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  1. Hugely impressed! Keep going & plz dont get injured X
  2. No picture here But put your feet up and have a last blissfull night or two before your little girl (maybe) arrives. Is she your first Oh I remember so well.................. Photos plz if thats not too much of an imposition. We do love Omlet aunties Look after yourself. Ax Edited to say " can anyone else see photo? Is it just me?"
  3. Hi still not able to see a picture. Sorry. If I dont get back back to you re hen, good luck on Thursday! Do plz let us all know whether you have a little girl or boy We do love Omlet babies Take care, every best wish. Ax
  4. Ahhhhhhhh just love those doggies d/m. Black and white one reminds me of old Sparkx, the best dog in the whole world! Ax
  5. Fab u lous so pleased for you Dont worry about references, I think unless you have a gross misconduct case against you, its highly unlikely that you wont get a positive reference. Is this a permanent post Hope it is, temp contracts are such a worry Good luck, dancing cloud. Ax
  6. Hi catherinemorgan and welcome to the forum. I am sorry your first post is about an unwell hen but I am sure that you will get plenty of good advice here. My own thoughts are that she sounds very unwell and that a trip to the vets is in order. At over 5 yrs old she has done brilliantly and you must be a fabulous chicken keeper for her to have reached this age. However it does sound as if she needs veterinary attention and by not seeking help you might be prolonging her discomfort. Whilst no one likes to say goodbye to a much loved pet, sometimes it is the last kindness that we can do for our animals. Do let us know how she gets on. Take care. Ax
  7. Hi dancing cloud, this is all too awful for you, am just keeping the positive vibes going your way Hoping something more definate comes your way soon. Ax
  8. Hi luvachicken, sorry to hear your lady isn't well. Can't offer advice as I have no experience of this but just wanted to say that I hope your she gets well soon. I'm certain someone more knowledgeable will come along soon. Good luck Ax
  9. Hello! I have a little poot, the happiest cheekiest little thing you could ever meet. She lives happily with my others, a faverolle, an araucana, scots dumpies and some ex batts. They have lived together for 6 years so no real issues now although the araucana does occassionaly have a bad tempered rush at her. However they are VERY prone to mareks disease and we lost two other little poots to this awful disease a few years back after a show. Another thing to bear in mind is that they are fliers. Our little poot simply flies out of their enclosure whenever the fancy takes her, but she is such a sweetheart we rarely put her back. I have to say I am so fond of her I would have lots of them if I could but the thought of having mareks in my flock again might make me think twice. Will try to find some photies for you. Ax
  10. So sorry but meant to say if they are just little, they will be better on chick crumb, then growers. I didnt put mine on layers until a good month after thy came into lay. Which if I remember correctly was at about 9 months for Fav. Ax
  11. Hi Congratulations on getting your Favs. Looking forward to seeing them. Re blood in poo. My own feeling is that coxoid might be too harsh but did you know that a brand of chick crumb (cant remember the make) has added coccidiostat, ie it protects against coccidiosis. However I have no real experience in these things so hopefully someone else will be able to offer more definitive advice. Vet How old are they Hope all will be well soon, they are a worry when they are little Ax
  12. Great picture, janepie and well done you for giving these little hens a chance to do chickeny things
  13. Hi loumabel Dont keep us waiting! Have you got them yet
  14. A final thought from me . This is a family friendly forum with some quite young members. If fox killing makes uncomfortable reading for me then I am quite sure it would cause greater upset for our younger members. It is right and proper to discuss protection of our poultry and fox deterrent but NOT trapping/snaring/killing of predators. If this is something which interests you I am sure there are gamekeeping forums where likeminded people can share ideas. I hope I haven't upset or otherwise caused offence. Love, Ax
  15. I am sorry, but I dont thing talk of traps or snares is appropriate in this forum. Decidedly uncomfortable reading. Plz remember that caught foxes have to be dealt with. Ax
  16. Have never had a problem with turning it sideways, and have never felt the need to turn it upside down. Ax
  17. Mine is a WV60 plus. But I dont use any of the bits that come with it. I got mine from a Karcher outlet and is a refurbished model. Windows are done in seconds, mirrors likewise and of course the shower screen too. I am NOT a gadgety person but I do love this piece of kit! Ax
  18. Yes, yes, yes favs are beautiful I have one. Love her to bits. She is kind, gentle robust and 100% healthy. She is approaching 6yrs old and never a days illness. She is the kindest of my hens. Always spreads her wings for the others to sleep under at night. Only lays the odd egg now. The garden wouldn't be the same without her. Oh and she sort of "honks" like a horn going up and down the scale. Lovely lady
  19. and get a Karcher window vaccum (other brands are available). I clean mine with a drop of washing up liquid shower it off , then Karcher. Beautiful. Ax
  20. Auntielizzie, they are sooooo lovely! They look very well feathered and their feathering looks quite unusual. Some lovely dark feathers in there Well done for giving these lovely ladies a home. They will be so happy with you! Ax
  21. Hello Dancing Cloud How did you get on? Was thinking of you. Hope it went well & you dont have too long to wait! Ax
  22. Really redsunset, you are incorrigible Enjoy them and look forward to seeing pics. How is your weather? pretty wild here so I imagine you must have it stormy! Ax
  23. Absolutely hilarious, love it, love it, love it And what a fab life these chickens have

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