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  1. Terribly entertaining...there are some sparrows that regularly visit our garden to take bits of straw & stray feathers to build nests with. However, this particular wily sparrow has caught on to where she can get a full supply of feathers! The chooks are sat around on a tire, and she sneaks around them - and then attempts to pull out a feather! Normally one already sticking out at an odd angle The chickens don't seem to mind, they just look around and scare her off without even having to get up. But her audacity is pretty suprising! Does anyone else experience a cheeky little visitor? She's hilarious to watch as she sneaks behind the chickens, and as of yet she hasn't been successful so the chickens don't mind either
  2. Also, just a suggestion, but if she's a bit unstable maybe she could do with something to make the eglu suface less slippery? (Not necessarily fixing the problem, but maybe easing the sympotom?). Keep playing it by ear, I really hope she gets better.
  3. A head tilt might be indicative of a brain problem, which would be why she falls over But I don't have any solid knowledge really, just what I've heard. Hope it isn't, and that she gets better.
  4. Just cracked the egg open - very soft shell, didn't break when it fell from her, but much softer than usual. Maybe that was why she was acting so odd.
  5. hi guys, Acorn was looking a bit quiet today, then she laid an egg outside whilst standing up (quite a weird thing to see) We think we may have disturbed her laying first thing, meaning she didn't lay inside. She's looking very tired now and seems to have sat down and be going to sleep now. Should we be worried? p.s. We have recently started worming them with Flubenvet, could this be making them a bit off?
  6. Yeah...our old (omlet) hens used to do that...and so do our new ones -.- seem to like it all mushy. I do advise you to try and clean it up...we let it get a bit damp last winter and the ground got all mouldy You can buy containers so they can't spill it...but where's the fun in that, eh?
  7. I think the classic is only suitable for 4 at max really...(sorry to be a party pooper). Of course, with bantams or smaller birds you could probably have more, I don't have any personal experience, but have heard mixed reviews of trying to mix bantams with full-size chickens. So at minimum to you could still get 2 more chickens Or maybe your 'temporary' housing could become...'permanent' and you could have lots of chickens! Anyway, I'm sure you will have lots of fun
  8. Ours use a tyre full of pete soil...sure they would love a flowerpot too tho have heard other people sometimes use sand or things...but ours love the soil they also love to dustbath in the vegetable patch...but thats not always appreciated
  9. When our hen started to crow in the morning, we shut the eglue door to block sunlight getting in so she wouldn't wake as early so as not to wake the neighbours at such an ungodly hour (it was 5am when she started). Doesn't solve the problem, but certainly made it less of a worry/nuisance. It seemed to be a phase as she eventually grew out of it
  10. We have lovely honey-suckle which the chooks ignore have had a peck of the berries but not to their liking (have heard rumour some varieties may be poisonous...but have never heard of any chickens getting ill from it)
  11. We use rooster booster whenever anyone is looking a bit down
  12. The end has come she can barely walk & has been ever so depressed. Tomorrow we're going to take her for her final trip to the vets. Think it's a combination of eyp and an internal infection, but it's cruel to let this go on any longer.
  13. Thanks guys, the vets won't 'treat' her at all, but she seems to be doing okay, things haven't got any worse so I think we'll leave her be for now...

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