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  1. Sorry no ice only used it a few times , but I remember what others wrote. I'm trying Galestop right now. Try a whole corn cob too. Also live mealworms. I have seen that they seem to get that they can forget to eat and if you can get them to start eating they can be off... Try googling it the implant you will find lots who have used it on other forums on Facebook. Good luck with her
  2. She might eat if you bring someone else in . Especially around ,,4 pm. When they start filling up for the night. Don't forget with no eggs to make she will eat less. But she obviously feels bad . I'd definitely get steroid injection boras she's not eating . But pills are tiiny. I've read a lot have to hand feed after implant ..
  3. Thus sounds pretty normal for implant. How was she prior to it.. have you tried sweet corn. Cucumber lettuce . Take her alone but near others to dig for worms. It's why many of us don't like the implants..try various things before bed with other other quietest hen. She won't want to compete . Hopefully she will pick up soon.. have you tried the liquid poultry vitamins I forget the name . Someone will jump in.. also streroids might help perhaps your vet would put some our for you without a consult charge. You won't get much poo if she's barely eating . What was your reason for the implant?
  4. Foxes and buzzards feed differently. I can't recall how one rips and shreds the other chews. A fox I'd have thought would have carried her away. ..sorry for your loss. Try researching how they feed differently . it sounds very unusual whichever ...
  5. As irs prescription only in the uk you'll need to go to a vet . Around £25 from memory. Only about £3 or less abroad over the counter. 5ml x 2 daily
  6. That is so so sad to read .I had a go once . The door lock worried me so much . I didn't catch it just right once and therefore it wasn't shut ..lucky I saw and used a rear frame around it after that till I fit rid of it .. Don't know how old your set up is . But sadly what ive see of the new stuff I really do not think the quality refects the price or standard of the old stuff.... I'm sure you know fox will be back . A bike lock . A chain and a dog lead clip . .. are things you might get easily today .. I've also in haste missed the second eye of a run gate when pinning . I now count them as I lock up .. Good luck and very sad for you ..x
  7. Sarky how did you go with the aurimai opener on your mark 1 cube ?
  8. This happened recently yo a friend. I think it's appalling these days of consciousness of plastic and waste. That they won't supply basic spares..
  9. Are you dosing as per gapeworm? It's a higher dose . What does your vet recommend . You are sure it's Gape worm??
  10. I have 2 big boys living elsewhere (long story) I've bought them a 3x4 run and am taking my MK1cube over for them. Now the roosting bars are quite thin for big feet. I modified all the bars for smaller girls.essentually highering at the front.. Any suggestions for the boys?
  11. What I have always liked is the fox awareness on here and the Bible pages.. What happened. Only this week someone was asking for hens or ducks to keep the survivor company.when I suggested they fox proof first.i was told it was a fix proof run.tbe height of the fence it got over was extraordinary... Hmm... I may not have been logged in.but I've pointed countless people here.
  12. I popped into look a few times .but agree it's not easy to navigate about. The old look seemed very clear..
  13. When we go to the supermarket we take a trolley and bags to take food home in.. The foxes don't have these . And they will come back and cache whTvrhey don't eat for later. Whilst we put in our freezer.. I too only ever have mine out when I am with them .putting them in secure Run when I go in even to the loo. When. I started keeping chooks I read each and every single fox attack what happened post. I looked at everything everywhere . Fox paranoia is the ONLY way to be. Fox AWARE.. .. I also asked fox Rescues for advice .. I always knew we had resident foxes .we see them all the time , so I needed to know all I can .
  14. Yes still here still got hens . Currently struggling to find ahimes for 2 boys i hatched . Just saying not breaking the rules trying on here. But due to that I'm in Facebook pages and the fox situations always scare me. That thread was my Bible and it's easier to point people to reading that than just read what I'm saying .. Have been known to pop back to read up in some treatment . Currently I have one girl aged 7 ..2 aged 6 hatched here but one I think is fading 😟 one exbat aged gosh 4 !!! left of 3 I took in from someone Then one boy of 3 I hatched with two rehomed ladies.... And the 2 big boys are in boarding . Runs have extended and bred lol . Numbers are down.
  15. Hello I haven't been on here in a long long while . There used to be a topic . Fox attacks a list of what happened .I can't see this now . I see the forum has been revamped , is it still here . I wanted to send people to it because it was like my Bible.... Yes I know people that have just had their first fox attacks .. is like it to be their last ..
  16. Putting food out for foxes does not make them fearless of humans . There is a virus that they can get that makes the fearless of anything. But they are also weak and die . Mostly they are oportinist feeders and will go for an easy meal . Not unlike humans that opt for take aways Domestic cats kill birds all the time yet people don't hate them and call them vermin.. Yes they can be a bloody nuisance and once the have found their easy meal they WILL return . Just as we return to the supermarket to restock. There are many many pages where you can learn the facts which may help you better understand our native wild life. Understanding is important
  17. In the interest of safety to all of us with girls . Could you possibly post a photo of where this happened, as I am not understanding.. you say they are in a fox proof run .yet a fox still got your girl. It will help thus not happen to someone else . Thanks
  18. I think it's incredibly sad to have list chickens and equally sad that people hate fixes so badly .they probably have more right to live where they do than our domestic pets. I feel it is my duty to protect my chickens they never free-range with out a watcher. There is so so much information out there that it saddens me and infuriates at the same time . If 1/4 inch weldmesh is used a fox cannot bite through it. Omlett has made a business of selling fox proof housing and runs . I do wish they'd add external bolts though to all the poo trays.. Please don't blame the fox. I for I welcome other people feeding them . A Fed fox is not as desperate as a hungry fox. Find time the fix welfare sites they have lots of information.. Foxes are living Amongst us. It is we that have to learn and keep up our defences
  19. I was given 3 exbats. One died actually before she was mine Her crop was solid never clearing. One of her sisters only partially emptied overnight . Eating well . Laying. Happy as Larry . Just contact.ti yes to not clear. Pooping well too. The vet removed a huge impaction the usual culprit long grass and what looked like hairs but might have been remains of grass ?? So fully expected just a happy hen after. However she ballooned with what feels like fluid yet is not drainable not even the vet could. Even been back and she had injected antibiotic rather than pills .anti inflammatory and do. Nystatin. Crop went down after by about a half from full balloon at night . There is solid poo coming through also some wet splats occasionally. Not s much as I'd like to see.. overnight was a credible amount of solids and one wet tar one which I'm used to seeing after clavaseptin. Oral antibiotics she had after op... She's eating well . Is hungry as always .. Oh I should say that even while partially blocked I read massaging several times a day but there was loads of poo can Ming through still. So anyone else had anything similar ? Vet hasn't any idea why ... Thanks for reading
  20. Mine has always leaked too. I use a heavy tarp as you are doing, I also have done all of the above.
  21. So how about a plastic garden table.. people often chuck them out. Maybe ask on free cycle or look on local for sale. You can shorten the legs if you wanted at the bottom end. They're fitted shape on the ö es I've seen at the top.. I've got mine on one of the oblong ones. Someone was 5hrpei g it away. Perfect. Less wood for mites...
  22. Ah phew... always worry as some people say... oh we never have foxes... then they do
  23. Yes that's who I thought it would be . Neil Forres i think is next nearest. Amoxycillin helps keep infection of peritonitis away for a while. That s what he gave mine. .if your vet doesn't like draining as mine won't. There is good vets in alton that are very knowledgeable and competent. If your not too far sorry to hear about the other girl .. very sad xxx
  24. sorry,,, just wondering why youre not covering the run ? Mr fox an all that ?

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