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  1. Welcome to the forum Its great to "see" another Scot here. Anything you need to know, ask away, someone will be able to help. Ax
  2. I have sablepoots and they're not! Very similar tho. Belgian bearded??? Just a wild guess. Ax
  3. This is great news !!!! Feels really positive!! Woooooooow!Now go wow her too! Ax
  4. Hi I have just had a situation where my araucana cornered my pekins in the cube nesting box and pecked them until they were bald & bleeding. Luckily my hubby caught her at it and separated them immediately. They will never share even the same bit of garden again. I think once a pecky bird always a pecky bird. I would separate them permanently. Ax
  5. Just wanted to add how brave and thoughtful you are being. Well done . Ax
  6. Well done on getting this far! So verrrrrry pleased for you. They think you can do the job otherwise they wouldn't be interviewing you So just think how you can make yourself more appealing than other candidates. What skills and qualities do you have which will enable you to do the job better than anyone else and obviously brush up on everything you know about the organisation. At the end when they ask if you have any questions, if you haven't say so but remember to thank them for seeing you. Also good apparently is to prepare a 1 minute "sell yourself" pitch and leave them on this note, so they are remembering really positive things about you. Good luck! Awrra Best! Axx
  7. Thanks, mullethunter, we have just hd another look at them. The wee bald one's head looks pretty dreadful but it is all superficial. We have bathed with weak saline solution and put savlon on her wounds. I am sure they will be quite content pottering around he garden well away from the big chooks, once they are all healed up. The wee sablepoot bantam flies around the garden as she pleases so they will have her for company too. Ax
  8. Pom my lavander araucana is 6 1/2yrs old. She was very pecky as a youngster but thought she had settled down into old age. Last night the pekins went off to bed in the cube with the evil araucana and the others. Actually we were too lazy to put them into the eglu This morning only one pekin came out, the other was cowering in the cube nest box having been attacked ny the evil one. She is completely bald, both pekins combs are mangled. Poor little things. They are fine and the vet has ben consulted but what a lesson. A leopard or rather an araucana never changes her spots. The pekins now have most of the garden, walk in run and eglu all to themselves I hope they get over the experience before long. Ax
  9. This is amazing, pekins are wonderful mothers
  10. Loving the variety of posts you are applying for ! Benefit of city living. Any news re other posts ?
  11. Hi, thanks for asking Linzi! He has accommodation which he described as "a bit mingin" that might just be understood by Scots and has a job at Kilties a Scots Bar in San Antonio. Right up his street! Irn Bru and Buckfast what more could a good Scots lad want abroad. See it here http://www.kilties-ibiza.com/
  12. Sorry to hear about this. Sounds gruesome but also puzzling. Hope you find out what is doing this so that you know what to do. Ax
  13. Congratulations from all at Sparkysmum's ! I am a great auntie too & always think its a bit weird! Vests and bibs sound perfect Ax
  14. Would you be able to post pics of your set up / garden? If their housing was inside the 15m border then I think they would only " need" a little bit of grassy area . Could you fence off some grass along with the shrubby border that you refer to? My ladies have a similar arrangement. They have a shrubby area which the cube is located in then adjacent to this they have some fenced off lawn. (Omlet fencing) I change this fenced off area every week so that the grass remains intact. I hope this makes sense! Ax
  15. He's going on Saturday! Got accommodation and flights for £40 ! Is confident he can sort everything out once he gets there. Oh the confidence of youth
  16. RSPB Would love to work for a national charity, sounds amaze More good luck wishes coming your way
  17. Hi could you get a walker for Riley? If he's anything like old Sparx was he probably wont be desperate for a walk as such but would appreciate the company. Will you go back to your school job on Monday/Tuesday ? Whilst these are exciting times they are anxious times too. Good luck Ax
  18. Good luck with that too! I am now applying for a couple of new jobs, one has lollipop lady duties in the job spec
  19. Hey that sounds perfect! I always thought universities must be stimulating places to work in and busy too which is always good. I would def go for it!. The only disadvantage that I can think of would be the loss of school holidays but perhaps thats not so important now. Fingers crossed for you and many positive vibes. Ax
  20. Hello lizinsa, thank you so much for replying I will pass all that you have said onto Ant. He is talking about getting accommodation in workers flats and has been offered flats at about £325/month. He thinks that he will be able to secure work once he is out there. I'll let you know what he does. Ax
  21. So sorry to hear about your Dad, Louise. Ax

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