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  1. My pekins have absolutely no problem with the ladder on the cube - they also regularly fly up to perch in trees (vertical take off to about 8ft!) so I really wouldn't worry!
  2. Can I see a Solway house butted up to the run? How have you done it and how well attached/secure is the join if you know what I mean? If I've missed this on another thread, please feel free to re-direct me!
  3. No worries! Use plates a and c then the card and die and then b. hope this helps!
  4. Yes you can indeed! As long as the actual die you want physically fits on the cuttlebug plates! In the spirit of full disclosure I need to say I'm employed by docrafts who make xcut. You need to use the same sandwich that you'd use for quickutz, spellbinders or other wafer thin dies.
  5. I've had two k-mix mixers break. One after about a week, one just out of warranty. I've now got a lovely lime green kitchen aid...
  6. My Pekin herd all manage the cube ladder fine. Except the one that's too naughty and prefers to perch 7ft up in a tree every night so I have to put her to bed!
  7. I feel your frustration! One of my call ducks insists on sitting on top of their go which makes all the others quack like crazy until she gets down... I'm going to need to find something to go on top to put her off or find them a new house to go in their WIR!
  8. Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. It sounds like I should get a quad or trio if I can find some! Could breed them too!
  9. Only little, you can support them in one hand easily
  10. This is Sonny Gold Laced Poland - Sonny by *karlotta*, on Flickr Cher Gold Laced Poland - Cher by *karlotta*, on Flickr Gladys Gladys - Poland by *karlotta*, on Flickr And Polly when she was very young - can't find a more recent one... (the date on this pic reminds me that she's 4 now!) 120709 Polly by *karlotta*, on Flickr
  11. I've got a quad. Gold laced pair, plus a silver laced and a black. They are very cute and although they have their own run, they free-range pretty much all day with the big girls. I'd say the black girl rules the whole roost and fended off about 8 LF yesterday to hog a banana. Mine very rarely go to bed on their own, instead roosting on top of their extended eglu run, so I have to put them to bed every night! They make lovely pets and even put up with being kissed by my Newfies!
  12. Apologies is this isn't allowed on the forum (or indeed if this is the wrong bit!). I lost my adorable Rhode Island bantam yesterday and as I have a handful of broody pekins still, I'm on the lookout for some hatching eggs. I live in East Dorset and wondered if anyone knew of any breeders in the south? I'd could have my arm twisted to buy youngstock instead... Thanks in advance.
  13. The saddle feathers do look a bit sweepy...
  14. And that's the most important thing! Good choices.

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