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  1. Just catching up with this thread and I have to say that I am so sad that a forum member can make such unhelpful facetious remarks such as this : As with any other situation in life if you cant find something helpful to say then please say nothing at all. Mrs Tusa, I am so sorry that you have had this experience with your hens but equally sorry that your request for help has been met with sarcasm. Ax
  2. Hi I have a cube and an eglu at opposite ends of the garden. In the summer they all live in the cube and in the winter they all squash into the eglu. So until recently I have had 4 large hens and 3 banties all squash into the eglu I have to say I do love the cube and eglu. Perfect hen housing . Ax
  3. Ah soooooooooooooo lovely. Not jealous at all Wishing you many happy hours getting to know your new ladies Ax
  4. Hello! I have two little partridge pekins. Lovely little hens but last year were rarely out of the nesting box. I am hoping to aquire 2 x buff plymouth rock banties this weekend and / or New Hampshire Red banties both of which I have been assured dont go broody at the mere sight of an egg
  5. Hello LolaLayla! Well no spawn so they must just have been practising Mullethunter, I wouldnt feed your tadpoles they should get enough nutrients from the water, algae, pondweed etc. Shows how much warmer it must be in your part of the country. Dont think there is spawn anywhere up here yet! Ax
  6. We have frogs mating in our pond right now!! Just think spawn in the morning! So happy! We have had monster frogs in the pond for at least a year but wasnt sure of their gender. Now I know
  7. Hi Gavcloak! Well I must have been living on Mars for the past week cos I have missed all of this beautiful thread. I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's illness, he is so young. But oh my goodness what an amazing daughter and son in law your Dad has! You will have made your Dad so happy to see you marry your partner, a wedding everyone will remember for ever. You look truly sensational as does your lovely man! A match made in heaven I would think. I know that you will have tough times ahead but I wish many blessings on all of you! Wishing you happy, happy days to come. Love from us all in the Sparkysmum family. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Sorry to hear it but what a wonderful life she had. Thanks to you she felt the sun on her back and stood in the garden for showers, scratched for bugs and experienced real chicken life. Ax
  9. ' Course it was! Looking forward to auction? Ax
  10. Hello and welcome ! I also have 2 pekins within my little flock of 7 hens. They are lovely little characters but last year they were ever so broody. Hardly an egg all summer. broodiness seemed to be a constant battle. Would you not consider ex batts? Lovely ladies, friendly and good layers. Whatever you choose, you will want more, so be prepared! Best wishes, Ax
  11. Hi Redsunset Have fun at the auction! And keep your hands firmly in your pockets! Wont be able to bid then. Would love to go but hubby says no Ax
  12. Hi Redsunset! where is auction being held? Might be tempted to have a wee peek myself Ax
  13. Wow!! Amazing ! Would love to see this in person ! Ax
  14. Do we have to be politically correct when we talk about hens? No, Mars we dont have to be politically correct whatever that phrase means but we do have to be honest and truthful. By making incorrect sweeping generalisations such as you have, you might at the very least put people off buying hybrids or rescuing ex batts. Sincere best wishes with no political correctness. Ax
  15. I dont want to cause offence Mars but this simply isnt true, and it is inappropriate to make bold sweeping statement such as this. In common with many members on this forum, brown hybrids ( ex batts) were my first introduction to hens. Far from being aggressive I found them to be peaceful, gentle birds which were easy to look after. I had no problem at all with intro's when I bought pure breeds the following year. I have had another lot of ex batts since and again found them to be gentle peaceful birds. Sure they will see off other birds such as crows and pidgeons but not in an aggressive manner. Commercial hybrids are reared intensively and this just wouldn't happen if they were aggressive creatures. This forum is used by all sorts of people. From those looking for information about their first hens to experienced owners who can potentially provide this information. It is completely misleading to make statement such as the one above without citing evidence to support it. Best wishes. Ax
  16. Hi, I am sorry to hear about this incident. I was wondering about your fencing. We back onto fields which is no longer grazed and is now used by dog walkers with their off the lead dogs. Many of their dogs go wild chasing up and down the fence trying to get at my hens but have never been able to clear the fence. It is standard livestock fencing. Maybe this is something you might want to consider in the future. Best wishes. Ax
  17. Hi , Just wondering why you are looking for day olds? Compared to the average POL hybrid or ex batt or any other young hen, they will need quite a lot of care and attention and more importantly at this time of year they will have to be kept inside with heat until probably till springtime. My pekin brought up a batch of day old chicks and whilst this was a lovely period in my hen keeping life it was in the middle of summer and the broody did all the looking after! Please excuse if this is something you are familiar with Ax
  18. So sorry to hear this sad news. Ax
  19. I must say I was holding my breath, I could almost feel him wanting just one little snap of his huge jaws
  20. I dont know if any of you look at "One Green Planet" but they sometimes post the cutest videos. Sometimes they are too sad for words. This one is so lovely that I had to share. Forgive me if you have seen it already. Axx http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/retired-military-dog-sees-a-kitten-for-the-first-time-video/ Hope you enjoy!
  21. So sad to hear this news. Ax
  22. Eh how about saying you have heard that there is going to be a national egg shortage and that only ex batts can be relied on...................... Good for you! Always good to hear a happy ending Axx
  23. Bought some £10 champagne from Lidl today (other supermarkets are available!) wonder what it will taste like.........
  24. Agree with gavcloak, she needs friends Ex batts might be the thing if you have room. They would hopefully ignore her since she is the resident hen Ax

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