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  1. Oh ANH, I am so sorry to read this. You can hold your head high, knowing that you have done your utmost to conduct yourself honourably in all of this. Although he has aquired a large some of money he has done so by lying and cheating. No good will come to him. I do believe that " what goes around comes around" and his benefits will only be passing. You never know what the future holds for him. Perhaps he will come back as a slug Wishing you a very happy day tomorrow Axx
  2. Hello! Haven't been around much lately so have just seen this So pleased to hear ( no pun intended) that you are ok. Hope it is a total success. Enjoy your recovery. Take it easy! Ax
  3. Hi ! I am "borderline" underactive, so I am on a very low dose of thyroxine. The only difference I have noticed is in my hair. It was thinning quite markedly but I think it has grown back a bit. Still feel sluggish and sooooooooo tired! Hope you get it sorted soon. Ax
  4. Be sure to look out for OH's bike on Gumtree or EBay. I remember a case in the last year or so where someone's stolen bike turned up on one of these sites and it was proven to be stolen and was returned to the owner. Ax
  5. Eh that seems to make about 60 chooks, Redsunset Ax
  6. They get actual porridge oats in warm/ hot milky water and sometimes some tuna thrown in eg if they are moulting. They get it by the bucket load when I come home from work about 3.30. There are those who disapprove of this carb loading but my hens have never had a days illness and the oldest 4 are 6 and a half years old. Ax
  7. Mine get warm porridge all year round except maybe the height of summer! Seem to thrive on it tho
  8. Just great to hear that its been a good move! What a lovely OH. Bet you've been smiling all day. Ax
  9. Ah this has come rounds so quickly! It seems like no time since your interview! Well done again A thousand good wishes for tomorrow. be sure to let us know how you get on. Ax
  10. Had a really scary moment today. Went to the bank to withdraw funds from the cash machine. Couldnt remember PIN number Have had the same number for years, use it daily, but tonight I forgot it! It did come back to me after a while and after entering the wrong number a couple of times but this was a real scare Why??
  11. Oh wooooow , so of your ability to " control" at a distance, and the trick is just Such a clever puppy. Any chance of you coming up here to teach my hooligans how to behave??? Ax
  12. Hi Chucky Mama Haven't been on this part of the forum for ages so have missed hearing all about your new puppy. She is gorgeous! Vids are great esp hens & Hattie! Brilliant! A
  13. Hello! Our two yorkies Daisy and Annabel are exercise junkies and happily walk up to 5 miles or so at a time. However hubby & I are planning on doing some longer walks & hills in the next few weeks. I am sure the yorkies love to come with us but I dont really want them to over do it, so thought about a dog carrier so I could pop them in when they had done enough. So my dear omleteers, I was wondering if anyone out there has any dog carrying experience and if they could recommend any particular model of carrier. Has to be back pack style as I think front facing are just a little bit silly Thanks as always. Ax
  14. Hello Our neighbours are pretty fab & we've known them for years. We're on good terms with everyone but no " best friends" Think we're all just a bit too reserved. Think we would all help each other out and I know that the couple of oldies in the culdesac are well looked after in the winter. Ax
  15. Have ordered a Lookfantastic Beauty Box for my lovely girl & I, as a one off. Cant wait for it to arrive! Love surprises! Ax
  16. Hi, thanks for replies Love the look of Flavourly! Am very tempted by their craft beers! Not something I would normally buy so might give that a go. Will look at other recommendations too. Love this forum! Ax
  17. Hello I have had a Graze subscription for years, in fact I must be one of their original customers. However I have decided to cancel my subscription and try something else. Looking for recommendations, what other subscriptions are out there? Thinking maybe chocolate or I believe there is a make up /toiletries one. Any ideas gratefully considered! Ax
  18. Thats great news CatieB!!! A very exciting stage tin your life to look forward to & enjoy! Make the most of evey opportunity which comes your way. Ax
  19. Hi, sorry to be negative but have to agree with mullethunter. I'm afraid that a garden which has resident foxes is not a suitable place for hens. The stress of being harassed daily but animals which want to eat them is likely to make them very unwell indeed. Sorry. Ax
  20. Hi suburbanchic, I am sorry that your first hen keeping experience has been so trying for you. If you are willing to take the risk I would let them free range in the garden, as I think hens can display less attractive behavious when confined. I know my circumstances are probably different from yours but I decided to let mine free range all day every day from the start. The big hens have most of the garden and the pekins the rest. It is divided up with omlet fencing. I have been lucky, others less so. Good luck with your endeavours. Culling is inappropriate. Take care. Ax
  21. Yes, you should have your own " and my current running total is........." thread Seriously your hatches all sound gorgeous esp the heinz's. Any chance of some pics? They're bound to be gorgeous! Hope weather is being kind to you Ax
  22. Sounds great ! Hope you have a great weekend & the weather holds for you. Ax

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