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  1. its a terrace house, blocks of 4 with a passage down the middle, the outside 2 house have access across the other 2 gardens to get to their property, noone uses the front doors so walk across the back garden to get in and out of their house. that make sens?
  2. mine did the same, I thought we had a major feather eating problem, they all looked like naked necks, then they malted (neighbour accused me of neglecting them) and then they all grew back and now have gorgeous plummage and no featther plucking.
  3. thanks for the moral support, and a few . Had another argument yesterday where she collared me in the garden to tell me that she wasnt suggesting I dont look after them and didnt want to argue with me. I stoof up for myself and told her she is telling me I dont look after them. She said I should just let her deal with them (she obviously has some amazing mud cure which she really should let us all know), I told her I dont want her to deal with them they are my chooks and it is my garden and I dont want her in it. She then started ranting so I told her to go ahead and call the RSPCA whcih she has said she is going to. I am now trying to work out if I can move the run and put up some kind of bamboo screen so she cant see in, the problem is I like where they are as I can see them from my window when I am working. She has had a bee in her bonnet since we got them 5 years ago. Also since I went back to work, she doesnt think you can work and look after chickens what with it being a full time job. Also they are run bound at the moment as I have personally seen a few foxes around. I forgot to mention in my first post that the run is on slabs down each side so only about 2cm of mud on top of the slabs and mud down the middle, it looks quite dry under the house. They do need some woodchip down but if I put it down right now it will be a mass of mud within a couple of days. She keeps going on about how she has been reading that they are not supposed to live in mud, I dont think she realises this means they shouldnt be in it all the time, they have a lovely dry house which they are shut in every night. When the RSPCA come they will come in my house and discuss this without her being a party to it wont they? I have left them on just mud and slabs for a while as it seems to work better than everything else we have tried until about a month ago.
  4. they have a pile of logs in the run and a broom handle across so plenty of place to get out of it. I hope she doesnt actually eat eggs if she thinks my hens are badly looked after.
  5. So I am expecting a call from the Rspca anytime now as my neighbour has just been round to yell at me about the mud in the chicken run. We have previously tried aubiose, woodchip and gravel, none of which worked and the mud returns within days. Anyway they have a high perch and a high house, the whole run is covered over but the inside is muddy (what with it being the middle of winter and all). Is there anything I can do she was very threatening. Just for background this isnt the first time she has been like this, she called the rspca becasue the broody hen I borrowed off our lovely eglutine was not moving, last year she layed into me about one of my chickens (who was malting) being bald. What I really want to know is will the rspca come and will they do anything, essentially am I doing anything wrong? Therer are 6 hens in a cube with 3 mtr extensions.
  6. I love them but they are a bit evil and I am a bit cautious of them, when we go to feed them they will attack so I end up feeding and watering them before I let them out in the morning. They also attack the dogs and I worry that one day the dogs will have had enough, they pin the terrier in a corner and peck at her and wont let her back toward the house. Because of this they dont end up freeranging as much as I would like, a couple of hours on sat and sun but thats it. They are in a cube with 2 extensons so plenty of space but I love to see them pottering about the garden. All the chooks I have had before have been lovely and friendly, if I have to do anything to these ones I have to put on proper gardening gloves and have a right job catching them. Anyone got any tips for making them less evil?
  7. back already, we have crystal a white star and freddo a rhode island red, named by my daughters as ever. also told to ring n 4 weeks as they may well still have the cream legbars, but if they dont she says they some some 2 weeks behind and somee 4 weeks behind so we should have some by the end of the year. yay. Had a .little cuddle of the cream legbars and they are so very very grogeous.
  8. wow that sounds chaotic, glad it all went well.
  9. decided to get some new hens today, long story but my neighbour who sits there tutting constantly is on holiday so we have decided today would be a good time to get some new hens. Anyway called the hen place to see what they have in could have any hybrid, thinking white star if we go down that route as I have never had a white or colour layer. they also have pure breed light sussex and rhode island reds. they also have some cream legbars but they are only 14 weeks. Now I have always wanted cream legbars eve since falling a bit in love with eglutine's hermione who hatched me some eggs a few years ago. How long would it be till I could introduce 14 week old cream legbars to about a year old hybrids? I guess the cream legbars are bigger than the hybrids, does that mean you can do intros earlier or is it age based?
  10. I also sell mine for £1.50 for 6 and £1.00 for 4, it was my mums idea, they may be slightly more than some of the cheaper free range eggs, but they are a million times better, fresher and yummier.
  11. will suggest electric fencing. 2 of the others are ok and one apparently quite badly hurt but eating and drinking etc. going to see if the school would like me to buy some big padlocks in the morning,
  12. no CCTV appaerntly a neighbour rang the police but they were too late. am now worried about the rest of them, may ask the head if he wants me to bring them here.
  13. some 'kids' have broken into my daughters school, tortured the chickens and killed one of them. I am sat here in tears, the police have not caught them so I guess they probably wont. if I could get my hands on them.
  14. i think throwing the pellets on gthe ground could attract rats, sounds like they have plenty to do, have you tried the anti pek spray for the plucked chook, never used it so not sure how good it is but might be worth a try.
  15. would intros work if I were to allow newbies to free range all day (they are safe here) and then put them in a cat carrier in the run at night. has anybody done anything like this, what are the downfalls?

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