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  1. We have Eagles and Buzzards where we live and quite often we see evidence of this style of killing when we walk our dogs. Their choice of flesh eating is very specific, it sounds like a wild bird kill. Very sad that you had to witness it Freddie.
  2. What about a couple of those clear corrugated roof type panels fixed along the outside of the run, I think you can get them fairly cheaply from B and Q type stores.
  3. What would we do without all of this wonderful entertainment Our girls have us in stitches every day !
  4. After five years of Hen - keeping I have come to the conclusion THEY'RE ALL BARMY !!!
  5. We have a broody, Fern, she is the first of my girls that has ever gone broody. The other girls just simply sit on her if she is hugging the "favourite" nestbox, sometimes she looks like she is wearing a feather "Davy Crockett" hat We turf her out about six times a day, it's been beautiful sunny weather here and while all the others are out in the garden enjoying sun bathing and dust baths she is squatting in the nestbox. I take her out with no aggresive behaviour at all (she happily clucks away to me as I carry her into the garden) plonk her down over the far side of the garden, but she soon makes her way back. I am benefitting from the extra exercise walking back and forth over 1/4 acre garden I am hoping she will snap out of it on her own accord
  6. Isn't there a saying about the size of a man's feet !!!! Julian is a very handsome fella
  7. Our two motorbikes have been parked under the carport for a time while Charlie tiles the garage floor. Yesterday there were telltale chicken footprints on the saddle of Charlie's Harley. I would so love to get a photo of the girls sitting on it , but I haven't been able to catch them at it.
  8. Do you HAVE to leave feedback ? What would happen if someone just simply forgot ? It is nice if people make sure the item is lovely and clean when they sell, but just think of some houses you see for sale on the telly programs - I would be ashamed to let anyone in, let alone sell to them
  9. I think the problem may not be noise, more concern for fox attack ! If, like us, there is no fox worries you can leave the door open at night during the summer and your girls will get up when they want to, ours get up around 5.30 - 6.00 and sometimes don't go to bed until 10.30 - 11.00 at night. If there is the slightest worry about foxes, take no chances and shut the door at night all year round. I would rather have to get up and let the girls out than lose them all to a fox.
  10. We clip all of our new girls wings. As they get older (and heavier) they seem to lose the appeal of "the grass is greener over in the meadow" ours free range all day so I am watchful of them. I hold them and Charlie does the clipping, it is very simple to do and we have never had any problems. The girls never have any bad effects from it. The younger ones still jump up onto the bird table and grap a few sunflower seeds even with their wings clipped because they are so lightweight.
  11. Look into my eyes - not round my eyes, but in my eyes...hahahaha
  12. Holly has that look on her face "if I try hard enough I can swallow this whole !!" My, how their lives have changed
  13. Well done ! what a lovely area for them, they will feel nice and safe in there. It's lovely to see their combs are getting pink, a couple of weeks back when you first got your girls they looked so very pale, they are obviously enjoying the open air, bless them
  14. My girls used to try to sleep in the nest box every night, so Charlie made a hinged door out of plywood that I can hook up during the day and then drop down early evening when the girls are getting ready to go to bed - it works a treat, I just hook it up in the morning when I go to wake them up. It keeps the nestboxes nice and clean.
  15. Aaaah, bless their little hearts They always look sooo pale, when I look at my girls bright red combs and wattles and their lovely yellow legs. My girls free range every day for nearly all day, spending their time dustbathing and sunbathing, doing lots of "chickeny things" it's so sad to think of so many that never see the light of day or feel sunshine on their faces. A really big well done you for giving them their freedom I salute you all !!

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