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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. Wanted to come back on here yesterday evening but managed to forget my password and had to get a new one. Spoke (again ) to son yesterday and he has unfriended the woman. I offered to message her to explain why but he didn't want me to so I've agreed I won't unless I find she's back on his account, in which case I'll contact her whether he likes it or not! I agree that it's highly unlikely there is any ill intent in her actions, more a desire to keep an eye out for her daughter - think I was more peeved with son with going against our agreed FB rules. Thanks again everyone
  2. Thankyou LB too. Your remark about him being a polite 13 year old made me smile cos that is exactly how he is to other people , wheras we as his family get to see the raging hormonal teenager underneath! He's lovely really, and I agree with your comments entirely. I will probably give him this final chance to explain to this woman himself why he can't be her FB friend, but after that I will contact her if necessary.
  3. Thankyou CHP. I'm assuming her motive is innocent, i.e. if her 13 year old daughter is on facebook the mother wants to know what she does on there, and having the same friends is one way to do that, but I still don't feel comfortable with it, especially the fact that she has been so persistent with refriending my son when he has unfriended her. I'm also unhappy that my son has defied my wishes, there will be consequences! Amongst other things I will be giving him the option of messaging her himself to say why he cannot be her friend, or I will do it myself. I agree with you that members of this forum becoming friends with other members is a very different thing - we all have a common interest for one thing, and we're adults/ near adults. It's a good example of the positive things that the internet can bring.
  4. Hi there. Haven't posted here for ages, but I would appreciate the collective wisdom of those who are chicken keepers! To cut a long story short, my 13 year old son has a friend on facebook who in real life is an acquaintance (they go to neighbouring schools), and she is also good friends with one of his best friends. Her mother friended my son on FB a while ago and when I realised I told son to take her off. One of the rules we have agreed is that he doesn't friend people he doesn'y know in real life. This woman has been persistent in messaging my son wanting to be friends again. I have just discovered that he has refriended her agaisnt my explicit instructions and I am now furious with him, and the fact that she wants to be friends with him is causing alarm bells to ring. I will be speaking to son shortly and have a number of sanctions in mind but I need to calm down a bit first! In the meantime I need a reality check. Does it sound off to you that this woman wants to be the friend of a child she has never met? I can see that maybe she wants to be friends with aqll her daughter's friends to keep an eye on what her daughter is up to, but I wonder, for example, how she would react if my son's dad decided to attempt persistently to friend her daughter? Your views would be welcome!
  5. Goodbye Strummer. Dear Strummer, you came to us in May 2008, and died during the early hours today, peacefully in your sleep. You were always a friendly, talkative chicken, and despite Polly and later Nico's belief that they were number one you always knew different didn't you? I will always remember the time you fought off the fox. We will miss you. xx
  6. Thankyou to my Secret Bunny! I have received a gorgeous embroidered/ginghamy picture of a chick, and a cute little egg cosy with knitted brown hen perched on the top. Thankou very much. I will post a pic once I get organasised
  7. Thank you somebody! Mine is sitting at the PO as I wasn't in when it arrived - looking forward to retrieving it
  8. I well remember the pylons programme, although I have no recollection of the name I'm afraid. It still gives me the creeps walking anywhere near electric pylons though!
  9. Sounds good, think I'll have to visit
  10. Love the autumnal colours
  11. Looks like a gargoyle to me, but is it more specific than that?
  12. Dear Freddie, I had a similar experience several years ago. Found a lump in my breast - phoned the GP's who booked me in the same day, then the GP gave me an "urgent" referral, i.e. I was guaranteed an appointment at the breast clinic within 14 days. The fact that the GP had acted so promptly scared me in itself! On the day itself I had a physical examination and a mammogram, and the doctor declared it as benign. I did not need any invasive treatment. Those 2 weeks were really scary for me even though I knew that something like 9 out of 10 lumps do turn out to be benign. One thing I found very helpful was a charity called something like Breast Cancer Care, they had a helpline which I phoned and they explained the process that would happen. I do feel for you, the waiting period is horrible! Take care, and find some nice things to do over the next week or so to try and take your mind off it xx Link is http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/ (It deals with breast health generally, not just cancer)
  13. My in-laws - 79 this spring - each have their own computer and are computer conversant. MIL goes to a silver surfers club, and does all sorts of things with hers. If your brother wants to buy your mum one it sounds like a good idea to me. Could turn out to be brilliant for her. (I'm useless at setting up the DVD and hate complicated phones but am adept on computers) And if it ends up gathering dust in the corner it's not your money wasted!

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