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  1. hmm thanks, they are all together most of the day, thats what I was wondering though she has a mate now, though I am her pal she is often with me, well they all are just she more so, & has her own little call for me... very funny. Don't worry not separating her all the time, just at night while her bum is so sore & her neck feathers pulled out have regrown, then I shall keep Meany out for a bit while he (moe) settles back comfortably with Greedy... you would think it would be Greedy that gets nasty with a "wanted" item or space guess she's just too busy being sure to get her bit! Thanks for the reassurance... we do worry so don't we! Can't even consider a holiday till they are settled together!
  2. Does anyone know the real answer here? Have the 3 ex bats as recommended but 2 are real mates & one of them picks on the 3rd whenever ther is any food, but is happy to let her "friend" eat. They are separated but visible to each other whenever in the run & sleep apart so that lowest pecked doesn't get pecked from sunrise to let out time! It really does make life more difficult! I understand pecking order but has anyone looked into "best numbers" for ex bats. oh & 2 friends are same colour, the other is dark. when bully separated other 2 ok, there is still a pecking order ie brown one still bottom, but they eat together happily & all is well.
  3. Awful isn't it not knowing enough but great that we can all share what we have been told/learnt from all the others that have been where we are. Thanks all.
  4. Sorry forgot to add this. When ny ex bat of then 3 weeks was really poorly I had some good useful advice from rescue, 1. put her food up higher if she has a sore crop bending down low will hurt. This really helped though she was on the mend 2 or 3 hours after trip to vet, am sure the rymadyl would have helped immencly to reduce inflamation & pain.. read that suoluble asprin will have same effect. ALSO use some tepid water & mix some of her layers mash up in front of her & she will love it... she did likes the wet & runny look I reckon, like when you water the garden! she went straight at it! Read that some people blend up pellets & porridhge to make it like mash! Perhaps she'd be tempted by marmite mash?
  5. I heard that they LIKE poultry spice... so might encourage her... I have pm you.
  6. It is hard with similar topics being discussed, but getting at from diferent angles. Didn't see the same suggestions, and ALL BRILLIANT help to us newbies struggling. The learning curve is amazing & so many diferent things to try.
  7. Its called Nibble deterent .... Deters birds from pecking & plucking! names of makers SHAWS. Found it by budgie & Parrot stuff in Pets At Home. I rather feel the tar is good as it disguises the red bits which in turn attract pecking. It really is horrid sticky going stuff apply sparingly.. should do the trick.
  8. See if someone got some Stockholm tar to try.It has helped mine, but try it first lots of horsey peple use it, but bot does it stink!
  9. Isorry to keep banging on abot shell max, but my 3 stopped softees overnight after adding this & so little hardly seems posible. Nearly lost Meany to egg prritonitis, def would be dead if not for anti biotics (not a fan of using them) She also had a rymadil (another normal no no)injection to reduce pain & inflammation, and have since read soluble asprin would do the trick, as she had not been eating or drinking saome soluble food stuff was given orally, I have since seen this in "country wide/markets?" in a sachet. Apparently with softees bits CAN get left behind which then go bad as 1 can imagine not good! if this is not expelled it can travel back up the digestive system & even anti b's wont help. Result dead chuck. I only had em 3 weeks when this happened & was at first not worried abot the softees, everyone said it would be ok... but it wasn't it was horrid horrid & she very nearly died!!!!
  10. sorry if daft question, but did you put diatom in the food or on the pooh!
  11. I wish my 3 would go to bed at 8.45! I too have one the top chick that goes to nest box way before other 2. none of mine roost, all want the nest box
  12. Ah....that exp[lains something to me... I just got 2 on ebay the reusable sort,not had to empty yet! but from what's said here that'd be why they do disposable ones then!!! mine are filling up nicely but still tons appear on any pooh. same as with dog pooh except these go more... lots more! have been putting garlic in food, though don't think pooh smells too bad.
  13. My 3 ex bats are 6 weeks with us tommorrow, & having some of same bullying problem with one. Thank you all for your suggestions about Maggie (Was it?) But you have given a boost and some ideas & IMPORTANTLY hope that it will settle down. I feel we can't go out for long becausse of the bullying in the run! Allok when free ranging though
  14. Can get a bad skin reaction, especially on already inflamed skin,so use very diluted Be gtreat anti peck maybe..Wish I'd thougfht of it, the antri peck stuff from Pets at Home tastes like nail bite stuff! Yes I DID wash my hands after!,
  15. Got similar problem & saw this on the website. Lord only knows why pot is so big! Anyone in Surrey is wellcome to share it for free. Stinks & looks awful. Bathed it off as was worried abot her ingesting it but another forium moderator reassured me. So went for it again. Just less & more careful only on her poor we saor butt! Seems to be doing the trick, aparently you can get it in spray form also. It really stinks thoug smells like coal tar only stronger & looks like runny tar!
  16. WHAT??? If mine did 70% of teir poohs at night I'd be able to sell the stuff! As if what they do ALL day isn't enough!
  17. Done the same thing, when one fell in the pond on the coldest afternoon sinse the ex bats came, just as the sun went down. In the bathroom. (Downstairs luckily!0 Heating on just for them. What are we like?

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