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  1. Ha ha having the same problem half hearted bloodied this hot andchilly weather mmight be helping us. uou know where to find me if you need one. X
  2. sorry yes misunderstood Foxes our worry !!! well i do constantly...
  3. I know its wood and akl that but most of my various houses have one higherd bar. This is attached to the front row of the rear plastic bars by cable ties.. holes drilled through Wood . although the cube has a slightly more complicated set up... ie 2 parallel wood bars with a block each end, like one bar resting completely along the plastic. the higher one above and giving the roosting height. mine love it, leaves the rear part if someone chooses not to roost... hope that made sense... but the 2x 1 wood is simplist though not as high..
  4. I found THE best thing to use was a nappy rash cream, called Metanium,. (be sure to get one for rash not cradle cap (don't know if that works or not ) It needs to be spread very thinly only a cleaned bum ... It coats and soothes and takes the redness straight out and lasts for several days... You can almost see them going ahhhhhh hats better.. If they are very sore around the preen gland a cotton bud can be used to carefuly paint some.. but remember they need their gland to oil themselves so only a little if it is very sore and only near it.. Best thing out in my opinion... good luck
  5. find the hole and clean it with either hibiscrub or salt water. keep it clean, don,t let her eat whole grains until it is healed up. pellets or crumb would be fine. If she appears unwell get her some anti biotics as it will mean it is infected.. It might take about 8 weeks to heal depending on the size of it. I rehomed a bullied girl way back, turned out not just the other hens, their dog had clearly had her by her throat but on examination at the vet the hole through into her neck was a puncture and was seriously infected and foul... however a rop operation kept clean can heal ever so fast....
  6. geez !!!!!!!!!!!! an implant only lasting a month. !!!!!!!!!!! there is a massive thread the the exbat forum about implants, you will need to join. I rather suspect that the injection was Delvosteron to stop laying as this works faster... although it might have been an anti inflammatory or antibiotic injection also... Please do bear in mind that it will only work if it is Egg peritonitis... if the peritonitis is caused by something "nasty" then sadly not a lot will help... fingers crossed though as it has helped many chooks...
  7. what is her crop like? full? empty? sounds like sour crop neck movement, but you should easily tell if it were that...
  8. Funny I was thinking of posting about my Wellsummer, not laid in 10 days, nothing complared to yours. like yours tough she seems just fine and dandy in herself, not eating as much but is happy and seems well, eems an odd time to stop laying if you call this summer time.??? mine is only just over a year old too.
  9. Sorry but if they are getting in, it is not a secure area... you need to replicate the secure WIR such as the Omlet or the Avaries for you (as examples), using the correct gauge weld mesh.. making sure there are Zero gaps, (wildlife aid says all our native wildlife can get through 4 inch gaps??? (not sure how that works with bigger species.). very sad it must be heartbreaking,......... metal crates aught to be secure for over night, especialy if they are within a secure enclosure. please be more than aware as he will be back and will be watching..
  10. dont worry... it wont be a problem for more than a day or so. mealworms win them over every time trouble indeed !!!
  11. i have this problem too (not personaly ) I find that a washing up brush (bought just for this ) is useful for brushing it out. Use a bit of water with baby shampoo in.
  12. definately watch her with eyes.... it hurts like hell for hours and hours !!!
  13. What is sterile internal laying and how do you tell or get it diagnosed? And if. She is spending half her day or more on a nest then it's not really living is it? Or is that how you tell?
  14. Indeed! She is my miracle but I know of older! They too are little miracles
  15. The fatty liver is ONLY said about the delvosteron. Injection not the implant. But interesting you should say that as my girl also is a buxom blonde! Pre implant! She looks like the meat birds some have rescued! However they are also more likely to be heavier when not laying as all they eat goes to their bodies not to creating an egg
  16. just to say you dont need to cook the corn on cob. glad she seems better
  17. you could try giving her extra supplements just to her on her treats, you have to use a lot more than many suggest. for 5 days on 2 off for a while. They come out deficient in calcium, as their reserves are used up already which is why they break twist bend so easily Or her shell gland might be knackered this is where the shell is created around the egg. You will need a good all round one as D3 and phosphorous are also important for making shells. I leave crushed oyster shell in a pot permanently in the run so they can eat as much as they need, and STILL some need more help.
  18. 6.30... Thank goodness I picked up my phone! Hubby Deaf even when awake and has hearing aids in... It happened once before but then I had not shut a side top door and could climb out so usually think to be sure the bottom bolt is turned. Clearly I didnt as it slid and located. Thank goodness my neighbours get up early. And they started the day with a big belly laugh !!!
  19. I take out the roosting bars now, gave up years ago, I make the whole tray nest area let the lovies snuggle if they want to. I poo pick daily out of the port.. and yes they do poo a LOT Have you a cover on the run, remember that big open space above them is still new, and they will need shelter from rain above and wind and rain at some place at the sides,
  20. never found 3 ex bats happy for long. And I hate the standard runs with a vengeance for cleaning... My personal opinion though If you can fit in a cube with extension, wouldn't Wir fit? or you could go for a run "like the cubes??? Or what a about a cube run on it's own? Then all you will need later is just the Cube?
  21. I would suggest an oregano based supplement to help the oldies immune systems. I decided Ropiadar is best value esp as no one likes herban and Oregostim diluted down their product. My old girl has out lived all her sisters, she is 4 years and 5 months free, a disabled ex bat so getting on approx 6 and a half ...
  22. I can only echo egghead.. I have a young ish light sussex hybrid that I had suspisions about laying internally half day on the nest and nothing , then tum started swelling, I ticking time bomb My problem was not liking what I had read about the implants affecting them, but a friends girls just sailed through her implant £80 but it easily paid for itself as she was laying thin shells that got stuck and was having to pay to have them removed almost weekly... So I went for it and all my worst fears occured. She always ate but I have a disabled girl that lives indoors and for her to move in while she went bald and scared and ouching was not a problem. But after 5 months I was happy to see it weraing off, she fully recovered but was never really herself. But soon as she started going back to the nest, I gave it a week incase she produced an egg , but her tum started swelling. This time I opted for my very much used on aged ex bats, delvosteron injection. FIXED and happy. I know she will need them every 4 -8 weeks if I am lucky, week 5 and 1/2 and still good but it is that or let her die really.. Just incase ANYONE is worried of the many many many that have had these injections and in multiples, no vet has as yet on PM found a fatty liver !!! one of the internet rumoured definate side effects. Initially I decide it was a toss up, die or risk a fatty liver.. As the injections are short acting my Vet felt that there would be some signs and we could decide down the line.. I personally have never needed to decide.. However one Vet said that chickens are prone to fatty liver anyway and most live just fine with it for their relatively short lives , but until there are more pet post Mortems done I guess we wont really know... It is all down to a choice and as egghead says , as long as not suffering, so long as you can decide when to call it a day before they are really suffering !!! Somethings to consider
  23. So 2 weeks ago I had an ex bat that I suspected was eating her bedding, that vet was away this time but another said he prefered to do it under light GA. Had also done before... Alas this girl only had food in there... We /I hoped that as she was a peritonitis girl that was happily going on after 8 months a 2 drainings that there was just a stassis going on... On always hopes.... But really I did think we were on a hiding to nowhere and a week later I took her to Rainbow bridge. She was actually quite perky and even would run down the garden after me, but I knew, the crop was not moving again and would just be time so I made the appointment for the next day, only just in time, her eyes were bright but she was starting that down ward spiral... The operation itself was a success she was absoloutly fine after the anesthetic. she had a long wound stitched that did not bruise or weep and heeled beautifully. She was not at all stressed before or after.. My poor little love was internally riddled with tumors which were actually blocking her whole system. BUT had she been eating the bedding and not as it turned out picking through looking for the cursed meat lumps AKA lashes. then it would have been a different outcome. Sadly we dont have crystal balls. RIP Hen Pen

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