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  1. We used a small local independent shop when we had our kitchen done. They came round and did a complete suggested layout with a plan free of charge which was brilliant. I went for glossy cream units which I love, ceramic floor tiles which I also love, black worktops, sink and taps, which were a mistake. Black worktops look lovely but show every speck, similarly the sink and taps. I would recommend a double sink so that you have somewhere to empty liquids when your main sink is being used. We have a very small kitchen so not really an issue for us but remember your work triangle - cooker, fridge, sink - don't make them too far apart. As everything is in our kitchen - washing machine, dishwasher etc, the units had to be at the standard height to fit over them. I am short and they are really a bit too high for comfort (when kneading or pastry rolling). My OH recently built me a pull up worktop hinged to the wall which is lower and is a brilliant solution as I just set it up when I need it. If I had the space I would have a table or island at a lower height.
  2. I find that if I use my ipad within an hour or so before going to bed I can't fall asleep so I am quite strict with myself. I think it is the backlighting that is the problem. I have the old original Kindle which does not have a light and it is fine as it is just like reading a book
  3. Fab-u-lous Thoroughly enjoyed this series and didn't mind who won the final as they were all good. Lovely atmosphere all series and so much better without Bruce
  4. I am a pretty good sleeper except for odd nights when my mind whirls. I am sure a tip was on here a while ago which I use when that happens and it really seems to work. You need to stop your mind going at breakneck speed thinking of (usually) needless worries and thoughts. Concentrate just on your toes and making them relax and work your way up each little bit of your body doing the same. I don't think I have ever got past my knees before I fall asleep again.
  5. There are some fantastic dvd box sets around - I have asked for one from a choice of a Fred Astaire Collection, Powell &Pressburger (1950's) films, Ealing Comedies, Gene Kelly
  6. I was very irritated by the waltzathon as it seemed to be just a way for the judges to manipulate the scores. I can't see how they could place 6 couples in a proper order after 90 seconds of dancing and no discussion time afterwards. As soon as it started I said to my OH that Pixie would be first as it would shoot her up the scoreboard. Let us not forget that she was quite low down after her dance, second from bottom I think, which makes her being in the dance off unsurprising. Her dance was not as good as Simon's and I was very surprised at Craig saving her as he didn't seem to be judging her on that dance but her overall ability. They are all so good that anyone could have gone this week. I would like Caroline to win, she puts so much heart into her dances.
  7. Off to get some lime cordial! Love the sound of it with both soda and tonic water.
  8. Sounds great - probably silly question. Is that with fresh lime juice squeezed in (how much?) or just a slice of lime ?
  9. I am finding that as I get older I can tolerate very little alcohol so I rarely have any. It is really tough though to find anything decent and non alcololic to drink that is not overly sweet. I like ginger beer and ginger ale (and water) but struggle to find much else that is interesting. I am really not a lover of shloer, J20 etc. I quite like appletise but one is enough as it is very sweet. Fruit juice for me is a morning drink and not one to have with lunch. Anyone got any suggestions of non alcololic drinks that are actually nice and that you could drink more than one of?
  10. I am so sorry. What a lovely end though, to have had a long life, the latter part in a loving home and to drift away while being cuddled.
  11. You have my sympathy. I had a cat who was 17 when she died - towards the end she used to try to run away all the time and neighbours would bring her back, usually finding her sleeping in a hedge somewhere. She eventually died in her sleep but I think she was running away to die. In hindsight it would have been kinder to have had her pts. Your cat might be at the same stage and her instinct is to stop eating so that she just fades away. You can do no more than you are doing. Plenty of cuddles and treats when she wants them.
  12. I would say try your local auction room. We have been along a few times and you can pick up amazing bargains (full sized ercol dining table and 6 chairs went for £50!!!) You can go along to the auction room the day before the sale to have a look at the stuff. People seem to go to auctions mainly for the more quirky stuff and furniture gets ignored. Catalogues are usually online - our local one does fortnightly sales.
  13. Not sure if I can face it again. I have put the wool away for the time being as I am making something else and will see how I feel in a few weeks.
  14. I found that sage capsules really helped, although after a while the smell made me want to . Also, and most of this is going to sound very tedious but in combination it worked for me: Increased excercise Reduced (almost reduced to Nil) alcohol Having 2 single duvets rather than a double and changing to a natural wool duvet and pillows(see previous threads on this) Wearing natural fibre clothing and layering items Adding linseeds to food - breakfast cereal is good Plenty of fruit, vegetables and fresh air I can honestly say that after the first few months having hot flushes they reduced significantly and I don't get any at all now (age 55 and 3 years into menopause) I feel much better now than in the years leading up to menopause - found that time really unsettling
  15. Finally got it sorted - Debbie Bliss are sending me 2 packs of wool (20 balls) - apologised profusely and said they weren't aware I was unhappy! Didn't take a lot of imagination on their part. Happy with the result but they should have done it in the first place

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