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  1. i have a weldmesh panel strapped over the poo tray. also paronoid, have a like a luggage srtap around cube holding similar over egg port..
  2. didnt he give her noroclav for peritonitis. If urs the avian specialist vet in Andover, hs pretth hot on all things chickeny although he and another emiment (sp) avian vet totaly disagree on another treatment option..
  3. Locum vet prescribed what had been prescribed in past, no experience thought Baytrill treats coccidiosis. Vet back 2nd! Friday..
  4. Well poor old girl had just made house chook status, so wasn't col at all.. She was in the crate indoors and I lifted her down to the floor and she wobbled. Sent video to the vet who says she looks good colour is still eating but clearly some sorted neurological event, similar to dogs. Keep her safe from harm put food where she can find it.suggested vitamin a oily fish salmon oil. See how she goes. Thought the video more explanatory than seeing here on a table.
  5. Has anyone any experience of this? Happened overnight Sat. She seems less wobbly today. Is eating but fear I should take her to be pts!!! speaking to Vet later! Any thoughts?
  6. It's interesting I have three all had a cream legbar father. Two clearly had the same mother. They have five toes. The other must have had a different mother as eggs are collected daily. But one may have been the day before but unlikely. They all look similar but the one that lays white eggs is white with white beak and lobes. The other two blue lobes. So don't think the colour is connected.. Funny somone suggested more calcium? And to complicate she's just laid a softee. She did a week back and acted very poorly. She is clearly molting heavily right now. So I guess I'll have to monitor her. Thanks for replying
  7. One of three same family hens lays white eggs that are very dry almost chalky. Her sisters lay blue eggs that are normal and smooth. This seems to cause her problems. Is there a reason for this?
  8. I realise this is an old thread, but was wonder why coxoid is a harsh treatment ? Doesn't it work by blocking a b vitamin thiamine that the organism needs to breed or live and therefore killing it, then the only thing needed would be to replace vitamin and iron to replace the effects of that and the internal bleedeing it causes .? Do you think it is more or less harsh than baycox? Have just heard retfords aren't using baycox now they are sending something else out, I have a feeling it's corid.... Only they used generic name on phone and am trying to google to see if amprolium is the same as coxoid or not,,,,, Well I just got the answer. And it is so I hope they are not sending that out as I already have that and have treated, I was told it's not effective in older birds , something yo do with the different strains ? Well will know soon as it gets here ..
  9. I read that coccidiosis is around most of the time due to wild birds and that only young hens get it as they develope immunity. So u understand why an ex bat might get it. But having had it and treated and recovered, why would it recur? This would apply to any type of hen, as I see from another posting.. The first time before she came to live with me treated with coxoid. A year later Retford tested positive again treated with baycox. That would a good. Four months ago and looks like she has it as again. None of the others ever show signs. Probably stronger immune system she also have bacterial infection due to coccidiosis. But back to original question.why hadn't she now developed immunuty?
  10. I would be singing from the roof tops if a simple change to just wheat would stop a hybrid especially and ex bat to stop laying.jolly sight cheaper than either implants or delosterone... I have found the injection can lasted little as two weeks to nine. Watch and catch her fast if when she starts talking more, eating more, comb gets redder or bigger. Good luck.
  11. I lost my old girl on Dec 28th. free 5 years on Dec 6th.. She was severely disabled and never walked..
  12. mine is... And if you have dryish safe ground Cinnammon I am happy to lend you an Eglu and Run for some fostering...
  13. I havent been on regluarly and wondered if I have missed a thread about this.. I suppose awkward with rehoming policy, but this would be help not rehoming.. What is happening to hens flooded out... What a worry for owners..
  14. I was going to buy the set of extra poles for my netting but the reviews say and ,can anyone shed any light?
  15. my old girl does it as she is going to sleep..????????
  16. A friend had one done with just local anesthetic. she was a very calm hen, I held her while the vet made a small incision and proceeded to empty the grass impacted crop. stitched her up and was done. I personal had another emptied under GA. no trouble although sadly I was incorrect she had not been eating the straw.. So although the operation was a success the outcome was not as she was blocked with tumours in her intestine... Another of mine a very very old ex bat has just had a successful operation on her leg under GA all is good. My various vets say the anesthesia they use now is much better tolerated . However as with all species and us there is always a risk !!!
  17. for anyone interested. you can buy empty gelatin capsules. and if you are quick and heve everything ready you can fill the capsule and pop it down a gens throat fast. job done no bitter taste no harm to tissues. works with deneguard too. if you get slightly stronger capsules it gives you a little mor time, and i find a spoonful of butter help the medicine go do..own........
  18. Mine are what everyone ate but had chicken crumb access all the time. They were hatched and had to feel mum knew best. They are bonny healthy adults. Now broody themselves. I kept it hem and mum apart until they were big enough that can nasty pin from a big girl wouldn't kill them and free ranging they were faster and more agile. By the time they were really big enough to go in the run with the big girl they ewere well accepted.I jjust never rush any introductions
  19. if so how did the recovery go? how long to heal.. etc. thanks for reading
  20. more vocal, comb growing, crouching when you go to pick her up.
  21. I read that too. After 6 months used the metanium. Calmed it cleared it. Stopped the others going for her red bum. And she grew lovely knickers. Just had one of mine go a full balding molt. She wasn't inflamed res nor my friends elderly ex bat that just dropped virtually all her feathers???
  22. just experiencing this with posh birds, dear ex bats like to go to bed and snuggle up... My biggest problem is the 3 babies are the noisiest flipin creatures god created ... and at 5 am that is not acceptable... I brought them indoors and it is so peaceful in the mornings. I have taken out the roosting bar and the others do go to bed and hey everyone I gave up and leave the doors open.. the remaining 5 are peaceful enough even when getting up at 4 am... Am trying the noisy three out again tonight... just hoping half heartedly that it may have broken the habbit...
  23. I find putting nasty tasting medicine into a gel capsule is soooo much easier. one fight and poke it in.. though you do have to be very ready or the capsule starts to dissolve, but easier than having to squirt and be careful not to squirt intro the wind pipe. The other thing (this is easier with a small dose of the 10% stuff... but still do-able on the other is to squirt the dose on a small piece of nice yummy white bread, then cover both sides with butter.. about a 5p or weeny bit bigger size... good luck
  24. Yes I thought that am still paying same for delvosterone injections at one vet and slightly more than before at another? Fir never is workingout apapproximatelysame cost wiwisps the implant and my girl is so much happens better than when implanted. It wasn't nice for her she was very flat sort of miserable till it was wearing off.

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