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  1. We're right down in East Sussex so a long way away. We tried putting in hot water an this really helped, it didn't break and we fitted it ok. We did it in the evening just after she had gone to bed so she was dopey but when I let them out in the morning it was gone. I checked it and it was fitted well but she still got rid of it. I've given up and don't think there is anything else I can do really I might try again and see if the next one stays on - I think there is one main culprit as she has all of her feathers still.
  2. Hi Patricia, Thanks for the reply. Yes I watched youtube videos but they just snap as soon as any pressure is applied and the prongs do need to be pulled apart slightly to get them on. Is it one size fits all? There is only one size listed in Omlet's shop. Their run is about 15m squared which should be plenty of room for 6 chooks? There is a large perch, bench and several hanging treat dispensers which I refill every day. I will get some more and we're going to build them a proper dust bath area as it has been getting a bit muddy. I'm getting some of the purple spray as well to cover her bald bits in conjunction with the smelly spray to see if this detracts them further. It is weird we can't get the bumper bits to work though Thanks,
  3. Hi, I have 5 hens and in the last couple of months they have starter feather plucking. I have had this before and stopped it before with the anti-pecking spray (the horrid smelling one). This time it has not worked and the lowest one of the pecking order is mostly bald apart from her wings and head and neck A couple of the others have smaller areas of feather loss but not as bad. They have a very large run, I treat the house for mites and they have several things hanging up to peck at and keep them entertained. I bought bumper bits from Omlet but they break so easily - the bit that sits in their mouth splits as soon as you try and spread the prongs that go in their nose a little and they can then easily remove them so I don't see how these work? At the weekend I bought a cockerel as I had been thinking of getting one for a while and thought he might help keep them under control but I think he's too nice for his own good I'm now at a loss as to where to go from here. I'm not sure who the culprit is and think they might be all having a go - whenever I'm there with them they don't do it. Any suggestions? I feel like I've tried everything Thanks,
  4. I had mine done about 10 years ago and i'd say it took about 6 months to feel ok and a year before it had fully healed. It is quite a thick piece of cartilage (it crunched when they pierced it ) so it does take quite a long time to heal but then again it will differ from person to person. I had another part of my ear done a few years after that and it wouldn't heal at all and i just had to take it out so i decided i had reached my limit!
  5. Perhaps the stray kitty in the other thread????? That would make a nice omlet story
  6. Yes I have left ours in the garage today in anticipation of snow. I will turf them out for a run around tomorrow though as they quite like tunnelling through it before tucking them back up in the garage! Ours have seemed incredibly perky despite the freezing weather and don't seem bothered - normally they sulk
  7. We have two outdoor bunnies but i bring them into the garage at night so its not too draughty for them and cover the hutch over with a sheet. The first year we had them they stayed out all winter and were fine but they did have each other - they do really snuggle as well when its very cold. Do you have a garage or shed or something just to protect her a bit?
  8. I buy value packs of meat (e.g trays of their sausages, chicken thighs,mince) from our local butcher and it is cheaper than buying in the supermarket - you can pay £7 for two chicken breasts in the supermarket but i can get a tray of 10-12 from the butcher for £14 or a tray of chicken thighs for £4.99. I also make use of the cheaper things in there such as rabbits and pheasants when in season making it as economical as it can be. I also get an organic fruit and veg box delivered every week and i spend less on food per month than any of the people we know who shop exclusively in supermarkets so it can be done if you want to - i value good tasting food and make everything from scratch but not everyone is that botheed i suppose. I'm often surprised by people when they say they're not really interested in food but everyones different i suppose. I would however think that if i bought beefburgers, even the really cheap ones, i would expect to find beef (of varying descriptions) and fillers to make them cheap - not horse and pork also.
  9. I have to say it doesn't really upset me, the strongest survive and the weakest die. Natures way of naturally managing populations to ensure that the strongest continue to breed ensuring the survival of the species. I think its good for people of all ages to realise that the 'Disneyfied' version of nature is unrealistic.
  10. I'm very much in the sniff and see camp i have to say. Stews taste better the more you reheat them and i have always reheated rice as well as eating it cold the next day for lunch - we try not to waste any food if at all possible. *Touch wood* i have never had food poisoning and hopefully it will stay that way!
  11. Theres no one specific thing, its just all the things you don't normally get - like blancmonge, jellies, twiglets and those little cheese filled football crispy things (not all together though!) I also like my annual snowball on christmas day and all of the leftover meats etc with pickled onions which i am slightly addicted to......mmmmmmmmmmm
  12. Well i love my onesie - keeps the drafts out Wouldn't go out in public in it though
  13. Have you tried Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in West Sussex? They have the millenium seed bank project and do a lot of other scientific work with plants - I did a conservation degree and know they are involved with a lot of students as well. Worth a try maybe?
  14. I was going to ask why people dont want to post abroad? I just wondered if there was any specific reason as we've done it quite a lot through ebay and its no more trouble than sending in the UK so presume there's another reason?
  15. Can you alter the angle of the ramp? We did this with a block of wood under the bottom when ours were little as they couldn't work it out. If the angle is shallower he may have less trouble?
  16. Using crushed gingernut biscuits for the base works really well - i use this for banoffee pies also now as it gives a great extra flavour.
  17. We go to my mums xmas day and then the inlaws boxing day and stay with them for a week or two as they live quite far away. I get on really well with them luckily and consider them another set of parents and their house as our our second house really i guess which is lovely - i'm very lucky i guess in this respect as it seems so many others don't get along that well.
  18. -5 when we got to work this morning the heavy frost doesn't appear to be going anywhere either.
  19. Cinnamon is brilliant for this - my grandad was pre-diabetic and they advised lots of cinnamon as it helps prevent too much sugar being absorbed or something. He is now off of the warning list so it must have worked!

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