he's so different.....Never mind off to Tiree tomorrow Allison & Co
  5. Thanks, ANH. Come and see our girls "in the feather!" when you are next in this neck of the woods. Allison&Simon
  6. Thanks Chickenanne, OH got some today It says something about adding water - do you know anything about this Could you also be from Stirling/Central
  7. Hi Folks, please welcome Pochahontas, McNugget and Big Mac (aka Boris) together with my daughter Hazel who has taken to living in the run. Aren't they all gorgeous One question please What does everyone use in the nesting box. I need to find something which they don't immediately pull out onto the grass and they don't seem to like hay Best wishes Allison & Co
  8. Yes a simply fantastic match. Makes me proud to be from Dunblane, what a homecoming he'll have, no matter what happens now. Best tennis I've seen since Connors/McEnroe & Co
  9. Well the long wait was certainly worth it. Our new girls are here. My daughter has christered them Pochahontas (the smallest with least feathers), Boris ( gorgeous, tall and well feathered) and McNugget, quiet and peaceful. The dogs are eggstatic Pochahontas is a bit of a ned, but hopefully this will sort itself out in time. They weren't at all interested in going to bed so my daughter had to get into their run and push them into their Trying to sort out signature and photos. Bye Allison & Co
  10. Hi folks, Our long wait is almost over Our hens arrive tomorrow and boy, are we happy Thanks for all your kind advice and welcomes. I can't believe it - when I next write I will be a chicken-mummy So far the neighbours are happy but I'm dreading the first frosty look. Hopefully this won't happen as we intend to ply them with tea and cake but who knows....Looking forward with anticipation. Allison & Co xx How do I add a signature
  11. Dear Revnev, Thankyou for caring and not simply "pressing the button" Everything you give you get back tenfold. Best wishes

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