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  1. Mostest essential Mealworms. they will quickly love them, and learn they come from you.. Also they are no longer battery, but from so called enhanced cages, and many are stronger than the ex batty girls, but some ARE worse.... There are three or so forums dedicated to Ex caged girls, google , ex bats forums, you will find a wealth of specific help from people dedicated to them, this really compliments the help on here.
  2. i hate the stuff, perhaps it is not so bad in a big wooden shed, but I cant think that the fumey stink in The Eglu is very pleasant or good for them. as previously said takes ages to come of.. hate it. I found metatanium nappy rash cream worked by colouring butt yellow and calming any red/inflamation.
  3. I think the Go back is too easy to NOT shut properly, you can slip it in and turn the k"Ooops, word censored!" and think it is shut. I got rid of mine and a friend when she had hers used to but a heavy metal chair up against it and a brick.. be safe .. enjoy your new girls.. xxx
  4. so how or where did it get in? which door was opened? IMO the Go rear door is not secure enough... just too sad for you xxxx
  5. you need these on other fences http://www.prikka-strip.com/ good luck, I am with everyone else and love all the suggestions.
  6. She "might" just enjoy sitting and being peaceful as she is older, but keep a eye on her and see she is eating,she may not feel up to fighting the youngsters for food, I would check her crop is full at bedtime and empty first thing on the morning. Observe her poo and be sure she is looking normal there, and I would feel her butt, check it is not big and hard or big and squishy. Check her for mites and lice and see if she might be starting a molt. Then get back to us,,
  7. My ex bats never ok after starting to lay these meat lumps
  8. had she laid the day before? my girl had but she could still go into hyperdrive.. but i thought "officially" it was 2 or 28 hours... thanks the thing about hens.... they NEVER read the rule books,
  9. I have had 2 complete eggs followed by several softees in one day... this girl did go on to have an over producing problem that was made worse when eating extra protein, at the time I had ex bats and she wasn't and the ex bats were on increased protein to help with feather regrowth.
  10. I am no longer registered on that forum and unfortunately unlike this forum sadly for the chickens people are unable to find the very valuable information without signing up. I post of think they did but I have it so my mind that one died but that was almost immediately. However I can not trust my memory on this one! I will see if someone I know can look if someone doesn't turn up here to tel you
  11. I have half an idea that it was on another forum that several had neuroligical type problems after using it.. The ex bats forum, I know there are some peeps on here too maybe they can confirm or look for you,,
  12. used it once hated it, all over the garden, also chooks nestle not roost so was soggy and cols on the mornings And i read that the print was toxic too,,, a huge bag of dust extracted chopped straw is only £5 and on tip of aubiose is great.
  13. I know they have pretty powerful jaws, best bet is to stop ANYTHING gettiing in in the first instance, have ypu tried googling to see what their food preferences are. dont they normally eat roots grubs worms etc? have a look here
  14. 5kg at Rokers Animal Feeds Nr Guildford is £42 and a few pence £8.40 per KG
  15. Oh just seen this , that is most odd as it was Libby gave me the dose ...that was 1ml neat !) ????? Noroclav is amoxycillin... so a different type of antibiotic... You can get various different brands of this some a lot cheaper than others, easy again with a oill in butter.. I was dead worried at first but it really is easy... easier than syringing I reckon ... the stringing neat is dreadful, mine gasped a gaped and wiped her beak.... I understood why when I tasted it !!!! it almost feels like burning, pity she hadn't suggested the capsule route
  16. I was using maximum sugar ..solution and it barley disguised that dreadful stuff! I was shocked I could taste it hours later and many biscuits lol
  17. I was told 1ml per day... It taste so sos ososososososososo foul (yes I tried it ) My vet suggested putting it into a gel capsule... The easiest/fastest way of doing this looking through your cupboard and seeing if you have anything in a capsule you can empty, luckily my dog does but have since bought some. Then what I do is put it in a lump of butter and pop straight down the beak... The same method as any other meds . (chook wrapped in towek and on lap under left arm. You need to have all ready as the capsules starts breaking down with the liquid... I syringe the baytrill into the ailing chook who is usually an ex bat not laying anyway with luck...
  18. for future info you can post a poo sample to Retfords Poultry. They will test and let you know what will treat it. and post it to you..
  19. Sorry to put a spanner in the works but on a lampost round my way someone posted a big photo of a fox onto a lampost with the words WANTED - CAT KILLER written on it. I guess their cat was very unlucky yeh, but you don't know that they know that for sure... I have watched the fox chase my neighbours cat in the day time I have also seen cats threatening the foxes at night on a local housing estate at night.
  20. It is a hard one to judge when you have seen them bounce back from what seems certain death.
  21. When we say supervised free ranging we mean being outside with them, a fox can nip in and out in a jiffy
  22. No had stocked up before. Lots of stock there. !

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