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  1. Oh luvachicken, you are having a horrible time I am sorry. Yes I do think you should have some quiet snuggly time but maybe try to read some fun stuff to keep your spirits up. Its a horrible time of year and its all too easy to stay indoors when you dont have to go out but maybe a brisk walk if you're feeling up to it might help too. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. Ax
  2. Absolutely love your chooks, mullethunter , makes me want pekins again
  3. What a clever idea, Space Chick, what an amazing thing to do. Wishing you many, many more happy anniversaries Ax
  4. These are brilliant results PixieDust, hope you are going to celebrate May I ask what you are studying Ax
  5. You will love them In poultry erms there is nothing quite like watching ex batts flourish and doing chickeny things for the first time. Good luck, enjoy and dont forget the pics Ax
  6. My lovely Hazie had a terrible nightmare last night & woke up so upset. She just had to come in with me & the yorkies. Poor OH ousted again, but at least Hazie got a couple of hours sleep.
  7. forgive me stating the obvious & I am sure you will have thought of it but I would be tempted to worm with panacur just incase she has picked something up. Plz excuse if I have missed this Hope you get better soon too Ax
  8. Sorry to hear this, but as others have said, what a good age Ax
  9. Hi Lee, I'm so sorry to read your post, it must feel as if you are losing so much at once. I hope that it wont be too long before you are posting about a new flock in a new garden. Best wishes for the future, Lee. Alli x
  10. So very sorry to hear this sad news. You care so much for your little flock and I have no doubt that for the short time she was with you, she would have felt this. She did feel the sun, she did do chickeny things. You do a fab job. Take care. Axx
  11. Just got tickets to see Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats on Monday Ecstatic to be going but cant help reflecting on the the terrible sadness in the Geldof family. I know he hasnt always been the way he is now but what an amazing guy and a fab band. So to be touring again after all this time
  12. Good luck with this, ANH I believe the new tech hearing ids make all the difference in the world. Ax
  13. From wikipedia Weasels have a reputation for cleverness, quickness and guile. Weasels feed on small mammals, and have from time to time been considered vermin, since some species took poultry from farms, or rabbits from commercial warrens. I would be extra cautious. Ax
  14. Luvachicken, you are so observant! Well done! The little chick must be so much more comfortable, thanks to you!
  15. They are def not nocturnal have seen a weasel chase and kill a rabbit. horrible sight. I might be overly pessimistic but I wouldn't take a chance. In fact I would double up my defences. Good luck. Axx
  16. Oh bless , such lucky ladies to have found a home with you How many now gavcloak ?
  17. Astonished that Judy stayed and Jennifer went. Judy looks so uncomfortable, looks as if she doesn't want to be there. Ax
  18. Hi I have used panacur before, was recommended by a vet but I cant remember what for. Dosing is simple and administration was easy. I just brought the hens in at night and gave them the panacur on a little square of bread. Simple and effective. If I remember correctly it had a 2 week egg withdrawal period. Cant be too much of a heavy weight drug as is used for puppies. Vet should prescribe tho. Ax
  19. Whilst I didnt know about the dangers of too much calcium, I have fed my lot growers pellets when they are off lay.
  20. Hadnt seen this ANH. Sorry too that it hasn't worked for him. Would he not consider Sports Science?

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