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  1. Just unpacked the Cube after moving it to France then back again, & the bolts are missing (I am surprised more isn't missing to be honest!) I can't see them as spare on the Omlet site, & have tried ringing, but was on hold for so long that I gave up.....do they sell them, does anyone know, please?
  2. Hi, remember me...long time Eglu owner, former forum mod & general loiterer who moved to France? Well, I am back.....living in Cornwall now, yet another long, messy renovation, but happy to be home, nearer my family & in the land where Marmite is readily available. Just thought I would pop my head around the door & say hi. We have been clearing an area for hens today & BOB the Big Orange Bu**er of a Cube will hopefully soon have a few occupants again. I tend to use IG & Facebook more these days, so have applied to join the groups there too.....hope @Lewis lets me in 😉 Sarah x
  3. Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
  4. How lovely to hear from you all Soapdragon, we were back in Henley a couple of weeks ago, just for a flying visit as sadly I lost my Dad, but we were amazed at the changes to Henley. So much new construction & building going on everywhere. I don't know how the roads & car parks will cope with all the extra people & cars. Building is going well. We are living in one huge, completed room, which is our living, kitchen & dining area, but for the moment is our bedroom too. We should be in the new bedroom in a matter of weeks though - it is our spare room long term, but we will use it as a bedroom until the master bedroom is completed. That'll be some months away as first we have to rebuild a barn that was hit by lightening & turn it into Gites to give us some income, mainly so the French government won't chuck us out come Brexit. It is all rather worrying - we have no income but are living on our savings, however they have specified a minimum wage in order to continue living here. To be honest I wouldn't mind if we had to come back, as I miss my daughters horribly & France, although gorgeous & quiet, is not the easiest place to live. Anyhow, we shall see I will try & keep you updated. S x
  5. Hi, remember me? The former moderator who escaped to France, buying a huge Dordogne farmhouse with 17 acres that we have been renovating for the past 3 years? Well, I am finally able to get hens again - I can't tell you how excited I am by this prospect, & am happily looking forward to dusting off my orange Cube. I have a good friend in the next town who breeds Marans & Welsummers, and will certainly be getting some hens from her, as well as some from the local market :-) Still in contact via Facebook with many good friends from my time on the forums, & I am happy to see so many familiar names here still Our Facebook Blog is here, if you are interested. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/
  6. Cinnamon


    One for members of the forum who have been here for a while. If you remember Trish, I am sorry to say that she passed away recently after a short fight against an illness. I had kept in touch with her on Facebook,as had a few other 'older' members. Lovely lady & a prolific poster here when the forum was at its height. I thought some might like to know about this very sad news
  7. I have one, have had it for years - bought it because it is pretty, no other reason. I can't say I have noticed any effects it might have, other than to cast a nice glow in the room it is in.
  8. Oh yes, the bleachy stains of doom I think I just like a fresh new look every so often really, although I do find that the elastic goes in the corners of fitted sheets after a while. I do NOT do white, not with a builder husband!
  9. Goodness I buy new towels, pillows & sheets about once every 2 years. In my defence, the pets use the old ones. I cannot bear thin towels or bobbly, faded sheets. I am thinking of investing in some Devon Duvets wool filled pillows to match our fantastic Duvets, as you can remove & launder the filling, letting it dry in the sun ...... living in a sunnier country now, this really appeals.
  10. Nope! Nearest is a 8 min drive away, down a very steep hill (IE, not walk upable ) I actually REALLY enjoy the seclusion
  11. We sold my little Panda before we went & bout an almost new LHD T5 van, which the husband LOVES but I hate, & refuse to drive. It is huge, imho, & although it is very useful for picking up materials & pulling the big trailer, it is no good for me popping to the shops. I struggle getting into it too, due to a hip problem. In consequence I have not driven for 15 months! I don't miss it - the French are appalling drivers of the 'shut your eyes,put your foot down & hope' variety Maybe I will get a little runaround at some point, but there is no rush. Is there another way to load photos on here now???
  12. Do you use Instagram? I might put a few photos on there if so Look for cinnamonbaysarah
  13. Boooo - it's not on Netflix France We watched Midnight in Paris instead - lovely movie.
  14. Quick update from the beautiful & sunny Dordogne valley. We have only gone & moved into the house! I would post photos but Photobucket is no more (for me anyway) So, photos on the blog page here - lots of the new kitchen.....work is now carrying on so that we have a shower before long - we are using the caravan as a shower block at the moment https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/

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