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  1. Thank you Louise and ANH! Going via the consulate in Edinburgh takes about 2 wks but I am thinking that if he had a start date maybe with a bit of persuasion hey could do it quicker. Ant is impatient to go and is messaging someone just now about a flat in Ibiza. He has money to get him started luckily. Maybe he should go and then try to find a dodgy official ! Will let you know what he does. Oh to have the carefree sponteineity of youth! Did you have a good time abroad Louise?
  2. Oh Chucky, I am so sorry to hear that your special doggy friend has passed away & sorry too for not seeing this earlier. Dogs sure are life's special ingredient!. I hope you find the right puppy soon. Ax
  3. How are you getting on with them? They are lovely little things!
  4. My lovely son Anthony still doesnt know what he wants to do ( he's only 20 afterall ) so is going to travel / work abroad for a while . First stop Ibiza. He has just discovered that he needs a NIE number to work in Spain, mainland or island. I think think has something to do with Spanish tax authorities. Anyway my question is this, does anyone know how to obtain a NIE number quickly. Apparently it takes about two weeks but Ant would like to somehow shortcut this so he can leave sooner! He would love to hear from Omleteers who can point him in the right direction. Thank you Ax
  5. Oh thank your lucky stars luvachicken! My partridge pekins are also bottom of pecking order but are super broody. Broody cage didnt do the job either So now I turf them out of the eglu in the morning and put them in with the big girls in the hope that they might get a wee bit pecked. Ha ha no chance, my ladies are just far to kind
  6. Hi soapdragon, always wanted to make a bug hotel but wasn't sure that they would actually be lived in! Do you happen to have pics/instructions/links you could post so that I could maybe do the same Thanks Ax
  7. Love your swallow/swift photo Very cute
  8. Vile weather here, cold wet and dark. Very
  9. I also have a cube and a classic as well. Whilst I do like the cube for more than a couple of hens I think if I only had 3 little bantams I might be tempted to go for something smaller. However you never know when the calling for more hens might come, in which case better to keep the cube!
  10. Oh my goodness, that is just soooooooooooo lovely
  11. How is she? Hoping for the best but as others on the forum know I lost two little poots to mareks some years ago. 3rd one survived as is now over 6yrs old! Ax
  12. Totally endorse all that WitchHazel has said. Ax
  13. Hello I would say that if your pure breeds are still laying then I would also go for batts. I do love them. When I had a couple of vacancies in my little flock I added a couple of batts. So gorgeous. Love their feisty character and curiosity. Mine were always first up and last to bed. Still miss them. Ax
  14. Mmm Scottish Wild Salmon Co seem to have a bit of a reputation. It is reported that in addition to shooting seals (when they say they only use acoustic deterrants) but it is also alleged that they net large areas of river estuaries thereby preventing salmon being caught by rod and reel. Difficult to know what to buy. Is any seafood company "clean"?
  15. Thinking of you. Please dont meet this guy on your own. He sounds dangerous. Try to stay calm and polite. Walk away if need be. Love Ax
  16. Gorgeous! Love Riley and the black cattle on the beach Looks like you had good weather too Ax
  17. I paid for my kids to have "barista " training and food hygiene training which got them into restaurants and hotels locally. Ant has never been without part time work. Both he and Hazel and working at Blairdrummond Safari Park just now. How cool is that!
  18. Absolutely, totally fantastic Well done indeed Will you keep it up Ax
  19. Are they on grass? Even my broody pekin cant resist pecking around when she is on grass. Ax

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