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  1. Hi Honey, and welcome to the forum In answer to your questions it would be best if you could house the father pig away from the females, he would not usally harm mother or babies but will be keen to mate! G pigs can be sexed from day olds so take them in to your local pet shop or vets if you need help finding out what they are. I split up the boys and girls at 4 weeks and they can be sold at around 6 weeks. enjoy your baby g pigs
  2. The stuff you get from the vets is called Alamycin Spray (blue spray/purple spray)
  3. Hi, I had 16 week old bantams in September and "Ooops, word censored!"ody laying yet. Not expecting anybody to start now until the longer days after the clocks change. Love their names by the way !
  4. Yeh, Should be fine have done it myself many times with no problems. They seem to be happier the more you have. Just keep an eye on them for the first day or so but I shouldnt think you will have any problems at all!
  5. 3 or 4 would be fine in my opinion, so long as you keep moving the run onto fresh grass they will be very happy. I think I read somewhere that G pigs live in groups of about ten in the wild! As for intros I have never had a problem with girls. I let mine meet in neutral area (the bath) leave them for an hour or so then put them all into there home together with a big ball of hay!
  6. So sorry to hear that - after all your hard efforts too!
  7. Looks fab! What a lovely selection of girls! Have fun getting to know them.
  8. Congrats on your daughters 2 new piggies! and well done to her for saving up to buy them and their new home!
  9. Hi, I have 4 girl in rablu and 2 boys in piglu they are on the grass 24/7 I move them at least once a day! I'm sure a permanent site would be fine, like slabs with bark or shavings ( if run is covered) I think if you had a permanent site on the grass they would graze it far quicker than it could grow and leave a messy patch! I love my piggies in their eglus, they are worth every penny! I know alot of piggie owners bring their guineas in in the winter but with the piglu with a cozy shoe box full of hay in the bed area (good excuse for a new pair of shoes once a week!) I leave mine out and they seem far happier - but thats only my experience! Hope this helps and keep us updated on what you go for!
  10. Hope you get sorted soon! It would be great if you were able to visit her like you say.
  11. Congatulation on winning your ! I think 5 maybe 6 would be ok in a standard run + converter! I have 5 in mine at the moment with a large walk in run.
  12. Well done you! I bet they will be back on top form in no time!
  13. Brilliant news! so glad she seems to be improving!
  14. I must have the same book as you! Yeh, tried it and seemed to work - or maybe they would have got on anyway, but it made me feel better!
  15. Have a lovely day tomorrow!
  16. Sorry to hear she did't make it, after all your efforts too! At least she was warm and cosy! Well done for trying.

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