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  1. helenc

    Internship applications

    What kind of internship is he looking for? I agree student room is a really good place to look, also the careers centre at university should help with looking at applications - I can only say from my daughters experience though and I know they helped her My daughter also does Maths and applied for quite a few financial ones at the banks this time last year, she had a few interviews but eventually was rejected by all of them. She then applied to RBS for a Business Technology one in January and was again rejected but they then decided to increase the number of places they were offering for this and they asked her to a final round interview and she was successful and is now in the last week of her 10 weeks internship there. Fingers crossed she is offered the Grad Training Scheme from this. Are there other areas that he could look at and see if there are other related internships that he might be interested in, I only say this because after she applied for the Tech internship she also applied for another similar internship at TPP in Leeds and had to teach herself Java as part of their interview process and realised the she actually loved programming so sometimes their goals change. Finance ones seem to be really hard to get though I think there are a lot of applicants for them. Good luck to your son.
  2. helenc

    Uni offers

    Is it St Andrews or Edinburgh that Rosie is waiting to hear from, my daughter is in her 2nd year at St Andrews now, she went straight into 2nd year so is still doing 3 years. I'm sure you know they don't make any offers till after the January deadline. If it is St Andrews and theres anything she wants to know just let me know.
  3. helenc

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    As you know my daughter is there and 18 too she has just called and she told me about that - its so sad, he lived at the same accommodation as her but she didn't know him. I've asked her to make sure she doesn't end up getting separated from her friends when she's out and to get a taxi home if she does. Thats the second student in this academic year (assuming it is his body they found today) that has died, there was a 2nd year maths student found dead in his room around November time, he wasn't in her hall but she knew who he was as he had some classes with her. I can't imagine how the families must feel.
  4. helenc

    Kitchens - things to consider

    I also have Le Creuset pans but have them in a corner unit with a door that has hinges in the middle so the door gives access to the whole corner unit ( hope that makes sense) I have a granite worktop in star galaxy - which is black and sparkly, when I first had it fitted a friend recommended a granite cleaner which I used a couple of times then it didn't seem so sparkly so since then I have always used my steam cleaner and an e-cloth the buff it, we have a north facing kitchen but the granite is shiny so helps to make the kitchen look lighter we have had no problems at all with the granite and its was fitted over 10 years ago, we have neutral coloured ceramic floor tiles which also help with the light and are easy to clean. We don't have any tiles on the walls, we have granite upstands where the granite fits to the walls and we have a sheet of glass as a cooker splash back. One thing I would also pay a lot of attention to is lighting - if you have wall units its good to have lighting under there to see better, we often use them during the day as the kitchen can be dark.
  5. helenc

    A level results tomorrow

    Congratulations to everyone. My daughter is also off to St Andrews to do Maths but because she managed to get 4A*'s she's able to go directly into 2nd year. I am so so proud of her. I am also thinking how am I going to get everything done in 3 weeks, what accommodation is your son hoping for in St Andrews chickencam?
  6. helenc

    Triple or double science?

    If I was my daughter I would let her take double science as she should still be able to take sciences at A level but also if she felt it was a subject she struggled with would she really want to take it at A level, as Bluekarin says its better she has 2 better grades than 3 medium grades. Is there another subject that she would like to take instead or is it just that she will take one less subject? I was in the opposite situation to you, my daughter is very good at science but wanted to do double so that she could do textiles, we advised her to take triple science but ultimately the choice had to be hers. It didn't make any difference in terms of A level choices as she took Physics and has had no difficulties with it.
  7. helenc

    Epic day out about 1000 miles

    We made the same trip at the weekend!! My daughter went on an open day in October with her friend and loved it, she got her offer in January for entry to the 2nd year for Maths but had offers from other universities so wanted to wait until she had been to all of the offer holders days before deciding, unfortunately she still can't decide so we went back to St Andrews and next weekend we are going back to Bath - I hope she will then be able to make a decision. I really liked St Andrews and can imagine her being very happy there, although Bath is lovely too! Has your son chosen it as his firm choice? Good luck for his results - they may end up there at the same time.
  8. helenc

    Biomedical degree - help and suggestions

    I would agree that the workload is massively increased from GCSE to AS level and again to A level, my daughter is currently in year 13 and has offers to study Maths - so she is just deciding where to go to. My daughter gained 9a*s and 2a's at GCSE and took 5 subjects at AS level - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Ethics and Philosophy and Critical Thinking and got a's in all of them although there was very little work that she needed to do for Critical Thinking, she has carried on with the 4 academic subjects and her school timetable is very full she has 2 free periods per week, her peers who take 3 subjects have on average 12, which makes a big difference in the amount of time you need to spend doing homework at home, she also said that the differences between the subjects are that Ethics takes a lot of time reading, researching and essay writing, Physics is mainly learning information but Maths is all about practice and the more questions you do the better you get at answering them, so for Maths she needs time where she can sit and concentrate for longer time periods which she doesn't have at school. The A level exam system changed this year there are no exams in January so all are taken in June, which means 2 written exams and for each science subject and 3 for each maths subject at the end of year 12 and year 13, plus the science practical exams which are taken earlier, so if she does taken 5 subjects she will have a lot if exams to do . One thing that my daughters school stressed was the importance to achieve a grades at AS level as to get an a at A level you need an average of 80% across all the papers you take in both AS and A level and for an a* you need 90% average in A2 papers (although its slightly different for Maths where its 90% average across C3 and C4) At a parents information evening last year there were talks from university admissions tutors, I went to the science and maths one (given by someone from Nottingham University) the tutor talked about science in general and said they prefer students to have Maths A level when they are applying for a science degree and she also wanted to see anyone applying for medicine had done a lot of voluntary work. The school also recommend that the girls take Ethics and Philosophy to AS level if they haven't done it at GCSE to help with the ethics type questions, although the school does run sessions separately for them if they don't. To find out which Universities run which courses have a look on UCAS as they will list which ones do which subject and usually which grades and any specific subjects required Hope that helps Helen
  9. helenc

    Snow 2013

    Mine is too!
  10. helenc

    Does anyone have October's vogue magazine?

    If you have access to an ipad or an iphone you can buy magazines including back issues through itunes or newstand, you usually just download the app for that magazine and then choose the issue you want to buy.
  11. helenc

    Cherries in Brandy

    I saw some in John Lewis yesterday hope this link works http://www.johnlewis.com/231304783/Product.aspx
  12. helenc

    Headstart Uni courses - any advice

    We looked at those for my daughter they are aimed at Year 12 students to attend during the Year 12 - 13 summer break and are specifically aimed at the students who want to pursue a science/engingeering/technology career. There are also 2 that are available for Year 11 students towards the end of the summer term and they are specifically for girls- to try to encourage them into sciences. To apply they ask for certain grades and subjects to be considered. My daughter had to choose her subjects last year (she has just finished GCSE's) and the school advised them to choose subjects that they enjoyed and that they were good at, they also had an evening where we could attend talks about the different subjects available. Its a lot easier if they have a clear career in mind as you can just look on the University websites to check the subject requirements. My daughter loves Physics so also needs to do Maths also as she is thinking of doing a Physics degree she was advised to take Further Maths as the school offers it so it would stand her in better stead than another science as there are mechanics modules in it, she chose Ethics and Philosophy as her last subject just because she enjoys that subject now. There is a forum called The Student Room and there is quite a lot of information there. I hope that helps Helen
  13. I don't have a Britannia but did consider it when buying a new cooker about 7 years ago. I went for a Lacanche Macon- which may be the French model you saw in John Lewis. I chose it because it felt much sturdier and solid, it is made of cast iron and we bought it from an independent retailer who is a friend and he recommended it, he also has one. I think that you could choose the configuration of it when we got it if the standard models didn't have what you wanted. We went with the standard one with a gas oven, a fan oven and smaller conventional oven, both of the electric ovens have a grill element, we also got a plate that you can put on the top of the burner so you can have more pans a bit like an Aga I think. This is the exact same one we have http://www.johnlewis.com/230616033/Product.aspx. We have had no problems at all with it. Sorry I have probably confused you more. Helen
  14. helenc

    Lawnmower advice needed

    We have a Honda Izy - its not the propelled one but its really good and we have no problems at all with it. I think it was about £300 but that was 6 years ago.
  15. helenc

    Year 9 Options Evening Tonight!

    We are in the middle of it now. My daughters school only does GCSE's and some of them are IGCSE. They all have to take 6 - English Language and Literature, Maths, French, Science and additional Science, they then have 3 columns and have to choose 1 from each but there are 14 subjects to choose from and they can do 3 separate science using one of their options if they want. She has decided to do Latin and RS and just needs to choose between Drama and Textiles, but its so hard for them - they seem so young to be making such big decisions.