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  1. just got to tell someone that we are getting a new eglu. There is a bit of a story behind it We decided we were getting more chickens and agree we should get some ex-batt. Were getting 4 on Saturday Then realised this week we needed more room than the current eglu so after a brief discussion agreed eglu is the right thing so we need another one Manage to get hold of a nearly new one the next day and will pick it up tomorrow. Looking forward to looking after the new chucks jules
  2. MY girls normally produce 58g-60g eggs then today they both produced double yokers 89g each ! Not sure what we will get tomorrow
  3. Just collected my third egg that weighed in at ..............49gms ! No quite at the 80gms but going in the right direction. The other chicken still has not laid an egg with solid shell !
  4. sorry to hear that. It should be soon. I thought mine were cockerals !! Now I know they are chickens The beer helps .... be patient and they will arrive...eventually
  5. Ok so now I have my very first eggs I am interested if it is normal weight or if it could do with some egg-ercise to make it bigger. My first two eggs are both 46g but I would be interested in what egg-actly your first eggs weighed.
  6. Thanks ANH I think it looks like a good idea for my as we are nearly on the sailbury plain and have a south facing garden. This means we get loads of sun loads of wind and at the momment loads of rain! So I don't want the eggs cooked before I get my hands on them
  7. I find to aid the egg laying vibes a good glass of beer (or wine) helps.... after a few you forget about eggs and concetrate on walking ! My first egg took egg-actly 5 weeks
  8. Just gone and given new bedding and found another I am so pleased. I guess it means both are now laying
  9. Like the picture of the run I was just wondering do the chcikens get too hot ? Do you have them in shade ? Also like the sticks and things you added where have you sourced them from ? Jules
  10. Ah must have over done the treats as I found soft egg shell and broken egg in the tray this morning No treats today see if we get a hard shell tomorrow
  11. As they say one egg does not make a omlet I am looking forward to my next one even more It just shows that if you drink enough beer anything is possible I gave my chicks some extra treats (cooked beans) as extra reward. I just can't wait for the next one. I am sure your little girls will perform soon
  12. At last an egg !! Discovered by my number one son Chocks away
  13. I'v emanaged to train the eldest son to let the chickens out every day. every day he returns to the house I ask him have you any eggs ! But still no Egg So I have put a ceramic egg in to fool them into thinking this is what one should look like It must be close because they are now sitting down regularly and Henny Penny has now got a red comb ! I just can't wait.... I just want to try my first egg soon In the mean time I wait .... I might just go and check again Any ideas how I keep my patience
  14. Thanks for all the great ideas. The tray works they now pick it off the tray. Now I keep on finding the nest straw all over the run !! Mine must be really messy chickens I'll try raising the grub also as this might encourage them to eat it out of the Grub feeder. As they are on grass I want to introduce grit any good ideas for putting this in the run. I have tried an old branston pickle lid but that has now been turned over and is the other side of the run. Jules
  15. I am using layers (pellets I think. still learning the terms ) What ever comes with the chickens That's a good idea of using a tray. I'll put one under the grub box tomorrow . Jules

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