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  1. Right ho.... My friend had a young bird with a huge crop, she was eating and eating and it was going nowhere. One vet thought her gizzard was impacted and thought no hope, then seeng as some poo was passing thought again, we tried all the massaging the oil the maggots. Then of course it went sour, we emptied we treated the sour, it filled we emptied, that vet went on holiday another at our request flushed the crop. A week and it was normal, then she went home and it started again. AS seems fairly ish typical, this was a young bird just come into lay and spring... she was kept on soil in her run mostly but as soon as was let out pigged out on new fresh grass. We battled on over a month. we won some we lost some.I mean it filled and went sour again. we tried no food for 48 hours we tried soft food, liquid food (not all at once ) One night she slept with me my had holding her now pendulous crop and I could feel the contractions as the crop worked. Then it dawned on me,,,, no Poop !!! so the next day I asked the vet to clear her... He had luckily successfully cleared one before, she was a good girl and he made a interested in his ring and watching the impaction of grass way way too long coming out than anything else. 40 minutes late a little stitch then home. I wont go into recovery details except she was great and a year on a normal girl !
  2. They can certainly be allergic or reactive to certain things! Weather temperature smells. Etc they can also have something similar to asthma
  3. green garden fencing.. they can of course get their heads through, but it does limit.. my veggie patch is fenced too, and each raised bed is to, so they can help gardening when I want the help and removable so they can work i the winter. I also let them garden the fenced flower beds too in the winter, It was their pre hens in a previous life.. to keep the dogs off...
  4. Not any use as vitamins. Supplement. Look in shop here or try bird care company. There are lots to choose from vetark do a reliable range
  5. Thanks logged in brain for further use
  6. you can get at Vet or a prescrirtion for Nystatin, I have a pal that brings ORAL Nystatin back from abroad where you van just purchase it in pharmacies. Alternatively the Thrush pill for humans I read somewhere on tenth mixed with water... but I think it should be used for 5 days not a one off like with us.. but am not a vet an only repeating what I have read others are doing...
  7. I think the really important point is pooing for England... if something is coming through at all it is genrtaly a better sign than nothing !!!
  8. was going to suggest the same I would try feeding her separately with some Critical care formula mixed with her favourite food and some mealies.. also a good vitamin tonic in their water .
  9. Like you I was sure my girl had eaten some bedding as saw her pecking at it.. her crop was full not emptying, ftried all the usual. She had a crop operation on Tuesday,,, This was not stressfull and she is fine in herself now was the next day BUT there was only food she had eaten in the last 7 days in there!!!! I know just what she had as she too had lost weight. Well you would eating for a week and it not going through to feed you !!! The problem now is WHY ? There will always be an underlying reason.??? Is her gizzards impacted, am I getting it cleared. Or an a Post Mortem on anther showed is there a blockage caused by anything further along actually preventing the food going any further? I am afraid as many questions as answers. But for today she is happy, today she is eating and enjoying life.. For Hen Pen her crop IS moving now slowly though not totally emptying over night. This week will tell I think, But It will be better a day early than a day late as soon as is necessary... each girl and reason seems to be different.. My friends was blocked solid with grass, after removal whilst awake and operated on at vets , she made a full recovery.. thos was a year ago. without the removal she would not have survived . we struggled a month with her and I wish we had her operated on sooner !! ( I say we as I was the one who cared and looked after her until she was well )
  10. Looked ok so will carry on. The best thing I ever got was a bale of straw. Something to get on and behind if chased. Need access all around for escape. This may not be needed as your 4 might just get along. I also found putting a food and water point behind it lets the quietest a chance to eat and drink in peace. It can also be positioned. To provide a wind break. And mine posh and ex bats like to sunbathe on it.mind you come summer.... If.....I will need to dump it as gets pooey and will attract the flies! Some of the new system birds arestronger than the old ex bats on release. And may manage to fly up to bed. Some I have heard are much the same weak. They then won't manage the cube ladder at all. You might like to have a wooden ramp ready with a gentler slope up to bed. Ithere are photos of ramps people have made in the. Runs section on here! A chair for you to sit on is also essential for enjoying watching your lucky lovely ladies. With some meal worms to help them get to know you. Your life will never be the same again your heart about to be stolen. !! Enjoy and good luck.m
  11. Whilst using phone just a few thoughts. When assembling the wir. Think about the roof slope. You don't want it to slope into the cube extension when or if covered! Do purchase at least one cover for the cube run.think about this also providing a shaded area if we ever get a summer again.I have mine totally covered to stop driving wind rain snow. I use clear tarps but am thinking of your initial costs. Lots of feed stations or heavy dog bowls or cheap D cups so all have somewhere to eat.as they may not initially get along and may not appreciate they no longer need to fight for food. At least two water bowls.. Also I find that whilst wide open space looks good something to hide. Behind! More suggestions to follow when on laptop sorry if odd typos and punctuation.
  12. I also use as laurmmurf.. but if it is just a mucky bot I find a washing up brush(bought for the purpose) works a treat. chicken tucked under left arm(right handed ) head facing backwards. feet on side of basin,, soap up the bitty and use brush to brush out the debris .. . quick rinse and blow dry ... job done
  13. Last winter /summer I used a gazebo! I hung clear tarps on the sides, which helped l weight. It down. It was behind a greenhouse and next to a fence so had the legs pegged to something real solid on three legs. It stood. Pretty high winds! But now I have an omelet wall in with a permanent like carport over and clear tarps on the sides. A little shanty town ish but girls have been lovely dry and cosy all winter
  14. Absolutely agree. Best use her energy for recovery not keeping warm
  15. too hot and she will drink lots to lower her temperature, and therefor poo liquid, as this is how they reduce their temperature, this makes it hard to access if poo is normal... also IF a sick girl has a temperature due to infection, then to be at our room temperature would be most unpleasant for them, and they may feel too poorly or confined and unable to walk to somewhere cooler.. A chickens core temperature is already a lot higher than ours
  16. I don;t know what others think but I wouldn't think 15 to warm... I think 20.. 21 is for a poorly...
  17. oh come on guys!!! NOT nearly so much fun as chucking it all out and rearanging joking aside I think something that allows them to carry out their natural is best... There is nothing as delightful as a a girl happily nesting and decorating herself... tedious as it is for us
  18. yeah thats what quinn at omlet suggested. I have done just that on several. try and work out a good place, where it will drain on it's own (matbe propped up. not where it will after be in contact with the ground.
  19. the cat carrier is fine. dont let her get too hot indoors though, gently warm is good... good luck x
  20. me too, but their condition "might" be a good surprise opening on the farm too... but many people think that since battery's were banned in the uk that they are kept nicely
  21. Oh that reminds me bless it was a good few weeks before my girls stopped looking at the sky in awe every morning.like /they said to each other look it's still there!!also when they first first got out of the box they were terrified and I remembered reading that some are of the space above! I quickly covered the run. And they were immediately. Relaxed, mine first were a hot summer release so shade was more important than wind and rain and frost protection.!!.

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