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  1. Thanks, Would love a Beehaus, but OH not convinced Turkey Crumb is a great tip! Thanks... Sara
  2. Thanks! I'm thinking Quail might be easier than Bees... especially if they eat layers pellets! I could just get some chick crumbs for the babies...
  3. Thanks! So, how many can you keep in an Eglu? And... would you eat the adult quail or the new chicks? and... if the chicks, at what age? Thanks!
  4. Hi, We're thinking of quail for eggs & meat... how many can you fit happily in an Eglu classic? Can we let them have a go at breeding? what ratio should we go for to start with? Thanks! Sara
  5. mmm, I did think that.... Any other thoughts anyone? Thanks!
  6. Hey ! Guess what? After her final dose of Baytril.... we found an egg that can only be hers....!!!! I can't believe it, she hasn't laid since September... but she's the only on who lays the dark brown ones... She's still really weak, so I might wait a while and then do another course of Baytril? She seems to have gained weight, but not much strength yet - but I'm not surprised if she pushed out that perfect hazelnut brown egg! Her crop seems full at night - which should be a good sign? I'm quite hopeful
  7. He's a lovely man! I phoned him and he's posting me some extra Baytril!!!!! Thanks for all your help - Ruby is starting to look better and I'm starting to think that we may get her laying again one day....
  8. Hi Sandy, Thanks for asking, she seems to be responding to the Baytril, slowly but surely, but as she's not been right for 6 months, I'm not expecting an immediate recovery.... Her comb is improving, in colour & size/shape and she's more difficult to catch for her twice daily antibiotics! Can you get your own supply of Baytril online? Sara
  9. You are good! thanks... I'd heard the toast & marmite was good for vitB and yoghurt was good for the tummy?
  10. Hi Sandy, Your bloke was definately worth the drive! They guessed it was you who recommended me... What was encouraging was that there were no obvious symptoms that I'd missed. In fact he couldn't find anything wrong apart from the fact that she is wasting away... A couple of shorts of vitamins and a course of Baytril and hopefully her appetite, then weight and then her strength will pick up. Thanks again! Sara
  11. Wow! I'd got it all wrong... sorry! Loads came up - I've emailed the nearest. They say that their 'Practice Interests' are Complementary medicine... What might this mean? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Sandy, RCVS search found Poultry vets 100's of miles away.... Thanks Eglutyne, No swelling of abdomen... no flesh at all! I think I lost a hen to peritonitis back in Feb and the symptoms are quite different. My concern is that she's not eating when she's with the others (so she won't get her dose of Flubenvet)... if I isolate her (in a pet carrier) she seems a bit restricted, but is safe... I'd love to get her back to full health... and laying again?
  13. Thanks, I've given her Flubenvet before and haven't seen any improvement. Maybe I'll try it again... My vet doesn't really do chickens... She is eating a bit... probably frustrated in the pet carrier, but safer... Thanks
  14. Hi, Ruby hasn’t been right for about six months now, she stopped laying (which is not unusual for a pure breed) and has seemed to prefer sitting huddled on the ground to scratching around with the other girls. Over the months I’ve wormed them all, kept an eye on the weak ones, checked that they are eating, drinking & pooing OK and I hoped that she’d come back in lay over spring… She’s a Spanish Penedesenca who we brought home about 13 months ago at point of lay (so that makes her around 18 months old). When in lay, she gives us the most beautiful hazelnut brown eggs (4-5 a week). Whilst she has lost some weight, she’s continued to be too spritely to catch easily – so I stopped worrying after a while… This week, however, I’ve noticed her mobility drop considerably. She’s finding it hard to stand and I’m worried that this will affect her access to food and water. I’ve continued to research her symptoms and think it may be calcium deficiency. I’ve ordered some supplements online which should come today. I brought her in overnight on Wednesday (keeping her in a pet carrier) with easy access to fresh water with Citricidal, mixed grit, and layers pellets mixed with a little oil to help Poultry Spice and Verm-X stick to it. Thursday afternoon I let her out with the others on the lawn and she enjoyed pecking for some corn, then before I could stop her, she somehow managed to find the strength to hop up onto the ladder of the Eglu Cube and had made it into the nesting box. After all her effort – I let her stay there the night! This morning, I let the girls out and when I brought fresh water to Ruby, I saw one of the others peck at her, so I’ve brought her in again for her own safety. She has eaten, taken water and pooped… so internally, she seemed to be working. Whilst sitting down, she’s looking around and seems comfortable and interested in her surroundings… If I’m right, then the calcium should make a difference (oyster shells in the grit, the Poultry Spice and the coming supplements). Let’s hope so… What if there's something else wrong? I’ve not seen this before – so any comments are welcome!

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