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  1. I have to say, I love decorating! This year I am doing the outside, fences, shed etc. Last summer I did garage, porch and internal door frames. I even bought a cheap sander (bad idea, it broke after a couple of turns) to make a better job of of woodwork I do tend to slap it on and poor OH is left with the tidying up. All good fun tho. Ax
  2. So sorry to hear this chickabee. It is indeed a vile disease. I know its no comfort but we lost 2 beautiful sablepoots to this disease some years ago. They picked it up at a show. Good news was that they others all proved to be resistant. I hope yours all will be too. Take care. Ax
  3. Hi folks, Just letting all my lovely, kins and helpful omleteers know that I have accepted the position at Waitrose!! I will miss all the kids in the school terribly .However I will only resign from my contracted post and this will leave the door open to do supply in the schools once Hazels condition is better controlled. Thank you! Love to you all! Ax
  4. Keeping everything crossed here for you to Positive thinking and Omleteer support, you'll wow them Good luck Dancing Cloud Ax
  5. Thank you for all your encouragement! Thanks so much for your uniform advice Cinnamon. Wish I could try before I buy
  6. Congratulations! They will change your life! You will find hours just pass by catching up on the forum and chicken gazing Enjoy! Ax
  7. oh my goodness, you are all so kind ANH, I love your post!, Chickencam, I love your words and Olly, I love your insightfullness. I should have said that they have offered me 24 hours and not the 10 or 12 which was advertised and I believe that the post might become permanent. I really shouldn't hesitate but I will miss much of what I do esp the children. I really have to make a decision and I hope my mind will sort this out tonight Thank you all Love Ax
  8. Hello! Well I'm pretty sure that I am going for it My lovely girl is having horrible health isues just now so working just 2 weekdays plus a Saturday will give me more time at home if she is unwell. If we manage to get her health issues sorted then I will be able to do supply support for learning or early years work the rest of the week. Can't actually believe I am doing this Thank you all again Ax
  9. Well they kept me waiting but got home today to an email offering me 24 hours in the cafe Oh what a dilemma ! I think I would really enjoy it but it is a temporary contract and who knows what might happen at the end of it Whilst I am super stressed in my current job, it is permanent and wouldn't have to worry about work until I retire. I will chat it over with hubby tonight and try to make a rational decision Thank you all for your positive thoughts, its clearly worked! Think I might need a chat with Cinnamon! Quite excited really . Love Ax
  10. Welcome back Wishing you a better year all round Best wishes . Ax
  11. Really sorry to hear this. I remember your descriptions of her eyeliner when she was little Always made me smile. Take care. Axx
  12. I have one of these! It was my first eglu, the one that got me started! Two eglus and a cube later I still have it. In fact may well be going to bring it into use again If you or someone you know is good at DIY you can make a set of roosting bars fairly cheaply! So long as you're not planning on filling it with orps it should do fine. Ax
  13. Very quick question for all the pekin keepers here. I have been offered some beautiful partridge pekins and maybe a mottled too. However I thought that perhaps some of my oldies ( they are all nearly 6 yrs old) might not still be around but of course they are. So my question is this, would they mind being confined to an eglu classic + 2 metre run. I might have an extra metre too. They could have a 2m x 2m WIR to themselves but its very shady in that part of the garden, so not sure that they would like that. Wouldn't be keen on integrating them with the others for foreseeable future. Any thoughts? Axx
  14. Hi, I must say that when I was preparing for my Waitrose interview I was amazed at the variety of careers in which are potentially available for young people starting out. What about biscuit buyer? Forecaster? Some posts could take you round the world! Laughed at your ES getting round of applause! He sounds like he is very comfortable where he is and any experience is good for his cv. Best wishes to him! Ax
  15. Ahhhhhh thank you everyone for your good wishes! Well it was a really interesting experience! Ist of all were 1:1 interviews which I think went really well! The young man who was section head kept saying encouraging things like "perfect answer" and " " thats just what I'm looking for" then the group interview. Oh dear We each had a summary of different sections of a secret shopper report. We had 20 mins to read it and discuss with the others how the store could do better. Then present an action plan, showing the long term benefits of our proposals. None of us remembered any of this but for 20 mins we discussed what the problems were and how to remedy them. Mmmm not impressive. Dont think the assessors were impressed either! One of them very kindly asked us if we thought we had covered any of the points we should have addressed. Clearly we had failed totally! Big lesson here, read your brief and remember it! Guess no job Still I wont let it put me off, instead I will be more prepared next time. Thanks again for all your helpfulness and best wishes, esp Cinnamon for all your help. Axx
  16. Oh my goodness percy049, that does sound scary but fortuitious that it has been discovered now. Just enjoy being looked after for the moment, you can always return to your studies when your surgery is over and you are feeling well. Best wishes from all at Sparkysmum's
  17. Hello! Interview tomorrow! Going to spend tonight preparing. I must admit the more I look at Waitrose the more I like the company. Please keep fingers crossed for me
  18. Wow, thank you for all this help! ANH for alerting Cinnamon to my post and esp to Cinnamon for reply. I have a big worry, I discovered today that I have to give 4 wks notice to my employers. If I was successful in group interview, would they not be looking for immediate start? I cant imagine that they would want to wait whilst "one" works their notice. Argh, what to do! Lap of gods I guess Thanks again Ax
  19. Oh silly me! Yes it should read Waitrose! Thanks for all your good wishes. Quite looking forward to the interview although I cant help thinking I will be like everyone's granny!
  20. Hi Have been really unhappy and stressed in the work that I have been doing so I applied to work in Waitrose. Its only 12 hrs /week temporary contract. To my astonishment I have been invited to a group interview later this week. Help! I have no idea what to expect, can anyone help/ give me some advice. I am pretty chuffed about this as I kinda thought every company was a bit ageist and and happy that Waitrose is perhaps looking for a balanced workforce. Oh ideas on what to wear would be good too. Am I right in thinking Cinnamon might work in a retail organisation? Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has some pearls of wisdom. Ax
  21. Loving everyones hobbies! I do a little bit of walk/jog/running when my achilles tendon allows and play handbells in a team. Totally love it. I also have a Rainbow pack ( have been a co leader for 12 years and sole leader for last 2yrs. Would love to give this up but no one will take on the responsibility

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