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  1. Hi loumabel, I have a persistently broody pekin and after 3 dys & nights in broody cage I gave up. I just throw her out the run, force her to be a non broody with the other f/r hens then let her back in at night. She does make broody noises all day but I'm just not going to let her sit brooding for weeks.I think Chickabee is right, it is too warm for the broody cage to be effective even up here in central Scotland. Good luck Ax
  2. So sorry to hear all that has been happening, ANH. Hoping for more peaceful times ahead. Love Ax
  3. Hi Space Chick How are you Cant be long now. Hope final round of training is going to plan. Have you managed to avoid injuries? You really are one inspirational woman!
  4. Sorted via board preferences. Forgot to press "submit" tho. Thought I'd lost an old friend. Ax
  5. This is just horrible! Top of the page is Green and white and the body of the forum pages is blue which changes to cream when you click. Is this what everyone else sees. Also much wider. Why was the the layout changed. What are benefits? Please undo
  6. Wow Good for Lewis! Will be presenting on telly next, I'm sure. Seems only the blink of an eye ago he was still in school Hope you enjoyed the event Egluntyne Ax
  7. I really think this is awesome! I am full of admiration for you esp joining a tri club which must be pretty scary for someone who is perhaps not as fit or as fast as others. 100% behind you girl! Ax
  8. Mmm you could build some affordable housing on some of it to reduce the housing shortage and still have enough room for your chooks Very beautiful. Ax
  9. Hello s/c just had a wee look at your f/book page to see how the training is going, you are doing really well! Looking fab too. Your OH must be proud of you! Go girl!! Keep posting. Ax
  10. Hugs from us all at Sparkys house xxxxx
  11. Ah this is great news! You will love them and they you! Every garden should have a space for ex Batts looking forward to seeing pics later on. Ax
  12. Love it! I think its hilarious and I'm sure it will be a big hit Could watch it for hours
  13. Thanks, Chickpea, just bought both from a major on line book store in fact managed to get Rose Elliot for 1p + postage Happy Ax
  14. My diet and that of OH is largely vegetarian plus fish. However we tend to fall back on the same favourites and would like to expand my main course repertoire for variety. I have a few cook books eg "vegtarian meals in minutes" but no favourites. I was thinking of buying Mary McCartneys latest but wondered what favs other people had before I coughed up £20. Had a look at Hugh FW River Cottage Veg Every Day, any thoughts? Love to hear from you! Ax
  15. How are they now? Our weather has been horrible so I'm guessing yours too. Any pics yet? Ax
  16. Really sorry to hear this. Hope Poppy stays well. Ax
  17. Mmm yes I can identify with lots of that article too. Made me think, is it because we all keep chickens?
  18. Hopefully Riley has a long happy life still to come. In old Sparkx later years he had to be carried up and down stairs, onto the settee and even back to the house or car if he had walked too far Have to say we all loved carrying him even if it did get us a few odd looks from time to time. Will try to dig out a photo of Simon carrying him when he was over 17yrs old!
  19. Looks amazing, great photos. Ax

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