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  1. Helloooo long time no visit.....am here now! Have you got a date in mind yet Tash? Am poised over the diary in eager anticipation...
  2. Sorry. Andrew, been a bit busy with DS & his sponsored swim team...they swam that murky strip of water between England & France in just over 13 hrs will get photos for you soon xx
  3. ANDREW! Marmite is a daddy...I must send you some piccies! Lovely to have a little time to have a tootle round the forum & find some bods I know ....I'd forgotten how things change in a few months on here! Hope everyone is well xx
  4. Hellooooo *waves enthusiastically* Hope everyone is ok...we are fine...smallies big as or bigger than me...feathers numbers have risen & fallen...furries have stayed the same.... Currently chasing round like an idiot after biggest smallie who is in Challenge mode again....this time swimming the Channel as No2 in a relay team of 6 between 1-9 July! Whatever happened to a sponsored silence for heaven's sake?! Good cause as ever, Teenage Cancer Trust....very proud mummy We always call & wave to Stobarts too
  5. Goodness me...well every day is a learning day, thank you Mr Brahma!
  6. I've not been on here regularly for a while....not sure if that will change in the new year, but still..... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBUBBLES!!!
  7. Is that the show that Mavis got her title at too? Well done Mr Fidget...and mum
  8. Sorry Emma, you're crafthunnypie not hunnypie....apologies for any confusion
  9. Will drag what I can find out & see what's suitable xx
  10. I was strong....no newbies came home with me .....unless you count my new socks
  11. Congratulations hunnypie...another new baby for next year
  12. I've got to the American Wave on page 17.....snorting with .....it runs to pg40 .....think I should get on with something more constructive now tho....and that does not include trying to find the Mexican Wave smilie!
  13. Cathy, what size are the boys? I have stuff which T has outgrown which may be of some use....am coming up to Northampton next week too so could possibly meet to hand over anything useful.... We did base layers from Lidl...and snow boots...and goggles etc
  14. Completely missed this thread before the event Lovely weekend as usual.....friends, chooks, friends, chooks & friends.....perfect! ....met Daxigirl at Miller30's little chap's showcage, she was being an excellent carer Leanne! Saw a few Omleteers & missed others as usual 2 hours journey? I wish ....had hideous journeys in both directions, on the way I should have been at J10 M40 at 4pm, drove on by at 7pm ......but would repeat it all again tomorrow
  15. More of a numpty than I thought...I can't even link to the thread....have a look at "Pekin Hatching by Proxy" on Chick Hatching section.....one of the brown stripey ones is frizzle (Chutney), one flat (Rose)...the blacks are one frizzle (girl, Pickles), one flat (boy, Marmite) & the patchwork one is a frizzle boy called Patches.....I will find a way to get a recent pic on here! Just need a teen to return to the house These bubbas are all from Gold partridge parents....see Andrew/ATSW's profile on the above non-link... Please could any passing Mod do the honours? Ta xxx
  16. My Pekin which is supposed to be MF looks like she has partridge patterning under her MF white fleck! Her sister from the same pen (apparently) is traditional copper/white MF.....one of my Partridge boys came out looking like a patchwork...let me try & find his pic on here..... Your MF look to have collars.....or am I imagining it? Leanne? As long as you don't want to breed, you'll be fine..... any Pekin is a pretty Pekin IMHO I am also a pic posting numpty....
  17. Do you have a dog crate or a piece of netting you can separate a small area of the run for her? I would also be nervous about leaving her unattended with the others all day to be honest....tho the concept of a poo decorated shed may also not be great

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