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  1. I have two green legged partridge cockerals that need rehoming and I was going to put them on the market place. As they are a rare breed they are not listed on there,so how do I go about advertising them??? Hope someone can advise me.
  2. Its Chick-a- doodle -do who has just hatched some of these.......
  3. One of our boys have also started to crow this week!!! 6 weeks old He is at it all day long but luckily is not too loud.......yet!!! It makes you very conscious of your neighbours The boys will have to go to their new homes sooner than I thought me thinks At least then they can crow to their hearts content!!!!
  4. Well all my babies are growing up quickly!! 5 weeks old now. I would like some ideas on sex,I know people like to have a guess! My boy I thought I had looks more like a girl and vice versa sorry about overload of pictures!! Chilli the silver duckwing welsummer Chilli and well feathered onion and saffron Cleo...the black silkie Cleo and Saffron Chilli and Saffron ..green legged partridge hen Onion...green legged partrigde chicken Onion Enjoy guessing!!!!!!! hope you come up with same as me!!!! x
  5. Just wondered how old cockerals are before they start to crow???
  6. they are gorgeous...even if they are boys Out of our four Im sure one is a definate boy and Im not sure about the silkie! Hopefully got two gorgeous girls to keep though Its a little bit addictive though this chick rearing!!!
  7. Brilliant pictures and of great use to us newby candlers!!!! well done for capturing them.I must admit I candled for first time this time and did predict 6 chicks and thats exactly what hatched !!
  8. Good luck for the little Hope you get some sleep!!! you will be dreaming
  9. Fifth and final chick just beginning to pip what a wonderful day off Ive had
  10. Got four chicks now and found a dead fully hatched chick behind mum that had obviously fallen out of mum before drying off and had got cold Two eggs to go!!!
  11. We got our little black silkie!!!(the one that had fallen off nest on saturday!!!) and another stripey chick Can i just ask do silkies have 5 little toes???

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