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  1. Over my omlet WIR I have a like gazebo corrugated cover sort of mini car port. I have it covered on all sides with clear tarp, and my girls flooring is pretty much lovely and dry, just a few places where I have got corrugated plastic up the sides and there are a few gaps where the rain can get in makes a few damp patches... it is also rather lively in there if we get any sun... The other WIR is under a car port by the house and has some pretty wet patches wher I have leaks tat I have been unable to get anyone to fix yet.. I do let my mobs out in the garden but after the snow have reduced this to about 2 hours a day.
  2. Fred I believe there is a fee for that too. They will do transfers straight into an account , but they charge £25 . Might need tk send more but less often. Had wanted to do monthly
  3. I have to send regular amounts , have had a look on paypal site but not that clear,,, I have a vague recollection of sending a small amount as a birthday present once some years ago, which turned into an insignificant amount by the time it arrived having an appalling exchange rate.. I "think" that was pay pal..
  4. I think it costs a lot but off to look now, cheers.
  5. and if you do have you used xendpay? need to send regular payments and worried about getting scammed.
  6. Don't panic yet... It can also be that she is not laying eggs?. The yolk colouring is reabsorbed ( or something along those lines) IT can be quite common, so don't jump to wrong conclusion .... How is she, ? Laying? Drinking? eating? how is her Poo? How old is she? Is her Tummy swollen?
  7. my Wellsummer laid her first egg today and that was streaked with blood.. I was hoping this was normal
  8. Put a separate (like D Cup) fir the grit and oyster shell, they will take what they need. Have you seen the omlet grit feeder? I have pigeon ones, and Hubby made them into hanging ones. there is no mess when they have to put their heads inside ti eat, also harder for one to guard from another. how about grinding the pellets and mixing with the mash if you really want them to have the pellets, or at least to use them up?
  9. lol 2 up from here ... this post. or try http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=12663
  10. just got back from looking,, its there early on too... I just kept looking AGAIN!!! lol
  11. I think there is a photo on the photos thread of what someone did with a green house.
  12. i am sure I read this like last year sometime???? I think there was some discussion about the table having hit or knocked put the fox? ?????
  13. bless her, sounds well on the way to recovery..
  14. Each case different but just wanted to say we thought the same with betty but months later she is perfect. Depends in the why. We muddled about week's before with this and that VET did op with just local. I held betty as her mum squeemish
  15. FtJust to add that a blockage in the oviduct especially in ex bats has the same effect sadly. Although the vets not really sure why this should be so as a blockage. In in the digestive tract does not stop the eggs passing throught the oviduct. My friends bless her laid an egg whilst having that awake. Operation to clear her blocked crop .
  16. A crop not moving (in Stasis) is often as a result of something else. With ex bats this something is often (not always) due to something blocking up the oviduvct. you say never really laid? does she or has she been going to the nest at all? I would get some nutri drops think pets at home sell them,and some animal feeds places. This would give her a boost of vitamins till the vet. The synulox is the right antibiotic for anything stuck in her oviduct but the dose is very high as of a dog? Critical care formular good too. try her with anything really to eat for strength. If her crop is not moving it aught to be sour or going? The wet poo could be any bacteria and only changing anti biotic and getting an imprivement would tell other than a test which would take till thursday now for a result. My exbats often have meat lumps aka lashes stuck, my Vet is ace at getting them out as long as they are far enough down.... if your vet does not feel internally maybe ask them too??? you dont say how long free and I see you are aware of the time Do feel free to email me as this will go straight to my phone, if you want support, you seem to have covered the basics... good luck. My friends non ex bat had a blocked crop that in the end after weeks of all sorts need operating on (awake and not hard) happily this sorted her .

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