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  1. Wooooow, awesome, so impressed, what an achievement! Afraid my Janathon was more of a whimper and mostly consisted of walking the yorkies and a few runs. Next year? or Juneathon when the weather is better and lighter? Might be up for that
  2. Ahhhh, love them Miss white frizzle is gorgeous and I'm sure she must have the prettiest face under all these feathers Seriously gorgeous hens. I might just have to move south Ax
  3. That looks stunnng D/m would love to stay there too.
  4. Have you tried kinesiology tape to support your knees while eercising? I know that lots of runners use it so that they can continue running with dodgy knees. More info here http://www.rocktape.com/ Ax
  5. Love my ex batts Always first up and last to go to bed. Hardy, friendly, comical too. You will love them. Ax
  6. Have been giving mine porridge for years. Oats pilus warm watery milk. They guzzle it down by the cart load. Mmm. Ax
  7. Not sure where to buy them tbh, The person I bought them from years ago suddenly stopped trading, he had several hundred hens ( only a few dumpies tho) was well thought of locally. No clue what happened to him or his stock. All a bit mysterious.
  8. I'm with Cinnamon on this! I am lucky enough to have floor to ceiling towel rail and couldn't do without this little bit of luxury now. Likewise sink with vanity unit . Must have double mirrors! Walk in shower too if you can squeeze it in.
  9. Soooooo looking forward to seeing them Ax
  10. Ha ha ha Chortle Chook grass is always greener isn't it? I would LOVE frizzles and Polands but think they would hate our horrible weather!
  11. I have ex batts for that feel good factor together with superfriendliness, and good egg laying, together with some pure breeds. I have a faverolle, an araucana and two scots dumpies. I love my faverolle to bits. She is the calmest and kindest of all hens. Like all my pure breeds she is almost 6yrs old and still spreads her wings for the others to sleep under at night. My araucana is also nearly 6yrs old and lays the most beautiful blue eggs most days during a short season, typically, March to October. Feisty lady, quite pecky around my sablepoot. Scots Dumpies. Perfect hens. Lay probably alternate days throughout the season. The dumpies are hardy, quiet and gentle. Have also had pekins, lovely little things Ax
  12. Love the cartwheel bench! Most vile weather here
  13. walks only yesterday and today. Ax must try harder
  14. Great news Hope he continues to make good progress. Ax
  15. Blimey, ANH that's awesome Well done girl Ax
  16. At last 3 mile walk jog in icy rain! Great to be out tho'. Yorkies not impressed Good luck with your cross country ANH! Hope conditions aren't too vile for you!
  17. Might go down well here http://www.brewdog.com/bars/edinburgh
  18. Pretty hardcore ANH I had another swim day, running tomorrow, maybe
  19. Struggling to fit in exercise with work but just had a fab 20 lengths pool + a while in the steam room and now a couple of G&T's, well it is Friday night Delighted to have finished week 1 Ax
  20. Oh my, how lovely I was looking at your signature earlier and was admiring all the breeds that you have. If you get a chance you have to post some pics Interestingly enough, the Scottish pekin bantam club are showing on the 18th Jan and was thinking I might go for a look around. Love pekins Ax
  21. Wed 7th So needing a rest day Could only squeeze in a 45 min dog walk at Daisy pace
  22. Oh she is gorgeous, love her Hope you are able to get some new friends for her and they get along real well Ax

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