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  1. Hi, have just picked up this topic, can i ask please does easibed do same job as aubiose? my local place stocks easibed so would be very useful cheers
  2. That sounds great! what a fab idea. just out of interest, are you another auboise fan? been reading a bit about it on the forum, thinking about trying it but need a full waterproof cover first for the run.
  3. Try and relax a bit, if they are happy pottering about where they live it's unlikely they will jump off, they will probaby just panic!! There are other Omleteers who will prove me wrong though - you do get the odd escapee!! Thanks for that Ros, yes i do tend to panic a bit! i'm so excited about having them, its even more fun than i expected, they have such funny mannerisms i could watch them all day! they put me to shame last week, when we first got them they were on the lawn so i put a shallow pot in the run filled with earth so they could dustbath but when i moved them to a permanent softer area filled with bark chippings they made the deepest holes you could imagine, really put my pathetic attempt to shame!!
  4. Thank you everyone! We now have 2 (apparently) flightless chooks, hopefully!! we re-checked their wing and i think we were maybe just a bit cautious when we did it first time, they are our first chooks and we had only had them for a week and were getting them ready for coming out of the run. anyway when we compared what we had done with what the omlet picture looked like they weren't quite the same! i haven't seen either take off since phew! my chicken expert friend at work actually said that he didn't think they would've jumped off and that even though she was looking, she would want to stay close to her chook buddy and home, which made me feel better, even if it isn't true i want to believe it! thanks again everyone
  5. I would be so grateful of any help here please, my girls were flying to top of 4 ft fence so this weekend i was really giddy to get my 6 foot lattice fencing up on one side of our garden for them to free range all day. Except this morning i heard the gate rattle turned around and daisy was perched on top of the 6ft gate!!! how is she doing this?? think we should clip more off her wing but dont want to go too far - can anyone help please? thanks so much, they're back in run at mo, for my sanity!!
  6. Thanks so much! great ideas, yes should have thought to put in paper and cover with compost - will do both! and must get some bokashi (dont know if i've spelt that right!!) and garlic to add to their food. so excited about getting my fence up tomorrow, my little chooks can free range from tomorrow, in their own bit of garden that they can do what they want with!! OH was bit dis-chuffed when they took a liking to his precious bamboo's!
  7. Does anyone else have this problem? i recycle my chooks poo into my organic waste bin but its attracting an awful lot of flies, is there anything i could do? Thanks
  8. Thanks C61! Very helpful, i've actually gone with bark for the time being in the run, over the remains of a grass patch, they've made some great dustbath holes in it which they sometimes snuggle into, so cute! And getting a trellisy sort of fence going up around one side of the garden on sat so that they can free range - so excited for them having all that space and grass to eat! Thanks everyone for comments, so good to know there's people out there to help - i'm such a beginner! ps we have had our first egg!!!!!
  9. Thanks for that! yes we clipped a wing of each straight away, but there was actually an old tree stump in front of fence so it was more like 2 big hops and there they were, on our decking fencing staring into our sun room!! bless 'em!
  10. Thanks thats great! not really sure what aubiose is but have seen on forum lot of people use it, just another thought, would it be possible to put aubiose on top of grass? maybe if i put log border around to keep in place? x
  11. Hi there, wondering what to do run wise - originally we thought we would move the eglu around the garden and let my 2 girlies free range around the whole of the garden but i am amazed at the volume of poo!! we've got 2 little ones too who play in the garden so now thinking about fencing off one side and leaving the eglu in a permanent position within it - was going to use bark chippings in the eglu run (as advised in our omlet leaflet) but wondering now whether to use auboise instead. at the mo my chooks are confined to just their run while we put 6 foot lattice fencing up, they jumped onto the 4 foot high one!! so any other tips of how to get poo off grass would be gratefully received! thank you so much, this forum is such a great idea, though with chook watching during the day, and forum reading at night, i'm not getting much else done!!
  12. Thanks everyone! Really useful ideas and its good to know they're normal!This is the first time i've used a forum and i was chuffed to get responses, thanks you!! Cheers, carole x ps is it easy to put the coloured chicks at bottom of replys, have checked profile page and cant see what to do! x
  13. hi, my 2 new chooks sleep in the nesting box bit of their eglu, i expected them to perch on roosting bars, is this normal and what will happen when they start laying - any info please would be great, thanks! carole x
  14. Hi! thats what we are going to do, we did have 4ft fencing around one side of the garden but they found a tree stump (unfortunately next to the fence) and they hopped onto it and then onto the top of the fencing! they both have one of their wings clipped so shouldn't actually be flying but they still seem fairly agile! we are re-evaluating the situation promptly! good luck x Carole x

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